Star Premiere Recap 12/14/16: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

Star Premiere Recap 12/14/16: Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on FOX their new drama, Star from Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Lee Daniels airs with an all new Wednesday, December 14, 2016 premiere and we have your Star recap below.  On tonight’s Star premiere as per the FOX synopsis, “Drama about three young women who form a group and battle to make a splash in the music industry begins.”

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Star begins tonight with Star Davis (Jude Demorest) on the phone with her friend, and they are talking about singing. Star’s foster-mother tells her to come inside and do the dishes, telling her mother if Star wasn’t worth the money they get for her. Star refuses to do the dishes and when her foster mom asks her where she is going, she tells her social services so she can beg them to process her out of there. The mother says its not going to happen and how dare Star act like that after everything she has done for her.

Alexandra Crane (Ryan Destiny) approaches her father, Roland Crane (Lenny Kravitz) for some money from her trust fund, and he wants to know why. She tells him about this girl (Star) that she met on the internet that has a great voice, perfect for the songs she is writing. She goes on to tell him that she is a white girl who grew up in fostercare in Pittsburgh, and everything she has been through is in her voice. She wants her money to get into a studio.

Daddy isn’t hearing anything of it. He tells her he is not going to give her the money to use for some white trash she met on the internet only to get to him. She tells him that she made an Instagram under a different name. He says then she is ashamed of his name, and gets upset saying that he guesses she won’t be singing background for him either.

She tells him he doesn’t get it, that she needs to break out on her own, she needs to make music that feeds her soul. He acts like a spoiled brat, instead of her father, saying that his music don’t feed her soul. She shouts back, MY soul!

She challenges him, asking him when was the last time he felt something when he sang his songs. She encourages him to go back to his old stuff and away from this trash he has been trying. He turns to her and asks who she thinks she is talking to, calling her a talentless brat and that she sounds exactly like her mother.

Star is at social services, where her worker is telling her that she has been through 6 foster families in the past 2 years. Star wants to know where her sister is, she wants to get her but is told she has a record and it will never happen. Her sister, Simone (Brittany O’Grady) isn’t having any better luck when it comes to foster families. Simone offers to drive the two younger girls to school, but the foster father cuts her off, saying that she thinks she can run their house now, thinking she is white. He tells her she isn’t any whiter than anyone else in the house.

The social worker tells Star if she continues down this path she is going to end up on the streets like her mother. Star jumps out of her chair and points her finger to the worker’s face telling her to never talk about her mother. The worker points back and tells her she better not have to call security again. Star starts to cry and says I am not going to end up like her, but I need to see her. I haven’t seen her in 5 years.

Back at Simone’s foster home, the mother takes the girls, but the father says he will drive Simone to school himself. He tells Simone to clean up the kitchen.

Star keeps begging to see her sister. The worker says she is going to lose her job, she tells Star she is processing her out of the system and is to never say her name. Star then buys a ticket to Harrisburg, when asked if it is one-way or a round ticket, she leans forward and says one-way, and the next time you will see this face is on the cover of Vanity Fair.

On the bus, Star is reading a letter from Carlotta Brown (Queen Latifah) who wrote that their mother died years ago, but these singing angels should be living together under the same roof. Star arrives at the house Simone is living in, she knocks on the door, notices it is open and walks right in. She climbs the stairs to see Simone’s foster father raping her.

Star tells Simone to be quiet, she bolts down the stairs and grabs a knife. She comes in the room and stabs him repeatedly in the back. Simone screams that she killed him, and she wants momma. Star tells her momma is dead, to get her stuff and his keys. As they are driving Star wants to know how long he has been doing that to her, when Simone doesn’t answer it, the girls start to sing together.

Star says they are going to Atlanta, that this woman Carlotta is their godmother and they will finally have a place to live. Star contacts Alexandra and tells her she can’t stay on the phone but she is headed to Atlanta and asks her if she is in. The next minute you see Alexandra walking out of her building meeting with Star. Star says Alexandra is shorter than she thought, Alexandra tells Star she is heavier than she thought. Simone writes the word “bitch” in the frosty window.

All three leave for Atlanta, crashing at a hotel along the way. They are eating, and Star tells Alexandra that she needs to let down her weave. She tells her that its real and not all black girls wear weaves. She asks about Simone being half-black, Star says that her father was black. She asks her when she hit her up on Instagram she would ever end up like this. Alexandra says no, but she is glad she saved her. That the music they are making is their live and there is no going back.

Star asks about her parents, Alexandra lies saying that her dad is a surgeon and her mom is dead. Simone brings back the iPod to Simone and says she can’t even take it. Star laughs. Alexandra listens to her sing a little bit, but stops her asking her what is on her shirt. It is blood, but Simone tells her its sauce from the chicken wings. Star is upset that she didn’t get rid of the shirt, when Star demands she take it off, Simone tells her she is keeping it on because the blood reminds her that he is dead, and she is free.

Carlotta is singing in church. Star is looking for Carlotta at a hair salon, the girl at the desk tells her that Carlotta is her mother and she is at church, but one of the stylists comes to the front and realizes she is one of Mary’s girls and tells her Carlotta has been looking for them for a long time, before he turns away he tells her she needs to get her roots done; she tells him it was nice to meet him too. Carlotta’s daughter tells her she can’t help being like that because she is ugly. They both laugh.

As Carlotta continues to sing, the girls arrive at the church. Star hears her voice and recognizes her from the day their mother died. Carlotta was there holding them; when Carlotta sees them, she goes to them and hugs Simone and Star. After church, they are sitting in the back enjoying a barbecue. Carlotta and Alexandra get into a bit of an argument, when Alexandra says there is nothing wrong with being an Atheist.

During the barbecue, Derek (Quincy Brown) comes up and introduces himself to the girls. He asks Carlotta if she could share one of his activists papers. When Simone asks if Carlotta is going to be their mother now, she asks how their foster parents are treating them, before Simone could answer, Star tells her they are okay. Carlotta turns to Alexandra and asks about what kind of foster home she comes from? She says that she isn’t in a foster home, just that her parents think that travelling is a good learning experience.

Star explains that they hear there is a great music scene in Atlanta. Carlotta tells them that before they were born, she was in a group with their mother. She says if they really want to sing, why don’t they come into church with her and sing? Alexandra looks at her like she is crazy, saying, “in Church?” Carlotta calls her a witch and says yes in the church.

She wants to know why they are really here, are they looking to stay with her? Carlotta says that’s fine, they are going home, and if they are staying they need to do their part.

She asks if anyone of them knows how to shampoo, because her shampoo girl up and quit pregnant, again. Star points to Alexandra and says she knows how to shampoo. When Carlotta walks away, Alexandra says she is not going to shampoo anyone’s hair.

At her house, Carlotta tells the girls to clean up her wax room and they can share it. Simone asks if she can sleep with Carlotta. She let’s her sleep on the daybed in her room, but tell her no snoring! Simone and Star are rehearsing when Alexandra comes in, Simone asks why they are rehearsing when they have no gigs. Alexandra tells her that they rehearse so when they do have a gig, they are prepared. They fool around before rehearsing.

At the salon, the mean stylist wants to know why there is a splash of color now? Star is supposed to wash a client’s hair, but she scalds herself on the hot water. The client tells Carlotta she has a white girl messing up her hair. Roberta, the client, takes off her apron and says she is out of there. Star gets upset when people keep talking about her and she confronts them.

Before it gets physical, Carlotta tells Star to go upstairs so they can talk. Star begins to leave but not before she calls the stylist racist. Carlotta says she is just like her mother, Simone approaches her and asks about her mother. Carlotta tells her to come too.

Alexandra is upset that they are still there. She says to Star they have been there for a week, shampooing goat hair, living off fried apple pies. Alexandra says they need to get in the studio and lay some tracks, and Carlotta is working them like dogs. Star tells her to go back to New York City, that she has no where to go.

Alexandra tells her that there is a contest tonight where there will be managers looking for new talent. She tells Star she needs to get made up after work to look cute. The club owner introduces them as Alexandra, Simone and Star, or as their initials spell out A.S.S. They get on stage and perform for the scarcely filled bar. There were no managers there, but Carlotta’s daughter is watching them in the background.

She approaches them to tell them the managers are at the strip club, that she is connected. Star goes to the strip joint saying she will do the stripping for all three of them, Simone goes home and Alexandra goes to the salon. Carlotta wants to know where the girls are, she tells her they went bowling. Carlotta tells her she doesn’t buy it. Alexandra asks what she wants from her, she says she only wants what’s best for Simone and Star.

Alexandra says what is best for them is the music they are making. She confronts her asking her if she has even listened to any of their music. She admits that she read the letters Carlotta wrote and how she was unfit to take the girls in. Carlotta tells Alexandra she knows she is trying to be something she isn’t. She says she knows she is running from something and she is using Simone and Star to do it. When Alexandra gets rude with her, Carlotta tells her to keep it up.

Alexandra goes outside and Derek sees her, she talks so rude to him and he calls her on it. She asks if he thinks he can really change the world and he asks her if she has seen how crazy it is on the streets and how they are treated? She says that she wants to change the world with her music, he tells her to come to him so he can make her feel better, she tells him to come to her, he says okay.

Star is at the strip joint and Carlotta’s daughter points out Jahil Rivera (Benjamin Bratt). Star goes and grinds on him a little bit, telling him Michelle his current stripper has syphilis. She brings him into the Champagne Room, where she performs for him. He is very intrigued, but says she is trouble. He tells her that he has a party coming up and he needs her for entertainment, she tells him she is a package deal, there are two other girls, and they are a girl group.

Star comes out to find out that Carlotta’s daughter is transgender and the man who was attempting to have sex with her found out and was trying to beat her. Star beats him instead and they take the money he owes. Star points at her admitting she knew there was something she loved about her.

The next morning at the salon, Carlotta confronts her daughter about taking Star there. Carlotta calls her “boy”, and they argue about hating. She tells Carlotta they found a manager and he can get them into a party for Hunter Morgan (Chad James Buchanan), a famous NFL player. Star admits that he said they can sing at the party, and if they are good, he will sign them. Carlotta asks what the managers name was, when she tells her, she squints her eyes and looks angry.

Jahil Rivera goes to see Hunter to ask if he can bring the girls in for entertainment, he reluctantly agrees. Star and Alexandra are discussing how they are going to perform, when Simone shows up dressed like a Catholic school girl. Star asks what she was doing and what was she wearing, she says its her church outfit and Carlotta gave it to her.

Alexandra is upset that she has missed so much rehearsal time, Simone tells her she is already warmed up from choir practice, saying Carlotta says she can sing to save all of them. Simone asks Star for them to be saved. Alexandra says that there is something wrong with Simone and Carlotta is trying to be their new mother; Star tells her she is a little over new mothers. Star tells her she is not going to sing in a choir and the only person who is going to save them is that manager. Simone tells her that she no longer needs to worry about her and the past is the past.

Carlotta shows up at Jahil’s apartment. She said he is tangling in her life again, and breaking their agreement. She tells him that Star is Mary’s kid. Jahil is shocked and tells her that the second he heard Star sing, he felt the same way he did when he first heard Mary sing. Carlotta says she isn’t interested in his feelings, but she would like to know how he can afford $10,000 watches? She knows its all smoke and mirrors.

Jahil tells her that Star could learn a lot from her, and if the other girls are half as talented as she is, they will have a super group on their hands. Carlotta says he can tell all that to the DA. She warns him she will call if he doesn’t stay away from them. He says he bet everything on her and Mary, but they blew it. Mary with the drugs and Carlotta with all that weight and never showing up for gigs. Carlotta cuts him off saying that her father taught her that she needed 3 things, your bible, your word and your gun to survive in life. She orders him again to stay away from the girls.

Alexandra says, “that drag queen can sew her little butt off.” Simone tells Alexandra she is stupid and it’s “trans” not “drag queen”. They are all preparing for their performance, but Simone gets angry at Alexandra and blames Star for dragging her all over the place. Star asks her if she even wants to be there.

Star asks Alexandra about the boy, and they all reassure each other that they will be okay. Jahil introduces the girls to Hunter and his mother. Hunter offers them something to drink, Jahil says only one drink. Alexandra asks where Simone is, she is at the bar telling the bartender it tastes like apple juice and asks for some scotch. Alexandra and Star find Simone drunk, they get her up and they go to the balcony to perform. The performance is great and Jahil says this is legit, and he has been asleep for 10 years.

Simone’s foster father (Darius McCrary) wakes up and is questioned by the police about who would want to harm him.