The Good Wife Recap 1/17/16: Season 7 Episode 12 “Tracks”

The Good Wife Recap 1/17/16: Season 7 Episode 12 "Tracks"

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday January 17 season 7 episode 12 called, “Tracks” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) join forces to defend a former client who is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit over ownership rights to his new music.

On the last episode, tensions ran high as the entire Florrick family was crammed into Peter’s campaign bus with Eli and Ruth on their way to the Iowa caucused. Once there, Peter attempted a high-risk political stunt to gain voted for his presidential bid. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Alicia and Cary join forces to defend a former client who is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit over ownership rights to his new music. Meanwhile, Alica’s neighbors threaten her with eviction for operating her firm out of her apartment.”

Tonight’s season 7 episode 12 looks like it is going to be great and we’ll be updating it for you beginning 10 PM EST. In the meantime, sound off your comments and below and tell us how much you are enjoying this seventh season.

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Tonight’s episode of The Good Wife kicks off at Alicia Florrick’s home office. There has been quite a misunderstand since she started working from home – and all of her clients have been knocking on her neighbor’s door three floors down. Alicia’s neighbor is fed up and freaks out on Alicia’s old pal – a musician named Rowby.

One Rowby finally gets the right door he explains to Alicia that he needs her help with a music case. He wrote a song and performed it at a birthday party – a video of him singing went viral. Then he got a letter from his old record label, ‘GFC,’ – and they are claiming that they own the song and he can’t sing it anymore. Rowby insists that he hasn’t been under contract with them in over a year and it is all bogus.

There’s another knock at Alicia’s door and she tells Rowby to hold on a moment – it’s her neighbor Mrs. Dosek. She starts ranting that she is sick of Alicia’s clients knocking on her door and getting all of Alicia’s mail. Alicia reassures her that it won’t happen again. Cary shows up while they are arguing – he informs Alicia that he spoke to Rowby and Rowby wants them to work on his music case together, just like the old days.

Monica heads out to brunch with Bea, the chair person at the Women’s Justice League. Monica explains that she doesn’t need the organization’s help anymore – the firm actually made things right with her and hired her. Bea reveals that she used to work with the firm, but she recently took her business to Alicia. Now, she is starting to regret it because Alicia’s neighbor Mrs. Dosek just freaked out on her. Of course, Monica rushes back to the office and tells Diane that Bea is unhappy with Alicia. David Lee tells Diane that she needs to apologize to Bea and make things right. Diane tells Monica that if she gets Bea back in the door – then she might be able to have the account

At Peter’s office, Ruth is packing her office up. Eli shows up to gloat – Eli says that he is staying to help Peter with governing. Ruth gives Eli some mysterious advice, she warns him that Peter has target on his back and is going to take a hit – she hints that it may be someone close to him, maybe even a friend. Ruth says goodbye and Eli begins to move back in to his office.

Rowby heads in to the conference room and meets Lucca – he announces that he thinks he is in love with her and offers to play some music for her. Lucca tells him that is probably not the best idea seeing as how a rep from GFC label is on their way. Rowby sits down and continues to profess his love for Lucca. The GFC lawyer arrives and it is none other than Andrea Stevens – she is representing GFC owner Damon. Andrea announces that GFC wants Rowby to take down the song, and they will pay him $1500 to record it.

Alicia bawks and informs Andrea that Rowby is no under contract. Apparently, Rowby signed a two record deal. He gave the company two records – but they rejected the second one and never released it. So technically the song “Good Morning Magic Sunshine” is part of the second album that he still owes them. Andrea informs them that since Rowby refuses to take the video off the internet – they are officially sueing him for $3 Million.

Bea arrives at the firm with Monica – Diane and David rush to greet her. They rush her in to Diane’s office so that she doesn’t hear Alicia and Cary’s screaming match with Andrea Stevens. David Lee rushes in and tells Cary to keep it down – they don’t want Bea to know that Alicia is there. Meanwhile, back at Alicia’s apartment Mrs. Dosek serves Grace with an eviction notice form the homeowner’s association. Apparently it is illegal to run a business out of your home without the proper permission and paperwork.

Alicia and Cary head to court with Rowby to argue the lawsuit against Andrea and Damon. Damon explains to the judge that the second album was garbage and he couldn’t make any money off from it. Alicia returns home and Marissa is waiting for her – apparently Eli sent her, Marissa wants a job. Alicia informs her that she is “good,” and is a little rude to her. She thinks that Eli had ulterior motives for sending Marissa.

Back in court, a doctor takes the stand to argue the definition of “pop music” – to determine whether or not Rowby’s new album was sellable. The doctor says that Rowby’s song didn’t have any hooks – and that was why it wasn’t marketable. Lucca argues that “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a pop song and didn’t have any hooks.

The judge rules that Rowby made a good faith attempt to fulfill his contract and she is about to dismiss the lawsuit – but the GFC’s lawyer Andrea interrupts. She just found a video that ROwby had uploaded online singing ‘Good Morning Magic Sunshine’ the day before his contract expired. So, now they have video proof that he wrote the song while he was still under contract.

Marissa heads back to her dad Eli’s office and demands to know what is going on between him and Alicia. He comes clean and tells her about deleting the voicemail from Will Gardiner. Marissa laughs that it is like a soap opera. Eli explains that he has tried everything and Alicia won’t talk to him – he begs Marissa to stay out of it.

Alicia and Cary regroup after court – Lucca does some research and learns that the Chummy video was uploaded in a different time zone, so technically he didn’t breach the contract. He wrote it the day after the contract was over. Lucca and Rowby leave the office together, and Rowby offers to buy her a drink. They head to the bar and Lucca gets drunk and kisses him – then she invites him over to her apartment.

The next day they all head back to court and continue to argue over the song, Andera subpoenaed Rowby’s cell phone and has proof that he wrote one of the song lines while he was still under contract. Rowby tries to explain that it was just a quote that his son said and he thought that it was really cute – he put it In to “Good Morning Magic Sunshine” later. The judge gets fed up and dismisses the case again. Rowby is so excited, he celebrates by kissing Lucca in court right in front of everybody.

Meanwhile, Grace heads to the Homeowner’s Association meeting to represent her mother. She points out that Mrs. Dosek is violating the rules by subletting a room t her mother in law, and other members of the association are violating a handful of rules as well. They decide to “table the issue” for now. Grace heads home victorious.

GFC Records takes Rowby back to court the next day, they have filed a new lawsuit for $2.8 Million for a song called “Moony Moonikins.” They are arguing that “Good Morning Magic Sunshine” sounds ridiculously similar to the song “Moony Moonikins” on his fist record that they do own – it’s technically copyright infringement.

Cary and Alicia show the two songs’ notes side by side and prove that they are not the same. Andrea calls her music doctorate back up the stand to testify that the two songs are nearly identical. The judge says that she has heard enough – they will reconvene later in the afternoon for her decision.

Rowby and Lucca sneak in to the elevator for a makeout session while Andea and Alicia discuss a settlement. On her way out of the building, Luca bumps in to one of their clients – Lila Dunne. She realizes that while they have been busy working with Cary, his firm has been stealing back all of their clients. She calls Alicia to warn her.

Later, everyone heads back to court – the judge delivers her ruling, and sides with GFC records. The judge announces that Rowby stole that song and orders him to pay up $2 Million.

At home, Alicia learns what Grace did with the homeowner’s association. She is grateful, but she informs Grace that she is fired. It’s her job to take care of Grace, her daughter shouldn’t be running around an trying to fix her problems. She wants Grace to enjoy being a kid.

After losing in court, Lucca and Rowby head home together. He serenades her with a song he wrote for her on his guitar. Lucca dumps Rowby and says that she has to “go back to real life now.”

Cary shows up at Alicia’s office – he wants her to come back to the firm, and bring Lucca with her. Alicia turns down his offer – and Cary leaves. Afterwards, Lucca tells Alicia she might have just made a huge mistake. She thinks they should consider the offer.

Tonight’s episode ends with Marissa back at Alicia’s house – she begs Alicia to forgive Eli. Alicia informs her that Eli hurt her and it’s not that simple, she can’t forgive him.