Big Brother 18 LIVE Recap Corey Wins POV – Leaves Natalie and James on Chopping Block: Season 18 Episode 36 “PoV and Ceremony”

Big Brother 18 LIVE Recap Corey Wins POV - Leaves Natalie and James on Chopping Block: Season 18 Episode 36 "PoV and Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 returns with an all-new episode and we have your Big Brother 18 recap below!  On tonight’s Big Brother episode, the Power of Veto competition is held.

Did you watch Sunday’s episode where Victor won the HoH and put James and Natalie up for eviction?  If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Big Brother recap, right here, so you can get caught up before tonight’s episode!

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “The Power of Veto competition is held and James and Natalie will be fighting for their survival.  Once the competition is over the PoV ceremony will be held and we will see if the person who wins the PoV uses it.”

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#BigBrother18 picks up after the nomination ceremony when HoH Victor put Natalie and James on the Chopping Block. Victor is pleased that he’s getting revenge and is determined to get James out of the BB18 house since he evicted him before.

Natalie says Victor told her she was just a pawn but says she can’t imagine playing Big Brother without James. Natalie and James don’t like being on the block side by side. James hopes one of them will win the Power of Veto.

Nicole tells Corey she wants to have an adult conversation. She asks if she feel guilty and he says there is no guilt in this game. She says she felt guilty because James kept Corey. Then we see her bawling in the Diary Room and she says James is a good person.

Tears and jeers

She says she feels like a villain. Corey says he would have done the same thing in James’ shoes. Victor comes in to talk to them and Corey says it’s karma for James to be on the block for the first time in the entire BB18 game.

Paul comes in and tells the others that Natalie says she likes being on the block with James. Victor says he sees her as a pawn but they’re voting, not him. James tells Natalie that if he wins the veto he wonders if Victor will send her home.

Natalie says they should have stuck with Victor and Paul and gone against Nicole and Corey. James says he was blinded by them. Natalie says she knew not to trust them and should have put her foot down with James.

Natalie has regrets

In Diary Room, James says Natalie won’t let him live it down that they voted to evict Victor. Natalie goes up to the HoH room and asks Victor if she can have his last orange juice. She says it’s her last week so she wants to say sorry to them.

Paul asks if she’s Nostradamus. Natalie says she trusted James and his opinions and let the wrong people influence you. She says we all did thing we weren’t happy with and she can admit her mistakes. Victor thanks her for apologizing. She leaves.

In Diary, Paul says Natalie claims she can’t play this game but she’s throwing her ride or die under the bus and is obviously playing the game. Nicole tells Corey that Natalie is up there turning on James and says she can’t stay in the house with her another week.

Paul and Victor are stunned

Victor says Natalie could not have thrown James any farther under the bus and Paul says he thought she would have waited at least until after veto. They call Corey and Nicole up. Paul quotes Natalie to Corey and Nicole and her anti-James speech.

Natalie tells James she went up and apologized to them about putting her trust in the wrong hands. James listens to her and says she’s on the block because of him. James says he will make it right and will make sure she doesn’t go home.

After the guys tell Nicole and Corey what Natalie did to James, Corey says “let’s send her a** home.” Wow. The worm has turned. Looks like Natalie should start packing up her makeup.

PoV comp Take a Crack at Being Mac

The MacGyver themed comp is played individually. The houseguest gets to see a clip from the new CBS show MacGyver. They have to three escape rooms in the fastest time to win the golden PoV. The winner also gets a trip to Atlanta where the show is filmed for a set tour.

Natalie is up first. She puts on ear piece and gets instructions. She goes into the first room and is told to escape through the tunnel but there are two bolts holding it closed. She gets it open, goes into the tunnel and moves to room two.

Natalie has to find a key. She sees the key below ground and tries to fish it out. She figures out she needs water and turns the water on. She’s at 3:45 already. She gets the key and moves on to the last room and she’s at 7:37.

Natalie races to complete the comp

In the third room, she has to launch an object into a vat. At 9:06, she finally gets it and it opens the fence with a fire effect. She gets her time and is allowed to take the Power of Veto since she holds the best current time for the comp and is sent to HoH.

Nicole is next an she’s confused. Natalie gets to watch Nicole and sees it takes her seven minutes to get to the second room, so Natalie is in good shape. Nicole’s time ran out in the second room and she felt an explosion and was covered in goo.

Victor is next. He’s in the second room but three minutes behind Nat’s time. Natalie and Nicole watch him play. He’s got just one-minute left and he’s trying to grab the key. He gets it, goes into third room and has 45 seconds left. His time is out and he comes in dressed like an explosion victim.

James faces the escape room challenge

Nicole asks Natalie if she’s a secret genius. She laughs. James is next. James is in room two as the clock runs out – he ran out of water without getting the key and he also gets “blown up.” Natalie comes to hug him when he joins them in the HoH room.

James is happy to see that Nat has the PoV so far. Corey is next and he’s confident he’ll win it. Nicole doesn’t have high hopes and thinks Corey is not a good problem solver. Nicole says Corey is cute on TV though. Corey is speeding through.

Natalie is worried that Corey will beat her. Corey got the key and moves on. He’s got four minutes left when he comes into the third room. He gets the last thing done with almost three minutes left. That means Corey has the PoV now.

Paul is the last to face the MacGyver comp

Paul starts the comp. He lost his wire down the drain and then turns the water on with no idea how to get it into the drain. Everyone is laughing at him for making a super soaker. He blows up in the third room. Corey says this is his third PoV and another mental comp.

Later, the Final Four do a victory dance. Nicole tells Corey not to use the veto or she’ll be on the block. He jokes that he will. James tells Natalie she killed it. She says they will evict her because she’s good at comps. James says he’ll tell Corey and Nicole to evict him.

James says if he won, he would have used the veto on her anyway. They joke about how it was nice knowing each other. Nicole, Paul and Victor talk about how much of a threat each of Natalie and James are.

Anti-Natalie talk begins

Paul says Natalie is smarter than James. Victor says he wants James to go but they have some really good points. Victor says Natalie isn’t as dumb as she seems, she’s good at comps lately and he doesn’t like her attitude lately.

Paul says he doesn’t like that Natalie threw her number one under the bus. Nicole says if Natalie will do that to her ride or die, they know they can’t be trusted. James comes to talk to Corey later and Corey says just let it play out, have fun and relax.

James says what does that mean and says he knows he’s going home. Corey says we’ll see – he’s trying to drop James a hint that he’s staying. Corey hopes that he can reel James back in if Natalie is evicted. James says don’t do any crazy shit.

James asks to be evicted

Corey says he’s sticking to his guns. James says Nat is on the block because of him and Corey says that’s not true and tells him not to get caught up in that. Natalie tells James later that she’s going home and Nicole and Corey won’t keep her over him.

She says they don’t trust her but do trust James. He doesn’t like this and thinks that Corey did hint that. She asks if he threw the comp today – James says no. Natalie asks if he has a final three deal with Nicole and Corey. He says he doesn’t.

James asks why she’s interrogating him. He asks doesn’t she know him by now. Natalie says if he sticks with Nicole and Corey after she’s gone, don’t ever talk to me again. James says that’s a mean thing to say. Natalie says it’s the truth.

James is stunned by Natalie

James tells her that’s not anything he would ever say to her. She says she trusted Nicole and Corey because of him and now she’s going home because of it. She says if he works with them after she’s evicted, she won’t talk to him again.

In the Diary Room, James is unhappy and says he would never say something like that to her. He asks himself what he’s doing. Victor tells Paul that he wonders if James would target Nicole and Corey instead of them if he stays.

Paul says they should talk to James. They call him up. Paul tells James he doesn’t want to break him up with Natalie but says she’s trying to point a gun at him. Victor says Natalie told them she got bad advice from him and that’s why she’s on the block.

James has major doubts about Natalie

Victor says she came to them and apologized. James asks if she said she regretted trusting him. Paul says maybe it was reverse psychology or a game move but Paul felt like he needed to let him know. James says he won’t repeat any of this to her.

In the Diary Room, James says he was going to fall on his sword for her, but now he won’t and he won’t do it now. He says he can’t risk $500k for her if she’s throwing his name under the bus. James goes out to sit in the hot tub with her.

Natalie asks why he looks so sad. He says it’s nothing. James has just been slapped with the undeniable truth that Natalie is screwing him over and does NOT seem to feel the same way about him that he does about her.

Veto Meeting

Corey calls the veto meeting and tells Natalie to speak first. Natalie congratulates him and says she understands if he doesn’t use it but says use it on her or James or not at all and it’s great. James gives a promo for MacGyver and says if he uses it, use the veto on Natalie not him.

Corey says, as expected, that he won’t use the Veto. Victor says they still haven’t agreed on who is going this week. Corey says he and Nicole are solid and they have a final four alliance and he still wants Natalie out so he can work with James.

Natalie says she wishes she stood up to James when he wanted Victor out. James says it sucks being on the block with her but he wants to win Big Brother. Period. So who will it be heading home – Natalie or James?

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