S.W.A.T. Recap 04/18/19: Season 2 Episode 19 “Invisible”

S.W.A.T. Recap 04/18/19: Season 2 Episode 19 "Invisible"

Tonight on CBS their new show S.W.A.T. inspired by the television series and feature film airs with an all-new Thursday, April 18, 2019, episode and we have your S.W.A.T. recap below. On tonight’s S.W.A.T. season 2 episode 19 called “Invisible” as per the CBS synopsis, “The abduction of Luca and Street’s neighbor sends the SWAT team in pursuit of a home-invasion crew targeting domestic workers to gain entry into upscale homes. Also, the SWAT division prepares to help Mumford mark a major career milestone.

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SWAT begins tonight with David “Deacon” Kay (Jay Harrington) showing everyone “The Rook”, asking Richie if he can walk their guests back. SWAT arrives as Chris Alonso (Lina Esco), Jim Street (Alex Russell) tell him about their call. Dominique Luca (Kenny Johnson) and Victor Tan (David Lim) chime in, explaining how this is the best way to end a shift. Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson (Shemar Moore) asks how the tour business is going as Deacon says this is his last one if Hondo will sign off on it. Hondo congratulates him on being reinstated to full duty, but he knows Hondo put in his two cents to make it happen. He is happy to have Deacon back.

Robert Hicks (Patrick St. Esprit) walks out with Rocker (Lou Ferrigno Jr.) come out explaining that Jeff Mumford (Peter Onorati) doesn’t want them to throw him a retirement party. Hicks said it is a tradition and Mumford is having this shindig if he wants it or not and that is an order. Hondo feels that maybe Hicks is planning on pulling some heartstrings but Mumford comes up from behind, saying he will never break. He is leaving with a smile on his face and no tears but he doesn’t want anyone making a big deal about this and definitely no presents as no one can top the one he bought himself.

Timo (Justice Alan) is outside, playing with his dog, Shelby; when he discovers all her treats are gone, he leaves on his bicycle to get some more. Sosie Galvez (Doris Morgado) exits the bus and crosses the street when men saying they are ICE take her by gunpoint into the car. Timo witnesses it and they chase his bike with their car. Meanwhile, Charice Harrelson (Debbie Allen) tells Hondo who comes to see Daryl (Deshae Frost). Charice tells her son that she stayed home because Daryl needs an adult to be around him.

Hondo understands, but he had to work late; she reminds him of their agreement when he walks over, removing D’s headphones. Daryl shows him a school paper that had a B+, Hondo hugs him saying he is proud of him as Daryl explains his teacher thought he was stupid after coming from juvie. Charice chastises him about using the word “stupid.” They review what he has been taught from them. Hondo gets a message from his caseworker, as Daryl worries about them finding a new family for him. Hondo asks Daryl to let him read them first and then he will tell him; reiterating how proud he is of him.

Luca taunts Street about his pinball score, saying he is going down; then shows him a picture Kelli drew of Black Betty. He says Kelli is going to be starting a charter school this year as he is continuing to teach her to read with her dyslexia. Luca answers the door, finding Vera (Joanna Bronson) worried about Timo. His bike is gone and she can’t find him and knows he can’t be out without telling her; he always leaves a note. They rush out and start shouting for the young boy, learning he was at the store. Luca finds the bag of treats and Timo’s bike. Luca calls in, reporting a missing child as Street keeps Vera from touching anything.

Luca confirms there is nothing at the hospital nor morgue as Street says he spoke to the local neighbor who sees everything, but she was cooking. Chris comes in even though she is off duty. Luca feels him and Street are building trust with the locals but it is an ongoing process. Vera is asked to go home in case Timo shows up. Marcos rides up and Luca orders him to stop the car, he is bitter, telling Luca that he doesn’t have time to play “Ask the Mexican” and reminds Luca that he told them to stay away from Timo. He tells Street that they don’t know anything as Marcos says everyone has problems and Timo isn’t his. He honks at Chris who moves but then remembers that Timo has a beagle named Shelby and has an idea.

Chris walks with Shelby, explaining it is easier to have a dog that already knows the scent they are looking for and those treats make her associate Timo’s scent with the reward. Shelby brings them to a house that has been tagged for demolition; just when they are about to give up Luca calls out his name and Timo responds. He is hiding on the floor, revealing he is hiding from “bad guys.” He says the bad guys in black who took Sosie, they had guns and he ran. Luca takes Timo away as Chris questions Street, who feels he might be talking about Marcos’ crew.

Jim and Chris go to Mrs. Galvez’ home asking if Sosie is home. She says Sosie is out with some friends as she just spoke to her a little while ago. Jim notices her look back into the house; she refuses for Chris to call, insisting Sosie is fine. Jim says hi to the man he sees inside and is told that is Sosie’s cousin, Pedro. They ask him to come out, asking for his ID but he says he doesn’t have his wallet on him. They order him to put his hands up and he shoves the elderly lady and runs. Chris and Jim draw their guns and chase him but when he points his gun at them, they shoot him.

Hondo meets with potential foster parents as Hondo notices all the foster kids they had. They claim to only have three now as the others have grown up and moved out. Hondo questions them about keeping in touch when two boys come upstairs, calling the man “Sir” and are told to now fold their laundry and do their homework. She tells Hondo that free time is a reward and giving them structure is how they respond.

Jessica Cortez (Stephanie Sigman) arrives on the scene asking Jim and Luca if this is what they do on their free time but they defend their actions saying it was a neighborhood kid. She says it is now an officer-involved shooting and asks if they know why the suspect became aggressive. Jim shows her that Sosie was kidnapped today and whoever took Sosie to want something from the mom. They found a cellphone but it is locked which Jessica tells them to get over to tech and they will help with the search. Jim brings Jessica to the ambulance as Chris explains Mrs. Galvez is terrified for her daughter and is clueless about what is going on.

Suddenly Sosie runs into the area frantic about her mother, Luca assures her that her mom is fine and points her to her mom. She tells Jessica she has no idea who took her but they wanted codes and alarm information from her about the Steinberg family that she works for. Jessica tells everyone that whoever grabbed Sosie intends to rob the family she works for; she is about to call in another SWAT team but Luca insists that him, Chris and Street want to catch the guys as these are his neighbors.

Mumford is rolling with Rocker and other SWAT members when he says this is his last one and doesn’t want any of these knuckleheads to screw up. He is told Luca, Street and Chris are going to meet them there. The team approaches the house as Luca blasts the doors open. Inside they find a man on the ground and Mrs. Steinberg (Jules Bruff) tells them there is two of them; asking about her husband and daughter who were dragged into the hallway.

Shots fired from the closet are ordered to come out and they are the police. Street asks them to not shoot and they find the daughter inside, who are crying that they killed her dad. She is coaxed into putting the gun down as Street takes her out. Victor Tan arrives at HQ, asking how he can help. This is the fifth home invasion robbery but this is the first homicide. In each case, they knew the codes and how to access the place, including knowing where the safe was. LAPD couldn’t figure out how they were getting the information until now. They used undocumented housekeepers to give them the information but need the family home in order to get access to the safe.

Chris walks in, showing them Elvin Villamayor who has several convictions on his jacket. Tan is sure that since they are down and man and after they killed somebody they have to know the police are onto them. Hicks believes they will go into panic mode which could make them move faster on their next invasion. An LAPD detective will see who Elvin’s known associates are, thanking Street for catching this break for them.

Mumford catches Rocker in the stairwell, stopping him saying it is SWAT tradition to pass on a good luck charm to the next team leader; something Deacon overhears. He would tell him the history of the pocketknife but everyone makes their own magic. Hondo spots Deacon, realizing what he listening to. Mumford says his gift to Rocker is a rare moment of sincere praise as he worked hard and is definitely ready to take over. He doesn’t give him the knife and they hug. Hondo tells Deacon that Rocker will be just fine but it should have been Deacon up there. Deacon acknowledges that he made his bed, but doesn’t need the aggravation after Annie had their fourth kid. Hondo tells him to enjoy his family as the kids will grow up before they know.

Hondo finds Ms. Franklin, the caseworker. They discuss the Hamiltons, as they seem like nice people, who have a beautiful home but all he saw was rules and discipline with zero affection. Daryl needs rules but he also needs approval and knowing someone cares about him. Hondo honestly feels like the Hamiltons are like a factory; he is trying not to judge but she reminds him that Daryl is a teenage felon and an African American male and kids that fit that description usually end up in a group home. Hondo believes Daryl deserves better and this isn’t going to go well. He asks for more time to think on it but is reminded this spot isn’t going to last forever.

Hicks goes to see Tan who reveals they cracked the phone. They were very careful using burner phone but Rubina did find something; they have been able to match all the women in the photos to homes that have been hit except for one who is East Hollywood. They all believe she is the next target.

She gets off the bus and ICE agents are there, forcing Rosario (Bunnie Rivera) into the car. SWAT is in the neighborhood showing her photo to everyone; they know the community is tight-knit and everyone is afraid they are there for their immigration status but someone knows the woman. Street shows a kid the photo who reveals the woman is Rosario and his brother knows her.

Marcos talks to them, saying Rosario is like family but the family hates cops. Luca asks him to put things aside asking him if he cares about these people like he claims, why are SWAT the only ones trying to find her? Luca begins to walk away but Marcos reveals he sometimes drives her to work, giving them the family’s name and they live in Beverly Hills; he tells Luca to get her back safe.

SWAT rolls in Black Betty as everyone is smiling, happy to have Deacon back. Jessica tells them the only person home is the dog walker as the family is in Bali; this is going to mess with the invaders because they need the homeowners inside. They learn that Rosario sometimes cleans house for Shelly Baker (Danielle Langlois) and gets her information; Hondo tells Luca to get them there immediately. Deacon reveals the security company had someone access the code half hour ago and then cut the power. Hondo delegates, telling them they need to disconnect the cameras and get the Bakers and Rosario to safety. Deacon calls for a drone.

Everyone calls in their position and approach the house, with the drone showing everything clear. Security cut the feed, making the robbers nervous; one is told to go to the car as the other is going to finish up inside. Tan uses heat sensors, confirming how many people are inside and whereas Luca and Street approach the one in the car. They shout for him to drop his weapon, which he does but when he steps on the gas they are forced to shoot him and the car crashed into a dumpster. They order him out of the car until they realize he is dead.

Hondo breeches the house, but the robber tells them he needs to care for him and his new family, or they are all going to heaven today, causing Hondo to stare intently at him. Deacon shows Jessica the guy who died is Isco Ortiz (Christopher Alvarenga), so the man inside is Harold Mays. Hondo says Harold is the brains of the operations as Street has a plan, which Luca insists is going to work.

Hondo tells Harold they have everything he wants, but only if he keeps his part of the deal and releases the family. He wants to keep one but says if he sees a car he will let them go. Street drives the car up to the house and the family comes outside, but Harold takes Rosario with him. Street is told to do his thing and puts in motion “Operation Hack My Ride.” The car stalls and the airbags deploy, they are able to arrest Harold and Rosario is fine as Street and Luca rescue her.

Hondo praises Street on his plan, who says he got the perks from working in car theft and operations, learning how to hack high-end rides. It was smart work and a good job. Hondo needs a favor; a personal question about what it was like growing up in foster care. In his opinion, being in a group home or foster home is pretty much the same thing, explaining his own experience. He survived because he had the one person who cares about him – Buck! Sometimes that one person makes all the difference; leaving Hondo thinking.

Hondo bumps into Mumford, saying he is going to miss kicking his and his team’s ass. Hondo jokes that now Mumford is leaving, Rocker better watch out because it is payback time. Mumford says pushing him will only make him better, assuring him that he is ready to retire. Hondo says they have his back if he ever needs them; both hugging and wanting the other to be safe. Mumford hated being called “old timer.”

Hondo sits with his mother when Daryl comes home. He is worried that something is wrong but is assured everything is fine; Hondo asks him to take a seat. Hondo tells him about the Hamiltons and their house but they are not the right family for him. They were happy to have him but they don’t have the love he needs to become the man he needs to become. Hondo is not going to put him into a group home as both Hondo and Charice tell him they want him to stay here. She promises to come around a little more often and take care of him when Hondo is at work. He agrees that they don’t have to do this but Hondo WANTS to do it.

Daryl looks at both of them, thanking them. Hondo is going to work towards being his legal guardian. He can still see his mother but live with Hondo. Charice tells him to promise to continue working hard and stay out of trouble; which he does. She welcomes him to the family. She says she has been hounding Hondo to give her grandkids but she didn’t expect them to come this big, but at least he can hang his own clothes.

Mumford walks out to everyone cheering him on with Hicks making fun of him thinking he could get out of there without a party. Mumford admits he knew they were planning something but him and Nikki have plans; she reveals she was in on this too. They all present him with various gifts, including season tickets to the Rams. Mumford’s speech is, “I’m proud to have served this great city. He is proud Rocker is going to carry on his legacy with 50 David, although it’s going to be hard to live up to the legend.

A brand new Corvette arrives and Mumford is about to make his exit when Jessica says Commander Hicks has one more gift for him. They reveal Felicia, who says she was just a kid when they met, giving him the address. Mumford says that was his first week of SWAT as she tells the story; saying he saved her life and when Hicks told her he was retiring she knew she had to be there because if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be there nor her family, which she tells him about. Thanking him for all of it. Everyone silently takes it in when Mumford hugs her; they all cheer. He calls Hicks “Son of a bitch!” because he teared up. He climbs into the car with Nikki and leaves.

The End!