This Is Us Recap 3/7/17: Season 1 Episode 17 “What Now?”

This Is Us Recap 3/7/17: Season 1 Episode 17 "What Now?"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 7, 2017, episode and we have your This Is Us Recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 1 episode 17, as per the NBC synopsis, “The entire Pearson family gather at Randall’s (Sterling K. Brown) for an unusual party; Kevin and Sophie’s relationship deepens on the night of his play’s premiere; Kate struggles to open up to Toby about her father’s death; and tensions are high between Jack and Rebecca as she leaves on tour with her band.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with a flashback of William (Ron Cephas Jones) packing a bag, looking around the room before their trip to Memphis where he died. Randall (Sterling K. Brown) comes into William’s bedroom and his wife, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) tells him he doesn’t need to pack everything up right now.

Randall admits he doesn’t know how to honor his father; Beth says she already arranged the service and all he has to do is show up. She finds a note under the pillow, and tells Randall he will want to read it.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) is trying to contact Brendan Novac, saying he has left several voice mails and the receptionist hangs up on him, Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) brings him his coffee; he says he can’t share with the show critic that he wasn’t there opening night because of his brother, Randall’s breakdown.

Kevin asks her to sit with his family but she declines, saying she will slink in and out avoiding the entire Pearson clan, especially Katie. Sophie reminds him that he managed to get back into the life of an ex-wife he cheated on 12 years ago, does he really think he can’t win over this Novac guy?

Randall reads the note, left by William, to his daughters, Tess (Eris Baker) and Annie (Faithe Herman). “I know you’re feeling a little sad right now and I’d like to get you back to smiling; because you have two of my all time favorite smiles. That is why I would like you two to plan my memorial; adults make these things sad and I want you two to make it fun. Fill it with things that make you smile and make sure your mom and dad help you execute your vision. No questions asked.”

Beth says its before Uncle Kevin’s play and she has already ordered the flowers and made lasagna and white doves. Randall says he wants to do a eulogy, the girls say that sounds sad; Randall suggests they call it a “toast”.

Toby (Chris Sullivan) is excited that he wants to go back home with his Boo while Kate (Chrissy Metz) is on the phone, tasked with getting 50 rainbow balloons. Toby offers moral support but Kate says she just wants things to be special for Randall and the girls.

In a flashback, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is preparing to leave on tour, for 2 weeks with the band, including her ex-boyfriend, Ben (Sam Trammell). Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is at the office for a retirement party and Miguel (Jon Huertas) encourages him to go home and say a proper goodbye to Rebecca.

When he gets home, Rebecca is furious with him for coming home late, she has a list of instructions and tells him to not let Kevin and Sophie be alone together; he jokes that he has seen Sophie nibbling on Kevin’s ear. A car honks outside, and Rebecca hugs all her children, promising to call them 2 times a day. She tells them to be good to each other and take care of each other; Jack and her kiss, and she leaves with her luggage. Kate encourages him to say a proper goodbye but when he gets out the door, the van is already gone.

Randall picks up the poems William had written, after he can’t concentrate on writing a eulogy. Jessie (Denis O’Hare) calls, saying he had his goodbyes with William before they left, but it is still a shock. He says he is in Chicago, and offers his condolences from everyone in the AA group. Jessie shares a special moment about William, they both laugh and cry at the same time. He says William was a soft armrest for weary souls to lean on; Randall tells Jessie to be well.

Kevin bursts into Mr. Novac’s office, begging for him to come to opening night of his play. Novac feels he choked and realized without 5 takes and a laugh track he is nothing but a 40-yr-old playboy without talent. Kevin says he is 36 and the only reason he is here is because of the play; and it is great and begs for another chance.

A delivery arrives at Randall’s and asks about William; Randall tells him William died last week. With tears in his eyes, he says that William was his friend and always asked about his daughters and the neighborhood will miss him. The package came from his work, with a card that just says “the team”; nothing personal or sentimental to show they even care about him. Beth is angry at the way they treat her husband, and goes upstairs.

In the past, Jack is dropping off the kids at a house party; Kate stays behind concerned things are not good between her mom and dad. He says they are fine and it’s marriage stuff. She confronts him about not going to the band’s performance and Jack tells her she has more important things to worry like boys, and the band Weezer. He says her parents are the last thing she needs to worry about.

Rebecca and Miguel arrive at Randall’s and she isn’t sure Randall will be accepting of them being there. Kate is upset Toby popped one of the 50 balloons in the car and Kevin asks if she is okay. They don’t get a chance to really talk because Randall notices his mom, Rebecca is there.

Inside, the girls say they are there to celebrate their grandpa’s life by not being sad; so today they are going to act out William’s perfect day, starting with breakfast. They each have a cup with their name on it, and the girls remind them they have to take their pills (candy).

Jack is at home, by himself, eating dinner and watching TV; he looks at his keys and decides to go to the bar where his business associates are; particularly Heather (Megan West), who offers him a drink.

Randall finds Beth at the cabinet where all William’s medications are, that she just refilled. She is upset that William had his goodbyes with the girls and with him, but she loved him too but never got the chance to say goodbye.

During the FUNeral, the girls hand out drinks as Randall stands up with a pink microphone and says the person deserving of the eulogy is Beth, the one who has always been in it with him. Beth admits she is mad at him, but shares some personal stories of her friend. She says that William is a part of their fabric now, it will be things before William and after William.

Kate rushes out of the house in tears, and Randall runs out after her. Randall comforts her while she apologizes that he has to go through this twice. He tells her about the dream he had last night about William and Jack meeting; talking and laughing like old friends over Randall teaching William how to drive. Jack shares how when he was teaching Randall how to drive, but he throw it in reverse like a bat out of hell. Kate cries that dad loved that story.

Randall encourages Kate to share her feelings with the people who love her, she can’t keep them inside. She says she knows and Randall asks her if she is sure because there is a really sweet big guy in his living room who might think otherwise; they return to the house together.

At the bar, Heather and Jack are hanging out drinking, where he reveals his wife’s dream is in Cleveland while she is on tour with her band, but he accidentally says “Ben” instead of band. Heather puts her hand on his leg, and he tells her to stop, that she is embarrassing him and herself.

The girls take out hats and say they are going to go on grandpa’s afternoon walk together. Randall is given William’s actual hat; at first he refuses but Beth tells him to put it on. During the walk, Kate tells Toby she needs to share with him. Kevin says he has to go and prepare for the opening of his play that night.

Rebecca walks with Randall and says it seems like William really connected with the girls in a short time. Randall tells her it was like that with everyone he met. Rebecca reminds him that Jack taught him a lot about honesty and courage but the truth is Randall came into this world pretty perfect. She admits the gentleness and inner kindness from William.

Rebecca tells him she thought she was doing the right thing. He tells her she doesn’t have to do this right now; she cuts him off needing to say it. When she first met William he was so far gone, on drugs; but years later he was so much better, he got curious and she got scared.

She says she was terrified that once he learned the truth, it would devastate him and she knew that she could lose him over it and she couldn’t handle that. She says it was selfish, wrong and there is no excuse; she blames herself that he didn’t have more time with him.

Randall said he had enough time to know that they loved each other. He tells her he loves her and it is okay and over, he puts his arm around her and they walk together.

Kevin is thrilled that Sophie came to see him backstage. They kiss and she hands him a crutch for the “break a leg” wish for him. His whole family is there watching his opening performance. He is thrilled to see how whole family there, including Sophie who sneaks out the door; but the critic Mr. Novac wasn’t in his seat, causing disappointment.

Backstage, Kevin’s family is super proud of him. Randall says there is now a man where the manny once stood; admitting he has never been prouder. Beth and Randall are late going home to relieve the babysitter. Randall says he needs to stop at the office as there is something he needs to do.

Randall tells them he has worked there for 10 years, brought in 80% of the clients; he grew the company from 6 to 60 staff members. He has given them 20 hour days, away from his wife and children. He says that the day his father dies, they send him a box of pears, which they know he is allergic to. So along with the box of pears that could have killed him, they sent him a card with a one-line Hallmark message and a typed out signature “from the team”.

Randall goes on to thank Tyler (John Pollono), because this whole time he has been trying to figure out how to honor his father’s legacy and he realized to honor him he is to take what he learned from his life and shaping it for going on with his own.

As he holds William’s hat to his heart, he tells Tyler he quits and he will walk out of there in triumph. He came, he saw and he conquered. He turns to Sanjay (Hari Dhillon), saying it is all him now. PEACE!

Randall puts on the hat and as he leaves, he is asked what he is going to do. He turns and faces them saying he doesn’t know; but maybe in the mornings instead of running, he will go for a walk. Slow it down a little and talk to his mailman, which sounds like a good way to start the day. He smiles and leaves.

Kevin stands outside the theater when Sophie arrives asking if his leg hurts because he broke one hell of a leg. He says Novac was a no show, and he says it doesn’t matter because he now realizes the play isn’t the only thing that matters. He may have seen one empty seat, but when he looked around he saw all the seats filled with his family and her.

He admits he is there for his girl; the girl who would drag a crutch all the way across town just for a stupid joke. She says after a 14-hour shift, its a great joke. He promises he is not going to mess up again, and he can wait. He came there for her. At home, as they undress each other, she spins him around, checking for weird moles; they laugh and fall into bed together.

Beth comes in the house and checks the mail, finding a post card from Memphis.

“Told you I’d send you a postcard. Goodbye my dearest Beth, the daughter I never had. Love, Will”

In the middle of the night, Kevin’s phone rings and it’s Ron Howard; at first Kevin thinks its a joke. Ron admits he went to the play with his family. He apologizes for calling so late and says he was phenomenal. He is making a movie that will be shooting in a couple months and he would be perfect. The movie is in Los Angeles and Ron offers to send him the script; Kevin looks down at Sophie.

In the past, Jack calls Carol asking if the kids can stay the night there and he will pick them up in the morning. He asks to speak to Kate.

At home Kate shares with Toby how amazing Kevin was; Toby cuts her off and says he thought they were going to talk about stuff. Kate says she doesn’t speak about her dad’s death because it was her fault.