Dancing With the Stars Recap – Terra Jole Eliminated From Final 4: Season 23 Episode 10 “Semi-Finals”

Dancing With the Stars Recap - Terra Jole Eliminated From Final 4: Season 23 Episode 10 "Semi-Finals"

Tonight on ABC  the glitz and the glitter returns to the ballroom as Dancing With The Stars and continues with an all-new Monday, November 14, 2016, season 23 episode 10 and we have your Dancing With The Stars recap below!  On tonight’s DWTS Season 23 episode 10 “Semi-Finals,” tonight’s episode  features two dances from each couple, including a trio dance in the semi-finals.

Did you watch last week’s DWTS season 23 episode 8 episode where “For the first dance, the couples each danced a style they had not yet danced to a song from a hit Broadway musical and we lost Marilu Henner & Derek Hough? If you missed the episode we have a full and detailed Dancing With The Stars recap of last week, right here!

On tonight’s DWTS episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Each couple will dance two dances – one being a style the couple has not danced to yet, and the second being a Trio Dance, in which each celebrity couple will dance with a third dancer. The judges will score the Trio Dances, and the points from the couples’ routines and the Trio Dances will be added together for the final judges’ scores.”

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Tonight’s episode of Dancing With the Stars kicks off with Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews taking the stage, they announce that Sharna Burgess is returning tonight to dance with her celeb partner James Hinchcliffe, after she was sidelined for a few weeks with a knee injury.

James and Sharna are up first, (VIDEO HERE) and they take the DWTS stage and perform a sultry Argentine Tango, Sharna does the entire dance blindfolded with James leading the way. Now, it’s time to hear what the judges thought.

Julianne: You were literally standing on your hands and everyone here was standing on their feet. The thing about the Argentine Tango is we have seen a lot this season, it’s been hard and aggressive, but this is what an Argentine Tango is. It’s controlled and sexy and has dynamic and passion. You guys never shy away from risks and it worked in your favor tonight. And, thank you for coming back! So amazing!

Bruno: The race to the finals is on, and that was more than an argentine Tango. That was an Argentine Grand Prix! What is amazing is the trust between the partners, you were totally on top of it and you never missed a nuance in the music, everything was spot on. Guys, don’t try that climax at home, you won’t be able to do it, it doesn’t matter what you are taking!

Carrie Ann: To win DWTS you have to keep raising the stakes and surprising us, that’s really important. Today’s strategy was important, you nailed the risky ones. But, you had a few wobbles in the beginning, but the only reason I noticed was because everything else was stellar. It was fantastic and another job well done.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 9 Julianne: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 29/30

Terra Jole and Sasha Farber (VIDEO HERE) are the next couple to dance tonight in the Dancing With The Stars semi-finals. Before Terra and Sasha take the DWTS stage, we watch a touching video package about Terra growing up and coping with “being little.” Terra’s parents knew that Jole was going to be a star when she grew up – and she went to Los Angeles with $300 in her pocket and became a celebrity.

Terra Jole and Sasha perform the Rumba for the Judges, then they wait to hear their critiques.

Bruno: Terra you really are terrific! I wasn’t expecting a Rumba like this, the movement and your hips honey, oh my god you got them going! Even all the under arm turns tonight were flawless, it was just right. I have to say something, we really admire you, you show us with determination and the right frame of mind you can do anything, you’re a shining star.

Carrie Ann: You take my breath away because I believe that we are all united through our difference. Tonight, this was such a beautiful Rumba, and every single moment was executed with the utmost perfection and care. The quality of your movement is like the quality of you, it’s untouchable.

Julianne: It’s true, I can see your emotion and Sasha’s emotion. All of us, we are just filled with it. I 100% thought this was going to be a difficult dance for you, and you 100% proved me wrong. Your hip action, your arms, you went in to a turn and you were shaping with your head – there isn’t one dance move I seen tonight that you did the entire season. So, thank you for branching out. Best dance of the season for you!

Scores: Julianne: 10 Bruno: 10 Carrie Ann: 10 Total: 30/30

Jana Kramer and Gleb are the next couple (VIDEO HERE) to take the stage tonight on Dancing With The Stars. Before Jana and Gleb dance, we get to see a video package about Jana Kramer and her personal struggle over the year. Jana has certainly been through hell and back, but she has found herself while performing on DWTS. Tonight, Jana Kramer and Gleb perform the Quickstep for the judges.

Carrie Ann: You had a little bit of a rough start getting into synch, but everything after that was so beautiful. I was thinking, wow you have really come the farthest out of all of our semi-finalists. The growth that you have shown in your dancing – you are so much stronger and more open, the partnership you dance is when bodies connect, it was great!

Julianne: I just want to say that you can tell this is finals, everybody is coming out here and kicking some serious hot mama booty! That was a proper Quickstep, your frame was great, over all I agree with Carrie Ann you have come so far in this competition and I hope to see you in the finals.

Bruno: For someone who has a shoe fetish, it was a Quickstep and you nailed the closet. For me it was as elegant, sharp, and slick as anything that Gucci has to offer. I loved that candle 5th avenue allure you put in. Full of content, a proper Quickstep, and I loved it!

SCORES: Carrie Ann: 9 Julianne: 9 Bruno: 10 Total: 28/30

Calvin Johnson and Lindsay Arnold (VIDEO HERE) are the next semi-finalist couple to perform on Dancing With The Stars. Before Calvin and his pro partner hit the stage, we watch a video package by Calvin’s friends and family, discussing how proud they are of him, and how much happier he has been since he quit the NFL and began enjoying his life again.

Calvin Johnson Jr and Lindsay Arnold perform the Tango for the DWTS judges, then they wait for their critiques.

Julianne: Oh shoot! We all saw it right there, I don’t know if it was the dress or the slip. It was so great, it had so much attack and precision, your guys’ chemistry was more on fire than I have ever seen it. I am so upset because it was so great throughout the whole thing and then there was a little bit of a mess-up, but you kept going, so well done.

Bruno: Mind-bending, surreal hallucination. I loved that the hands were coming from all angles, it was like American Horror Story, and you broke out like Calvin the Avenger. You went for it with such power and determination, at times though, you have so much inside you, there are a few stumbles because of it. It happens, don’t worry about it, you have another round.

Carrie Ann: Tonight, you are fighting for a slot in the finals and everything matters. I liked that you tried something high-concept in the beginning, it didn’t quite work with the music that well. Then, you kind of over-powered Lindsay, you made a little mistake and then you were like, ‘oh I’ll just take it to the end, I got you girl!’

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8 Julianne: 9 Bruno: 9 Total: 26/30

Last up in the first round are Laurie Hernandez and Val. (VIDEO HERE) After watching Laurie’s story, and how she made it to the Olympics and lost her Grandmother, Laurie, and her pro partner Val take the stage and perform an emotional Foxtrot. There isn’t a dry eye in the place. Now, it’s time to hear what the judges have to say.

Carrie Ann: First of all I am sorry for your loss. When I watch you, that Foxtrot, the content was incredible and you delivered it with so much passion, breathing in to every move and channeling it in to something beautiful for us all to watch. You represent the American dream and you also represent the Dancing With The Stars dream. Julianne: I am

Julianne: I am choosing to smile right now with tears of joy because I know that is exactly what your grandmother is doing right now, and we should be celebrating her life and how incredible you are. Tonight, not only has your performance exceeded everything you do, but you have grown in to the most beautiful young woman and you should be very proud of yourself.

Bruno: Baby, you looked like you were flying and guided by an angel. The dance, every bout of music was filled with the most intricate steps and you executed everything brilliantly and with maximum effect. Stunning.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10 Bruno: 10 Julianne: 10 Total: 30/30


Now, it’s time for tonight’s trio round. James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess are up first, and they chose to dance with pro partner Jenna for Trio night, the three of them hit the stage and dance the Jive. It’s not just any jive, though, they have James’ Indy car on the stage for their racetrack-themed performance.

Julianne: First of all that is one hot pit crew! You guys were so in synch, you were front and center, you knew exactly what you were doing, totally on time, such a huge comeback. By the way, elio, we did a number like this and obviously the budget has gone way up, because we didn’t get this. And, I loved the little Single Ladies moment you guys had.

Bruno: James, you are still in Top Gear my dear! You are a natural, you went from one to another, you never lost timing. From the one, to the other, always in the middle and always in charge. Loved it!

Carrie Ann: It’s so true, what was your disadvantage of working with a new partner, was actually an advantage for you. The best part was your unison, nobody beats you dancing unison and matching the girls perfectly!Scores

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10 Julianne: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 30/30

Terra Jole and Sasha team up with Artem for the next trio – the three of them hit the DWTS stage and perform the Tango for the DWTS judges.

Bruno: Saucy little vixen, talk about the attitude, who was the star on that show! Madame! What you did was so beautiful, you framed her so well, every time she was always the center of attention. You two were like the shadow, complimenting her at every turn!

Carrie Ann: I agree with Bruno, the way you constructed everything around her, it was so fine tuned. Three is definitely your lucky number! Terra, you came out here and you slayed every move, then you slayed, Artem, then you slayed Sasha, then you slayed us! Boom, boom!

Julianne: This girl is on fire! Seriously, I love watching you every time you come out on the floor. But, something changed tonight, from your Rumba to this, and I remember you saying that. And, you were right, this girl is on fire!

Scores: Julianne: 10 Carrie Ann: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 30/30

Jana Kramer and Gleb are up next, pro dancer Alan joins them for a hot and steamy Paso Doble Trio. Now, it’s time to hear what the judges thought of their performance.

Carrie Ann: wow, I am blown away, that was artistry in motion. That concept was out of this world, you dug deep in the roots and you brought out that primal energy. I have never seen you more sure footed and more in control of the situation.

Julianne: There is something in the air, there was a fire within you that we have not seen yet. I know this was about being the Queen of the Night, but girl you are the Queen of the Ballroom. That was it!

Bruno: Mistress of the dark arts, she was like a she devil emerging from an enchanted forest. Everyone is under my spell, come on boys do my bidding! It was high passion dressed in high fashion. Dressed to kill and sexy as hell!

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10 Julianne: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 30/30

Calvin Johnson Jr and Lindsay joined forces with Witney Carson for their trio tonight. Calvin, Lindsay, and Witney hit the stage and dance a wild Salsa for the judges.

Julianne: I am about to be real cheesy right now, like queso, that was one spicy salsa and you guys are like the guacamole or limes or something. Honestly, that was so fun, I know I am a cheeseball. You guys’ commitment, and everything that you do, you always come out here and bring such light and energy. We had some drama tonight, but that was pure fun!

Bruno: I am going to dip in to that guacamole! I am in the mood for dancing! That is what it’s all about, this is what Dancing With the Stars is all about, inspiring people to go out there and have a good time and that is what you did!

Carrie Ann: You came out and you turned everything around. There was so much emotion and intensity tonight, but you brought the “A Game” in such a fun way!Scores

Scores:  Carrie Ann: 10 Julianne: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 30/30

Laurie Hernandez and Val are up next, and of course they chose Val’s big brother Maks to join them in their trio. Laurie and the Chmerkovskiy brothers hit the stage and dance the Samba for the judges.

Bruno: That was so deliciously theatrical, it was like strictly ballroom in one and a half minutes! Every act led up to the perfect ending. Another super dance!

Carrie Ann: On top of I think every woman in America we thank you for putting the Chmerkovskiy brothers together! Beyond them, you are incredible. What was so amazing, is that was by far your best dance ever! I saw your incredible and fiery spirit come out, and the curves, and boom!

Julianne: I remember a couple weeks ago I said that you are so great when you dance, but I was missing that Latin action that you have. Tonight, you were a proper Latin dancer. And you totally brought me back to competing and the journey in the lesson, that was so fun to watch.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 10 Julianne: 10 Bruno: 10 Total: 30/30

It’s time for the moment we have all been dreading. One of the final five couples will be sent home, based on last week’s scores and fan’s votes. Laurie and Val, James Hinchcliffe and Sharna, Jana Kramer and Gleb, and Calvin Johnson Jr and Lindsay are all dancing next week in the finals.

Terra Jole and Sasha are officially eliminated from DWTS.