The Walking Dead Recap – Fall Finale: Season 6 “Start to Finish”

The Walking Dead Recap - Fall Finale: Season 6 "Start to Finish"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday November 29, Season 6 fall finale called “Start to Finish” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, after having a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria yet again.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Alexandria was finally able to start pulling itself back together; and there’s peace between the group and the Alexandrians, but no one knew how long it will last. Finally, after waiting weeks to find out about Glen’s fate, we found out that he slid under the garbage dumpster and was safe although very shaken up. Meanwhile, Maggie knows that Glen is alive and couldn’t be happier. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “After having a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria yet again. Only this time, the threat might be too big to defeat.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight and neither do I. We’ll be recapping the season 6 episode 8 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the season 6 fall finale. Who do you think is going to die tonight, any major characters or just the regular walkers?

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#TheWalkingDead begins with Sam eating his food upstairs then drawing a crayon picture of a guy tied to a tree with walkers heading for him. There are ants coming in through the window and we see the trail of them is on a plate of food he’s left near the window.

Now we see the tower come down again and walkers being to shamble into Alexandria. Rick is on the ground and he struggles to his feet and runs. He yells to everyone to get into their houses and he starts shooting. Ron was following Carl with a gun but he stops.

Deanna starts shooting too and tells Rick to come on. The walkers head for a house and shamble all over. Morgan and Carol run at top speed but then Carol trips. She struggles to her feet just in time. Morgan and Carol run into a house and slam the door.

Deanna tells Rick to come on. Finally, she’s injured and he saves her and takes her into a house. Maggie falls and takes some shots but is out of ammo. She climbs the ladder to the scaffold and then the ladder comes loose. She’s dangling and screaming.

She makes it to the platform and lays there gasping. Green balloons gloat into the air. Eugene is still outside and paralyzed. Walkers go by on both sides of him. Daryl is on the radio but Eugene is scared. He grabs a machete then Tara and Rosalie grab him.

They head into a garage. Michonne and Gabriel are with Rick and Deanna, Ron and Carl. They are surrounded but then Jessie is there and takes out enough for them to make it into her house. The streets of Alexandria are full of walkers!

Enid and Glenn watch the walker invasion of Alexandria. He says they should use the opposite wall. He says people are still alive in there. She says this is how it happens. She says it always happens. Glenn says their friends are in there.

He says his pregnant wife is in there. He says run away and forget if you want to, but that’s how you lose people – even after they’re gone. He walks off. Sam hears noise downstairs and then Jessie busts in and says shut off the music and close the blinds.

He asks if the monsters are coming. Jessie says stay up here and stay quiet. She says pretend he’s someone who’s not scared and says he loves her. Wounded Deanna is on the bed in the room next door and Judith starts crying.

Carol sits on the floor in pain and Morgan says to let him look at it. She says no and he says she doesn’t trust people. She says some more than others but doesn’t trust him. She says she at least never thought he was lying. He checks the windows and she asks how it is.

He says they’re filling the streets. She stands and hobbles to the window. He says she has a concussion and tells her to sit. He says they can settle things later and says that has to wait. She sits back down. Denise huddles terrified and the W guy says he doesn’t think Morgan is coming back.

He says they can talk and says she doesn’t have to be afraid. She says she needs to help the injured and shouldn’t be there. He says none of them should. She asks about him and whether he belongs there after what he’s done. He says yes.

The W guy asks what she thinks he’s done. She says he killed. He says they free people and use what’s left. He says she came without knowing that Morgan had him. She says Morgan told her he would keep him there until he knew he wouldn’t kill again.

The W guy says he was breaking into a car and cut himself on a rusty bumper. He says nothing is unfair anymore and says it might or might not kill him. He says he’s done his part and the world will take care of the rest. She asks to see the wound.

He shows her a seeping wound in his side. He coughs a little. She gets closer to examine it and says he wasn’t born this way – he changed. She says he can change again. She opens her bag and takes out supplies.

Rick comes to check on Deanna and Michonne has put a tourniquet on her leg. Then she sees a bite mark on her side. Deanna is doomed! She sees the bite and looks at Rick. Deanna says – well shit. Rick tells Jessie that Deanna doesn’t have long.

He asks if Deanna knows how this goes and Jessie says she does. Rick says Deanna is cracking jokes. Jessie says Deanna would not have run. He says they have food and when they cluster up, he’ll go for the armory and draw them away.

He says he’ll use flares, open the gate and try to lure them away from Alexandria. Michonne tells Deanna she looked over her plans for the place and says it can work. She asks her what the Latin phrase meant and Deanna says Reg used to say it when things got bad.

Deanna tells Michonne she was lucky to work with her family towards a better future. She says she got to do what she wanted right up to the end. She asks Michonne what she wants and she says she wants Alexandria to work.

Deanna asks what she wants for herself. Michonne says she doesn’t know. Deanna says – you better. Carl follows Ron out to the garage and shuts the door. He asks if Ron is okay. He cries and says Enid is dead, we’re all dead.

Carl says his dad will figure out something. Ron says his dad just gets people killed – that’s who he is and what he does. He says his dad is a killer. Carl tells Ron his dad was too. Carl says we need to work this out. Ron says his mother and brother are dead and he is too.

Carl says they’ll make it. Ron says you’re dead too. He locks the garage door and grabs a shovel. He comes at Carl and then busts out a window. That attracts walkers. Carl fights off Ron just as walkers come. Carl pushes a shelf against the window.

Rick busts the door open and Carl and Ron make it into the house but now they’re holding the door against a small herd. Gabriel brings a sofa and they lean it up. Carl covers for Ron as Jessie and Rick ask what happened. He lies to protect him.

Ron tells him they can get nightstands upstairs. Carl goes with him. Carl puts a gun in his face and says give me the gun. Ron holds it put and Carl takes it. He says he gets it, my dad killed your dad then says his dad was an asshole.

Michonne tells the others that the walker noise is drawing more walkers. He goes upstairs to get a crying Judith and hears the record player back on. Deanna is gone from the bed and he finds her with Judith. He goes at her with an ax.

Deanna says it’s still me and she wanted to see Judith one last time. She says her legs collapsed. Rick picks up Deanna and lays her on the bed. He says she’s always making plans and she says they’re his now. She’s shivering with fever.

He says someone has to be with her from now on and she agrees. He says it can’t be Judith and Deanna smiles. He says he’ll move Judith to another room. Deanna says she wrote something for Spencer and Maggie and hands it to him.

Rick promises to get it to them. She makes Rick promise to look out for Spencer like he does for his own people. She tells Rick they’re all his people now. She says she didn’t run to help him because she likes him or thinks he’s a good man.

She says she came because he’s one of us. She says that’s the right answer. Jessie calls for Rick and he grabs Judith and runs out. Eugene reads a history book at the school room garage while Rosalie asks Tara if this place is over.

Tara says no and says they just have to earn it. She says it may be waiting or fighting. She says a place like this has a price. Rosalie asks haven’t they paid it already and Tara says apparently not. Rosalie says it feels like Abraham is dead.

Tara says he’s not dead because she didn’t see it and Alexandria is not over. She tells her they’re there and says – what are we going to do gorgeous? Rosalie thinks and says she’s going to see what’s happening on the other side.

Tara says don’t waste a bullet. Eugene says lock picking is within his skill set. He goes to the lock and works on it. Carol sits still and Morgan asks if she’s all right. She says she’s resting her eyes. He looks around the space they’re in.

Morgan goes back to Carol and she shoves at him and runs downstairs. Rick and the others are barely holding back the walkers that are coming from all doors. Michonne tells them to get upstairs now. They drag the sofa to block the stairs.

Rick chops one and says get the one behind it, we need at least two. He’s got a plan. Carol is in the basement and tells Denise to get away from the wolf. Morgan says this could have waited but now it can’t. Rick drags a couple of zombies upstairs and says get sheets.

He says they’re going to do this and says he’s done it before and they can move right through them. Michonne and rick start gutting them. Gabriel is nauseated. Rick says anyone who stays will die. Gabriel asks about Deanna.

They start pulling out entrails. Morgan tells Carol they can talk but she says it’s over. He says we can be better than them and Carol says they are. She says they made them kill and it has to be stopped. Morgan says he can change.

Carol tells Morgan she doesn’t want to have to kill him. He says she can’t and he won’t let her. The wolf says he’ll get out if he can. Michonne goes to Deanna who looks bad and she asks what’s happening. Michonne says they’re getting in.

She says the rest of them have to go. Michonne offers to take care of her but Deanna says she’s not ready yet. She says she will be soon. Deanna says she’ll do it herself when she’s ready. She has her gun and says it’s her life.

Deanna repeats the Latin phrase and tells Michonne – someday this pain will be useful to you. Michonne takes her hand and Deanna says go, they need you. Michonne thanks her and she asks for what. Michonne says – for believing.

Deanna says she still does. She takes her hand and asks Michonne again what she wants and tells her to figure it out. Michonne says she will. Deanna says – give ‘em hell. Michonne and Rick are painting everyone with guts. Jessie and Ric are smearing themselves.

Sam comes in and Jessie says this makes them look like the monsters so they can be safe. He’s terrified. She says pretend you’re brave. She says it’s not real and he’s not afraid. Carol says she doesn’t want anyone else to die.

The wolf guy says they should kill him and says they’ll all die because they don’t belong here. Carol tells Morgan to step aside and says she won’t ask again. Morgan whacks the knife out of her hand. She and Morgan grapple and he throws her down.

The wolf guy is free and knocks Morgan out. He grabs the knife and points it at Denise. Gabriel offers to carry Judith and promises he won’t turn back. Denise begs the wolf guy not to kill them and says just let us die since he said they’re already dead.

He comes at her with the knife and she says he’s full of shit. Tara, Rosalie and Eugene are there and he puts a knife to Denise’s neck. He says lower the guns. He says he wants the guns. They slide them over and he grabs one.

The wolf tells them to get back. They back up. He puts the gun to Denise’s head. Tara says he won’t make it out there. He says – we’ll see. He takes Denise to the door and then grabs her. He shuts the door behind them.

Rick has Judith and he puts her under Carl’s bloody sheet. Rick moves the sofa and goes out past the first walker. They start to move through the herd that’s in the house. Glenn is climbing a tree with Enid. He sees Maggie on the platform.

Deanna puts the gun to her throat. She hears walkers snarling and opens the door. Walkers are there and she starts shooting them. She screams. Rick and the others are at the porch. Sam looks terrified but he’s coping.

The streets are packed with walkers. They start down the steps all holding hands. Sam says – mom – then says it again louder. The walkers start snarling. The idiot kid is not following the shut up rules and is going to get them killed.