Scandal Recap 1/25/18: Season 7 Episode 9 “Good People”

Scandal Recap 1/25/18: Season 7 Episode 9 "Good People"

Tonight on ABC Scandal starring Kerry Washington continues with another exciting episode in an all new Thursday, January 25, 2018, season 7 episode 9 called, “Good People,” and we have the Scandal recap for you below. On tonight’s Scandal season 7 episode 9 as per the ABC synopsis, “The harrowing events that transpired in Rowan’s basement are revealed, from the moment Quinn was kidnapped to the earth-shattering gunshot that rocked Olivia to her core.”

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Rowan buys a large suitcase at the store. Quinn gets into the elevator. It stops. She wakes in a cellar on a bed. She is shackled. She stands, pregnant, in her wedding dress, breathing heavy. She yells for help. Rowan comes down the stairs. Quinn asks him if he is out of his mind. He assures her that he created a bunker for her that is soundproof. He also left her ring behind to make it look like she didn’t want to marry Charlie. She is his currency. He tells her this should be over in a few hours. He leaves to meet Liv at the restaurant.

Rowan tells Liv he has Quinn. She tells him he is pathetic. She will let him know what to do when she is ready. He tells her he isn’t bluffing, but Liv doesn’t believe him. She gets up and leaves before telling him not to waste her time like this again.

Rowan goes home and paces while holding a gun. He yells at a plastic dinosaur on the table. He is giving her 3 days and that is it. He leaves and goes to the store to buy a crib. He returns home to see Quinn. She knows that Liv isn’t giving in. It is over for her. Liv wants to win. She tells Rowan he played it all wrong. He throws her some clothes.

Rowan is out to eat at the bar with the salesman from the store. They talk about America and how bad things are now. The man tells Rowan he can have his store discount. Rowan tells him he has to buy his daughter a whole bunch of stuff. She is pregnant.

Quinn talks to the baby and tells her to keep kicking as she sits in the cellar breathing and waiting.

Jake pays Rowan a visit and warns him that Liv isn’t going to give in. Rowan goes back in and yells at his dinosaur. Meanwhile, Quinn hallucinates seeing Charlie and then Huck.

Quinn talks to Huck. She tells him she didn’t tell anyone about Liv because it would make it real. Rowan goes to the store and asks his sales friend if he can buy him with a gun so he can get a discount. After hesitating, the man agrees.

Rowan goes home with the guns. He starts yelling at the dinosaur. Jake is watching him remotely on camera. Liv shows up and challenges Rowan. Quinn is in the basement trying to construct something to choke Rowan as she talks to Abby, Charlie, Huck and the others. She is hallucinating. She uses the sheets from the bed to pull boxes near her. She checks for anything she can use. Liv is counting down to Rowan, challenging him to kill Quinn. He goes down the stairs with the gun. Quinn comes out of nowhere and wraps the chain around him. He pushes her. She is on the ground pleading for her life. He shoots.

Rowan comes up and asks Liv if she wants to see the body. He has won his freedom. Liv tells him to wait a few days. Then they need to bury the body. Meanwhile, Quinn is alive in the cellar. Rowan didn’t actually shoot her. After he fired one shot to her right he told her to be quiet. Rowan comes back down after Liv leaves and offers Quinn wine. She could use some water. They both walk upstairs. Quinn thinks she is having Braxton hicks but goes into labor. Rowan tells her it is okay he will help her have the baby at home.

Quinn is unconscious as Rowan’s sales friend is over trying to help her give birth. He delivered babies in the military. She comes to and pushes. She gives birth to a baby girl. She passes out again and wakes to Rowan rocking the baby. He hands the baby girl to Quinn, telling her she is perfect. He tells Quinn she cannot go home yet because Liv thinks she is dead. She is safe with him. Quinn tells him he is a good person.

Quinn looks around the room. There are enough baby clothes for years. She heads downstairs to ask Rowan what he is thinking. He is cleaning up blood. His sales friend lay on the floor dead. Quinn tells him he is a horrible person and she called him good. He tells her woman and children first. The man was his friend but he needed to keep Quinn and the baby safe so he had to kill him. She starts helping him clean.