The Originals Recap 5/5/17: Season 4 Episode 7 “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter”

The Originals Recap 5/5/17: Season 4 Episode 7 "High Water and a Devil's Daughter"

On the CW their drama, The Originals premieres with an all new Friday, May 5, 2017, season 4 episode 7 called “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter,” and we have your weekly The Originals recap below. On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Freya places a protection spell on the compound when it’s discovered that the Hollow’s latest servant is on the loose, but it forces Klaus, Hayley and Hope to remain inside. Meanwhile, Elijah takes matters into his own hands when Vincent is reluctant to perform a dangerous ritual needed to strengthen their defense against the Hollow.“

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The Originals begins tonight with Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) drinking blood from a blood bag; Elijah (Daniel Gillies) is disgusted by it but Klaus insists there be no blood shed in the house where his daughter, Hope (Summer Fontana) sleeps and plays. Klaus is repulsed by the blood and suggests going out for dinner, but Elijah says they have no way of knowing who took Dominic’s (Darri Ingolfsson) place with the Hollow.

Klaus points out if Elijah hadn’t been so hasty to kill Dominic, they would be dealing with the devil they know rather than worrying who is the next disciple after them. As Elijah leaves he tells Klaus their sister, Freya (Riley Voelkel) will place a spell on the compound so no one gets in or out. Klaus is angry they have to stay there while Elijah won’t be confined inside. Wile Klaus is “grounded”, Elijah suggests he play with that jaw bone he loves so much.

As Freya walks the streets of the French Quarter she is shocked to see Dominic walking towards her. Hayley Marshall (Phoebe Tonkin) fondly looks at picture of her pregnant mother and father and smiles while Hope recites a book she is reading. Klaus takes a sledgehammer to the jawbone but it won’t break; the sound makes Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) cover his ears.

Klaus comes to find Hope reading the old book of rhymes and he tells her he doesn’t want her playing in that room saying its the splinters and the dust, when he tells her there are bats she knows he is joking when he says there might be evidence that her Uncle Elijah sleeps in there hanging upside down. Hope wants to know if there was a little boy who lived there.

Klaus offers her his hand, saying they can discuss ancient history another time. As she takes his hand, she picks up one of the toy men from the floor and we notice the chest belongs to Marcellus.

Freya is busy doing a boundary spell over the compound when Keelin (Christina Moses) returns. Keelin tells Freya she was job hunting and has an interview at a clinic later. Freya is happy she is staying but wonders why. Keelin says she liked Austin but she had to live with a lot of secrets and here she has nothing to hide. Keelin suggests they go enjoy Bourbon Street later but Freya needs to protect her family from Dominic; Keelin agrees that family comes first. They agree to meet at midnight for a drink.

Elijah finds Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) and tells him they need a new strategy since the Ancestors are gone. Vincent corrects him saying the Ancestors are not gone, they may have blown up the link for them to access this world but they cannot kill what is already dead.

Elijah scoffs at the Harvest Ritual and Vincent tells him to not talk about things he doesn’t understand and most people he knows do not want to give over their daughters for a sacrifice, especially after the last one went so wrong.

Vincent refuses to demand anything from anyone and the only reason he is working with him is because he wants to defeat the Hollow and will not start a war with the French quarter coven. After Vincent leaves, Elijah steals the dagger he was working with.

Hayley is organizing the boxes in the house when Klaus tells her about Hope exploring in the attic. He says she is restless but Hayley says she is just bored because most kids her age are in school and have friends. Kalus feels she doesn’t need friends because once she can control her magic everyone will worship her. Hayley says she doesn’t want to be worshiped she just wants someone to hold the other end of the jump rope.

Klaus is upset that she needs boundary spells to keep her safe for now. Hayley thanks him for keeping violence out of the house. Hayley asks him to help and they joke amongst each other.

Freya arrives telling Josh (Steven Krueger) she needs a vampire for his spell and he is it; when he attempts to protest she reminds him that Dominic isn’t just after her brothers but Marcel too.

At the abandoned house, Sohya (Taylor Cole) meets with Dominic who informs her there is a protection spell on the Mikaelson compound; she tries to leave but he uses a spell on her saying he hates secrets. She tells him about Marcel being in one of the tunnels under the compound. She said their deal was for the Mikaelsons and Marcel is with her; he stabs her with the bone dagger saying he has broken that deal telling her to keep the blade safe.

Marcel paces the small space he has inside the tunnel when suddenly the gate opens and Hope shows him the toy she has saying she thinks it is his. She gives it to him and asks him if her dad is right that he wants to kill him. He agrees to answer anything she wants if she will give him some of her dad’s blood stash; she tells him she is 7, not stupid. He says she is pretty brave to come talk to a stranger and she says she isn’t afraid as she is a Mikaelson witch. He asks if they can start again.

Freya works on her spell with Josh and she has managed to make him look exactly like Marcel. She tells Marcel to stay in the circle until Dominic is in it and he must be careful as he has a weapon that could kill an Original. Josh tells Freya he was thinking they should never hang out again.

Neither Elijah and Freya are answering their phones and Klaus is upset that he is trapped in the compound and wants to be out freeing the world of the Hollow. Hayley says he is there to protect their daughter. Klaus tells her about the trauma of being in the basement and she figures out he is worried about Marcel, but he tries to deny it.

Dominic quickly discovers its Josh in the circle and Freya manages to drop the circle on his locking him inside. He calls her an imbecile suggesting she has no idea what she is dealing with.

Elijah summons Vincent to where he is. Vincent sees the four French Quarter witches killed on consecrated grounds; Vincent says this is not how it is done, there is a ceremony and a ritual and the girls are selected. Elijah says he needs to find a way and then the girls will be resurrected.

Marcel is surprised Hope’s parents haven’t come looking for her. Hope says her mom trusts her. Hope wants to know why Marcel hates her father since he was the one who took care of him his whole life. He admits he wants to hate Klaus but he doesn’t know how to hate someone he has loved for so long.

Vincent begins the ritual to resurrect the four French Quarter witches but stops saying he isn’t an Elder of the French Quarter but Elijah reminds him that he was the Regent of all 9 covens and the one selected by the Hollow itself. He orders him to make this his kind of magic.

Freya says she has broken through all of Dominic’s protection spell, she tells Josh to leave, but when he disagrees she reminds him she is the evil witch who killed Davina. He gives her a dirty look and leaves. She wants answers from Dominic who believes as long as he is the only one with answers she can’t kill him. She demands to know where the bones are and places her hands on his head to find out the truth.

She learns of the guardians that protected the bones in ancient times but he says it means nothing now. He tells her he has nothing else to tell her but when she is about to kill him he says he knows where Keelin is. Freya feels he is lying and he says he knows she is important to her, he then informs her that he was not impressed with her boundary spell and has sent his friend to kill her wolf friend.

At the same time, Keelin is surrounded by Dominic’s friends and she turns into a wolf. Dominic is laughing, saying she is probably dead already but if she kills him she will never know where her body is. In her fury, she throws him out of the circle and he uses his magic to kill her.

Vincent does as Elijah asked and continues with the ritual until both Elijah and Vincent’s eyes begin to bleed. The Ancestors hate him for helping Elijah, who is struck down. Marcel runs to Davina’s grave, apologizes and says he really needs her help. The crypt breaks open and he retrieves her skull; he places it on the altar and continues through the thunder.

Keelin rushes into the bar looking for Freya asking Josh if he has seen her. At the compound, Dominic and his men arrive; Dominic was impressed by the boundary spell but informs Klaus it only lasts as long as the witch who cast it. Hope realizes something is wrong and wants to go but Marcel tells her it isn’t safe.

Keelin finds Freya in Josh’s apartment and attempts CPR. Klaus continues to beat Dominic and his men until one of them stakes him from behind. Dominic orders them to find Marcel in the tunnels.

Marcel begs Hope to let him out so he can protect her, she says she can protect and help her mom and dad and doesn’t want to make her dad mad. She tells Marcel she is stronger than anyone thinks and she removes her bracelet. Marcel knows she is strong but she needs to trust him and they are family. Hope says family sticks together always and forever. Marcel offers his hand, asking if she trusts him.

Keelin manages to revives Freya who realizes if her heart stopped the boundary spell stopped working and she has to go. Dominic says the Hollow will have a feast tonight with a sacrifice of their whole family including his daughter. Klaus jumps up and stakes Dominic screaming for Hope. He finds Hope’s bracelet among the bloody dead bodies.

Vincent leans down asking Davina for help with the Ancestors, explaining to Elijah if there is a shred of Davina left over there she can accept sacrifice and open the link. He tells Davina he may have lost faith in the Ancestors but never in her. As there is lightning and thunder Davina’s skull begins to shake and the 4 witches return from the dead.

Freya and Keelin find Hayley on the ground with her neck broken. Freya shouts for Keelin to leave as she will just get in the way; shocked she retreats out of the house while Freya cries.

Klaus finds Hope and Marcel sitting in the park. He screams at Marcel but Hope asks what happened when she sees his bloody knuckles; he says its paint and he made quite a mess. He asks if she is okay as her mom is waiting for her at home. Hope explains that she freed Marcel and he kept her safe. She tells him to not be mad at Marcel either because he is her friend.

At the grave yard, Vincent tells Elijah they were so lucky and asks him if he remember what it was like to be a human being and he says not really but he is trying. Elijah is happy they have an ally against the Hollow but Vincent says he is an infection on his city with no value nor virtue and feels sorry that Hope is stuck with a punk like him and will pray for her soul.

Back at the compound, Klaus overlooks the city as Hayley tells him Hope didn’t buy his story about the paint on his hands. Klaus learns Hope didn’t see any of the horror as Marcel swept her away telling her to close her eyes and sing. Klaus smiles with Hayley that Hope called Marcel her friend.

Elijah comes home and Freya asks if he had a rough day at the office. He tells her Vincent restored the link to the Ancestors and they now have the means to put the Hollow back in its cage.

Freya shares that Dominic had the name of a wolf bloodline – Pease, who were guardians of the bone like Hayley’s family. She tracked the lineage and the last of the line died a couple years ago. Elijah looks at the computer screen and sees the last one to die was Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) and realizes the bones are in Mystic Falls.

Josh demands to know what happened to Davina’s grave and Vincent explains they need power from the Ancestors to destroy the Hollow and he needed to call on their old friend, Davina. He shares that he made Davina the gatekeeper for all the Ancestral magic they have in the city so she is their most important ally ever.

Klaus comes to see Marcel remembering that he used to tell Marcel to close his eyes and sing when he was little. Marcel jokes that Hope was a better listener than he was. Marcel confronts him on not telling Hope their history and how Klaus hates him enough to keep him locked in a basement. Klaus says they are not men, but monsters and he intends to keep his daughter from that truth for as long as he can.

Marcel says he always knew Klaus was a monster. Klaus says the Hollow wants them all dead and will tear through everyone, including Hope to get its power and he won’t let it take them or Marcel. He says the only chance they have for survival is to work together.

Freya walks the streets where Keelin stops her; she says she doesn’t expect a thank you when she saves lives but being kicked out of her house sucked! Freya says she isn’t a decent person but rather she is ruthless and vicious when it comes to defending her family. She tells Keelin she is done because she got careless because she was distracted worrying about her and that can’t happen again because she made a mistake that could have destroyed everything.

Freya says they don’t need to see each other again but she suggests Keelin stay in New Orleans so her brothers can take care of her. Keelin agrees but tells Freya when she saw her lying there she was terrified and all she could think about was how she wished she had told her the truth: Freya is the reason she wanted to stay in New Orleans.

She understands there will always be an enemy to fight but in the end she deserves someone who gets her; she hopes one day she will find it. Freya tearfully stops Keelin and kisses her.

Hayley brings a picture of her and her dad into the room and crawls into bed with Hope, who has the same markings Hayley and her father had. Sofya suddenly has the bone knife removed from her chest and a dark mist reveals the Ancestors have returned determined to suck the Hollow back and it won’t allow that to happen.It grips her head and says she will give it a safe place to hide and enters her body. Sofya picks up the blade as her eyes turn ice blue.

It grips her head and says she will give it a safe place to hide and enters her body. Sofya picks up the blade as her eyes turn ice blue.