S.W.A.T. Recap 04/04/19: Season 2 Episode 18 “Cash Flow”

S.W.A.T. Recap 04/04/19: Season 2 Episode 18 "Cash Flow"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, April 4, 2019, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below. On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 18 called “Cash Flow” as per the CBS synopsis, “Hondo has a tense reunion with a fellow Marine, Ruiz, when the team hunts an escaped convict who was broken out of prison by criminals using stolen military weapons; Chris prepares for a difficult goodbye when her former K-9 partner becomes ill.”

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SWAT begins with inmates loading a Correctional Facility bus, one shoving a younger smaller inmate into his seat. Maddox (Christopher Matthew Cook) then orders another man to move but is told by the guard to take a seat. He refuses as Maddox takes the seat he wanted. The bus begins to roll out. Chris Alonso (Lina Esco) is working the punching bag when Rubina Haider (Samira Izadi) says she just came from the Vet and has bad news that the K9 has gotten worse, but they are past any treatment and the Vet wants them to put him down soon. They won’t do anything until Chris has a chance to say goodbye and she promises to get it done today.

Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson), Jimmy Street (Alex Russell) and Victor Tan (David Lim) discuss how they wished Jef Mumford (Peter Onorati) had held off retirement for another month and David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington) is the one for the job, regardless of his back injury. Luca feels Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) should be up for the position as Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) feels it is time Deacon got the job; who has been working his ass off to return to the job early.

Deacon brings money into the loan place, short on the money. They suggest Deacon does a few favors for them in exchange for the loan being paid off. Deacon says no way as this is not what he signed up for, but if he doesn’t they will tell his bosses. He gives Deacon the plate number, insisting no one is going to get hurt or killed.

Meanwhile, a woman tells her accomplice, “any minute now!” He sees the bus approaching and launches a rocket at it, flipping it completely over. Captain Longoria (Arriane Alexander) reveals there is someone who shoots at them as soon as they approach, with one of the EMTs left inside the bus. He is caught inside after revealing one of the guards are injured. Hondo feels they cannot wait and SWAT assesses the crash. The driver is dead and the guard is in bad shape. Tito (John Orantes) shoots at them, but he is seriously injured too, forcing SWAT to throw a flash grenade and breach the bus. Hondo tells Tito it is over and first responders are free to approach. Street shows that one of the handcuffs have been broken.

Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) updates them, revealing the prisoner who is missing is Eric Maddox, who is a serious repeat offender usually doing violent robberies. Jessica learns whoever freed him were not amateurs and find they used military weaponry to free one man. Hondo feels Maddox has new friends and big guns; they are guaranteed to see him again. Deacon is at the base with the license plate # but doesn’t search it when Hondo and Luca find him. He is busy with physio, saying he is working as fast as he can to get cleared for duty.

Jessica arrives with someone from the military, who Hondo recognizes; they served together in Rwanda. Both men are impressed with their rankings these days as Hondo wants to know how an anti-tank weapon could have been slipped off the base. The Marines are doing a full supply to see if anything else is missing from the armory. Jimmy goes with Chris to see K9 officer, Champ at the Vet’s, she admits she didn’t see him for the last month as she hoped things would turn around. Chris is given alone time with Champ, telling Jim about some of the cases she worked with Champ and how much of a hero he was. She insists she wouldn’t have been considered for SWAT if it wasn’t for Champ because without him she was just faking it.

Deacon and Tan reveal Maddox had a visitor 5 times in the last few weeks. Her name is Lea Walker (Danielle Argyros) and has no criminal record so Jessica feels if she has a legitimate reason for visiting Maddox, she wants to hear it from her. Lea is furious that SWAT hauled her in, demanding to speak to whoever is in charge. She has no idea what they are talking about and Jessica tells Luca this isn’t the woman who visited Maddox; both learning someone stole her purse a few months ago, including her driver’s license. She did file a police report, but no one made it a high priority.

Grace (Jessica Lynn Parsons) shows Maddox all the firepower they have gathered. Maddox is impressed, feeling they are ready to proceed. Ty comes to see Chris, saying him and Kira are both worried about her as she hasn’t shown up to lunch and not calling. He asks what is going on but they are interrupted by Jim who reveals Chris is having a hard time with her dog dying. She gives Street a dirty look as Ty confesses him and Kira didn’t even know she had a dog. She reveals it is her K9 partner and will tell them about it later.

Luca and Deacon show footage from the restaurant Lea’s purse was stolen at, revealing the woman impersonating Lea is really Grace. Military reveals they are missing several other pieces of armory, Ruiz admits he has hired their own crew to do an investigation on which Marine helped the crew. Hondo feels SWAT is going to see this through, but as they bicker Jessica says they have a location for Maddox right now. She allows Ruiz to go with him, saying he is right and saves her the politics; but when they are alone, Hondo advises Ruis to let Somalia go as it was 20 years ago. Ruiz says brothers needed him, but he walked out without a second thought.

SWAT is on their way to the property when Deacon and Jessica inform Hondo of the additional structures; Hondo says they will do it on the fly like they are trained to do. The front door is open, Street finds Maddox’s jumpsuit as Jessica reminds Deacon how hard it is to watch from behind, promising he will be back in the field soon enough. SWAT splits up, finding the workshop is clear but they find the empty armory boxes and the dead Marine in a freezer.

According to the detective, Grace lives at the property with her longtime boyfriend, Jonah Holt. He matches the description of the other prison bus heist attacker. They realize there are at least 2 more people to the crew, as Chris wonders if it is weird they didn’t do more to conceal the soldier’s body. Hondo guesses they plan on scoring their next target and disappearing, not caring what they leave behind. Ruiz can’t figure out how Corporal Nestor was involved in all of this, insisting he was as squared away as they come. Tan finds emails with photos of Nestor’s family and threatened to kill the kids if he didn’t help him. Hondo promises he won’t settle until they find them; Ruiz tells him to prove he has the Marines coursing through his veins and get the bastards!

Chris slams locker doors, not needing Jim to interfere in her personal life. She admits that neither one of them knew about Champ and now she needs to explain the whole thing, something she was hoping to avoid. She feels Street doesn’t get it, as he thinks it is a red flag that she is in a relationship and didn’t want to share it with them. He doesn’t understand why she is keeping it. She feels that is who she is but he thinks maybe she isn’t in the right relationship.

Jessica and Hondo review the case, sharing that Holt and Maddox are cousins. Ruiz is with the body, arranging for Scott Nestor’s family to find out about his murder. Hondo reveals the bitterness between him and Ruiz because he only did one tour and was done, feeling he didn’t owe Ruiz an explanation. Jessica feels he is being so typical.

Victor Tan says Grace and Jonah have been together since high school, but he discovered she went out on four dates with Lloyd Williams (Cameron Gharaee). They firmly believe he isn’t her type and clearly, she wanted something; Tan and Luca are told to check him out at his work Fenton Home Mortgage Company. When they arrive, Luca finds a food truck he hasn’t tried but their guy Lloyd is standing in line, running as Tan calls out his name. They chase him up the stairs where he immediately reveals he met her on a dating app, but she was really interested in his job and would pay him for the info – blueprints, guard information. He was working at the cash processing center for the Federal Reserve.

Jessica talks to SWAT saying they revealed they have a cash delivery arriving in less than an hour. Hondo and Jessica agree to Deacon being the driver, but she warns him not to push it. SWAT rolls out as Tan and Luca contact Hondo, believing Maddox is after the Federal Reserve itself; something Deacon feels is a fortress and they will try anyway. Chris gets a message, begins to cry, revealing Champ is gone. She promises it won’t affect her game as Jim touches her shoulder. Maddox and his crew are rolling towards their target as he smirks.

Hondo delegates to his team as the guard feels it was a false alarm. Chris and Street call in everything looking secure as Hondo feels something isn’t right. He learns the truck was full of unfit currency, explaining how it is the currency that gets destroyed as new money comes out. Approximately $35 million was in today’s shipment and he is sure it got there just fine. Hondo tells Jessica he believes they are after the truck causing Ruiz to leave but not before Jessica gives him a radio.

Maddox shoots at the guard shack; gunfire erupts and Maddox shoots a hole through the wall with the rocket. He yells for his crew to do this, using tear gas they wander through the building, ordering everyone on the ground. A shoot out begins when SWAT arrives at the warehouse, Hondo orders Deacon to stay locked up as his team shoots their way towards the building. One suspect is down when Maddox learns the cops are there; he tells the crew to use their guns as SWAT continues to battle it out with them.

Grace gets shot in the shoulder, telling his cousin Holt that he isn’t waiting for Grace and takes a hostage to escape. Hondo shouts for Deacon, who apologizes to Luca as he feels this might not be pretty. He is about to ram the truck when a guard shoots, standing in between them; both Deacon and Hondo shake their heads.

SWAT chases the armed van, Hondo doesn’t want them to get into any populated area. Ruiz tells Hondo he is in the area and suggests a spike strip they can do; something Deacon agrees to. Maddox hits it as planned but the vehicle bursts into flames. Hondo tells Deacon they have to get the rockets out and they race to empty it, Deacon spotting some of the money as he pulls things out. He pockets it while no one is looking. SWAT runs and shots at Maddox who runs into another warehouse, Ruiz and Hondo work together, “military-style” to take down Maddox. Both insist he isn’t fast enough to shoot and he surrenders, with Hondo arresting him, calling “Code 4!”

Hondo doesn’t care about how much money was in the van since it was meant to be destroyed. Deacon looks back at the burning vehicle.

Back at the squad, Ruiz is able to package all the weapons, thanking Hondo on behalf of the US Marines. He knows he how to run a command; Hondo says he learned from him. Ruiz wants to know why Hondo’s commitment wasn’t with the Marines and he explains how he saw a dead kid who had been firing on their troops. Hondo said seeing that child took him back to the streets of LA, another dead black kid with a gun and that was when he realized if he wanted to make a change in the world he had to start at home; not some dirt street in Africa. Ruiz respects that as Hondo feels he shouldn’t have to wait 20 years for an explanation. He’d like to see some of the old faces again, as they exchange handshakes.

Luca and Tan confront Deacon about pulling his name from the running. He asks them to leave it as Hondo asks for a moment alone with Deacon. Deacon tells Hondo he stole some money today, only for a moment but it was in his pocket before he threw it back in the fire and let it burn. He became someone who wasn’t worthy of leading a SWAT team as Hondo says that doesn’t sound like the Deacon he knew. Deac reveals the financial hold he is in and it was stupid, but he got involved with a loan shark, understanding that Hondo has to tell Jessica and Hicks., He says he is not going to get him fired, but to get him help. Team if a family which means no man left behind; he demands the name of the loan shark and where he could find him.

Chris admits to Alex it hurts, and the reason she didn’t tell Kira and Ty about Champ is that she wanted to share it with someone who would get it and maybe he is right. Meanwhile, Luca and Hondo come to see Micky, throwing money on his counter, saying this is the end of him and Sgt Kay as Hondo gives him the license plate he needed ran, he can shove it. They both intimidate Micky, saying he is out of Deacon’s life and he better make sure they stay out of his.

A massive funeral procession is held for Champ, everyone dressed in their blacks and Chris as one of the pallbearers. She pats his coffin, saying, “Good Boy!” before they closed the hearse. She looks at her team and salutes.


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