Wayward Pines Recap 6/8/16 Season 2 Episode 3 “Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines”

Wayward Pines Recap 6/8/16 Season 2 Episode 3 "Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines airs with an all new Wednesday, June 8 season 2 episode 3 called “Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in a series of flashbacks, it’s revealed why Jason Higgins (Tom Stevens) was raised to be the leader of the first generation and favored child of Wayward Pines.

On the last episode, Theo tried to leverage his power as the only surgeon in Wayward Pines to get answers about the status of his wife, Rebecca; at the same time, town historian CJ Mitchum spearheaded a vital and potentially deadly project outside the fence. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “in a series of flashbacks, it’s revealed why Jason Higgins was raised to be the leader of the first generation and favored child of Wayward Pines. Meanwhile, Nurse Pam resurfaces and becomes a deadly threat to the town; and Theo continues digging into why he was specifically chosen to join this spooky community.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINES. We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#WaywardPines tonight is Jason’s backstory. We see a fairy tale “once upon a time” version of the town with a fence and monsters outside. We see a little boy in a cryo chamber. The narrator says he was a special baby and the name “Jason Higgins” is on the outside the baby container.

Now, two guys are on patrol and they hear a noise and run to investigate. It’s just a deer. Arlene tells Theo the Abbies have skedaddled. She says if you don’t have hope, you lose your crap and she asks him to have a drink with her later.

He shows her his wedding ring and she says what happens in Wayward Pines stays in Wayward Pines because there’s no one left. Kerry and Jason talk about the Abbies being absent in a 30-mile radius for two days. He thinks the flamethrowers scared them off.

He says they need to go investigate. Kerry isn’t happy and says if Ben is dead, he killed a First Gen. Theo talks to Rebecca and says people think the creatures ran away. He asks why people put faith in Jason and she says he was groomed for it.

Rebecca advises him to stop asking questions but he says he can’t. Jason tells Kerry that none of this is easy. They start kissing and then hear a noise downstairs. He grabs a gun and goes to check but tells Kerry to stay put.

It’s Pam Pilcher! Jason is stunned. She says hello. Pam narrates and says Jason was the first born son of Wayward Pines. We see young Jason riding his bike among the cryo chambers and she says she and David raised him and taught him about the new world.

We see Pam showing him a book of the people in town and what jobs they will have. CJ comes in to talk to them. CJ says some of them will adapt when they wake but others will have a hard time. He tells Jason that what they do is not natural.

Pam doesn’t like him saying that but CJ says he needs to know. Pam says Jason will know what to do because it’s his world and he has the most important job of all. Now, Jason lowers his gun and the guard says she just showed up.

Jason says it’s okay and the guard leaves. Jason says they agreed she would stay in the house and he wouldn’t come for her. He reminds her she killed Pilcher and she asks if he knows why she’d kill her own brother.

Pam says David worked hard to build so much and knows Jason has had difficult choices to make. She says he’s had Ben and the rebels to contend with. She asks if Jason forget how they raised him. Jason says no then says he’s been reading Pilcher’s plans.

Pam asks him to let her help guide him since she was there when Pilcher made the plans. Jason says it won’t look good if he lets her back in. He agrees – she’s the closest thing he has to a mom. CJ and others are on the street when Jason brings her to the town square.

Theo wonders what it is and who they’re executing today. CJ tells Theo that Pam killed David to save the town. They talk about the creepy old house she lives in on the edge of town. Pam and Jason take the stand together and he addresses the crowd.

He says an old friend rejoined them. He says Pam was tested on invasion day and made a split-second decision. He says they mourn David but they evolve and heal. He says the road ahead relies on expansion beyond the fence of the town.

Jason says they must have a united front and he’s blessed to have Pam at his side and says they should all move forward with forgiveness. People seem unsure about that. Megan is there in her wheelchair. Jason stars the first in hands applause and others join in.

Pam is back at work in her nurse’s uniform. Arlene says she’s glad she’s back but totally isn’t. Everyone stares. Theo follows her when she goes into a room alone. She offers to teach him something about how they practice medicine in Wayward Pines.

He reminds her she was forced to stay away and she says he never even knew David. Pam asks about him being back together with his wife and says things must be interesting in bed. She makes a quip about 2000 years of abstinence and says get to it.

Theo says he was not brought there to service his wife. Pam says Hawaii wasn’t all about him and says she was there with Pope. After he leaves, Pam pockets a syringe and walks out of the room in a hurry.

We see more backstory. Pam talks about how Jason grew but his world felt smaller and the fence felt confining and he wanted to feel distance. We see more kids are around by then. Pam watched as young Jason carved a stick into a sharp point.

Jason tells her those are not his friends and says they don’t like him. Pam tells him to get back to the party and then Megan comes over. Megan says Pope is bringing a new ice cream flavor just for him. Megan asks to talk to him for a moment.

Pam walks off and Megan asks if he’s feeling sorry for himself on his birthday and says she has too. Megan tells Jason he can come to her and tell her what he’s thinking or feeling anytime no matter what it is. He says he doesn’t want special treatment.

He says all the First Gen is the same. He asks if Pam and David are his parents and she says sort of, yes. She says those kids are his friends and will stand behind him soon enough. Now, Megan tells the students about how they may explore beyond Wayward Pines soon.

She says they need to take steps here too. She says let’s put the pro in procreation. Some of the girls are pregnant. One girl asks about them not being officially paired until graduation. Megan asks them to raise their hands if they’re on the way already.

Megan then calls some kids’ names and says follow me. She sends four girls to the library to see Mrs Randolph. Megan says those girls haven’t “fully bloomed” yet so they can’t participate in class. Pam goes to talk to Mario who says he’s not sure of her clearance.

Pam says Jason let her back and walks past him into the bunker. Mario sighs and isn’t sure. Pam goes down into the top secret area and into David’s office. She thinks about killing her brother. Now it’s Jason’s office but he’s not there.

Pam then goes to a lab area where they keep the Abbies they experiment on. One in a cage growls and paces. She goes to a cooler and grabs a few vials of something. Megan shows up at the lab and sees the agitated Abbie. She rolls past it unconcerned.

Megan asks Pam what she’s doing. Pam slides the vials into her pocket. Megan asks why she’s in the lab and if she’s allowed up her. Pam says don’t be silly then flatters Megan for what she’s done despite her difficulty and says it’s miraculous she survived.

Megan says she’s been studying the habits of the Abbies looking for weaknesses. Pam says Jason trusts Megan and she says it’s slim pickings and Pam and Megan bicker. Mega tells her to be on her way and the Abbies in the cages get more riled up as she walks past them.

Theo comes to see Rebecca at work and she gives him a haircut while he asks her about Pam being in Hawaii. Rebecca tells him some of the people volunteered to be there. He asks where’s her wedding ring and she says they never gave it to her.

Rebecca tells him the past if full of holes for her too. Pam goes home and sees that her house has been spray painted with the word Murderer in red and she’s been hung in effigy on a tree out front. Pam is annoyed and says that’s it then.

Inside, she goes through a trunk and pulls out a dress and lays it out on her bed. We see the syringe and medication. She fills the syringe from the vial and then sees someone approaching the house. She sets the syringe down and tries to regain her composure.

Theo is at Pam’s door. She asks why he came all the way out there and he says the hospital is short on staff then asks if he can come in and talk. She lets him in reluctantly. Theo asks what it’s like to beg forgiveness from a child.

He says the rule she broke was one she made. Theo says it was Invasion Day right. She says her brother let the Abbies in and Theo asks why she killed her brother. She says his mind snapped and he had given up. Theo asks her about Hawaii.

He asks why she was in Hawaii and says it must have been a hell of a selection process. Pam says he’s alive at least. Theo asks why with hundreds of doctors to choose from, why him. Pam asks him to leave by thanking him for coming by then opening the door.

Theo glares and goes. She runs back upstairs and grabs the syringe then injects herself. Megan is in the lab and her assistant says some Variola Major is missing – one vial. Megan tells him to count them again and seems in a panic.

Pam shows up to a meeting of CJ, Kerry, Jason and others. Pam kisses Jason on the lips briefly. CJ talks about exploring outside the wall. Theo shows up too and says everyone needs to get up slowly and leave the room and tells Pam not to move.

Jason asks what this is about. Megan is there and says Pam took smallpox from the lab. Pam gets pushy and Theo says let’s test you and says she’ll be sedated and quarantined. Megan says she wants to kill them all. Jason looks upset and steps away.

Pam says Wayward Pines was supposed to save the human race and says it’s over. She says this is how this story ends and says she’s known it since she lost her brother. Kerry reminds her she killed her brother. Pam says all they know now is hate.

Pam says CJ knows this more than anyone – what they did and what he’s seen. She says the dream is dead. Pam tells Jason she’s trying to give him a gift. She says she raised him to be a leader and says lead your people to a peaceful end. Jason tells Megan and Theo to take her.

Pam goes quietly. Flashback to Jason telling Pam that the Abbies are contained and the traitors are gone – this was Invasion Day. He asks where’s Pilcher and then Pam is sobbing. Jason says she prepared him for this and their lives are in his hands.

He says he had to kill all the traitors in front of them and on their knees. He says this will be historic. Pam says that’s not what they want for him. Pam slaps him angrily and says it’s tragic to lose any of their small number and he wants to celebrate killing people.

Pam says there is no humanity in murder. Now, she’s in quarantine and Jason goes to see her. He asks if she always knew his plan and that it would fail. Pam says she didn’t want to believe it. She says make the right decision.

Jason says she’s insane for trying to kill them all with smallpox. Pam tells him that he’s her son and she raised him to be tenacious like her. She says they have to fix the mistake. Pam says she won’t stop and will find a way.

Pam says baby, let me die of smallpox or you can kill me. He’s crying. Theo tells Jason that Megan couldn’t have infected anyone since she’s still in the incubation period. Jason tells Theo he’s a hero. Theo says he can give Pam the antidote now but Jason says that’s not his decision.

Jason lets her body down gently onto the forest floor. Jason goes home to Kerry and she asks if it’s done. He talks about who to send on the first expedition outside the wall. Kerry asks if he wants to talk about Pam. Jason sits and says nothing.

Rebecca finds Theo sitting on the sofa. She asks if he’s okay. He says no. Theo says he keeps looking for his watch but time means nothing here. He says he never got a gift in his whole life from his father but then when his mom died, at her funeral, he gave him his watch.

He says it was a watch he earned for 40 years working the docks. He says then his dad took him for a beer. He says his dad had two beers for them and says then every Thursday at 5:30 they had two beers. Theo wonders what happened the first time he didn’t show because he was frozen.

Rebecca starts crying. Theo wonders when his dad called the police and how many Thursdays he went back. Theo says thinking about that can consume you. Theo says he will never forget that. Rebecca takes his hand.

Later, Pam’s body is thrown on a fire by guards in gas masks. CJ walks closer to the fire and watches it burn.