Shameless Recap 03/03/19: Season 9 Episode 13 “Lost”

Shameless Recap 03/03/19: Season 9 Episode 13 "Lost"

Tonight on Showtime the uniquely twisted and highly entertaining show Shameless returns with an all-new Sunday, March 3, 2019, season 9 episode 13 called, “Lost,” and we have your weekly Shameless recap below. On tonight’s Shameless episode, as per the Showtime synopsis, “Frank’s injury gets in the way of everyone’s plans; Fiona attempts to get her life back on track; Lip grows frustrated with his relationship with Tami; Carl gets some bad news about his future; Debbie finally makes a move on Kelly.

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Shameless begins with Frank (William H. Macy) rushing out of an abandoned building that was being demolished. He falls into some debris and insists he is fine, waddling away with a stick for support. Fiona (Emmy Rossum) wakes up, finding Debbie (Emma Kenney) in the hallways; she bangs on the bathroom door, demanding Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) to get out of there. He comes out furious, glaring at Debbie who tells Fiona he is in a bad mood because Kelly (Jess Gabor) broke up with him.

Kevin (Steve Howey) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) are in bed together, where Kevin is literally counting down the minutes to have sex; but he is quite vigorous and it ends really quick. Back at the Gallagher house, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) finds Fiona in the kitchen, learning she is a little rough around the edges. He is hoping to go see Xan soon, together agreeing to go to a meeting later. Fiona is concerned when she sees Carl’s face was burnt by the fryer. Debbie gets off the phone, informing Carl that she is going back to school shopping with Kelly for guns and ammo.

Carl leaves for work when Tami’s dad arrives for Lip; he finds Frank lying at the fence, who asks Carl to bring him inside. It looks like he broke his leg, but won’t let them call 911. Kelly looks at the wound and says it is all the way down to the bone; Debbie, Carl, and Kelly carry Frank to the house. Inside, Lip is asked what his plan is for his and Tami’s baby. Something that shocks Lip, as it was undecided; but he says there is no way she is not keeping the baby.

Frank lays on the couch, pulling out bags of Molly and acid. He refuses to have an ambulance to come until he finishes his transactions; Fiona gives him 5 minutes to do so. Carl receives mail as Debbie give Kelly her daughter. He receives a rejection letter from military school and sits disappointed on the steps as Debbie leaves with Kelly and a few drug dealers arrive to see Frank, as well as the EMTs who ask if it is Frank again. Frank asks for something stronger than lidocaine to ease his pain but they say they won’t after the last incident. Fiona agrees to go with Frank but can’t find Liam (Christian Isaiah).

Kevin is upset that he only lasted 8 seconds, worried that it will be like it from now on. He calls himself the “Wham Bam Thank You Man” in front of his kids; Veronica tries to comfort him, saying it was one tiny incision.

At the meeting, Brad (Scott Michael Campbell) tells Lip not to mess with Tami’s dad as he is tougher than he looks. Lip learns Tami is going to see the doctor today, which gives Lip an idea since he was told by Tami he had no say in this pregnancy.

Fiona brings Frank things to his stretcher. He mocks her about Lip talking her into joining the AA cult. Frank pleads anyone who works at the hospital to give him some drugs. Fiona reminds him he will get more help acting sweet. Frank tells Fiona that this happened at her old apartment building and suggests suing the company; she refuses to give him any pain meds either. Fiona laughs as Frank’s reputation proceeds him. He is confronted by an administration who has seen him 52 times in the past year; she says if he is 65 or older he qualifies for Medicare. He gives her ID that says he was born in 1936, so she leaves as someone will be over to examine him shortly.

Fiona calls Deb, wondering if she has seen Liam, asking if she will track him down to make sure he can get into the house. Fiona is off and running as Debbie and Kelly are enjoying the weapons shop. Debbie tries on a kevlar vest as she talks to Kelly about her mom bailing on her. She takes the time to contact Liam, finding it weird that he isn’t answering at all.

Liam is playing video games with Todd (Ozie Nzeribe Zmny), ignoring his phone and telling his friend that it took them 2 days to realize he was gone so they can’t be all that worried. Carl is at work where Lori (Sarah Colonna) learns why he has such a long face. She calls him her “star” and he needs to dust himself off and get right back in the saddle, as she smacks his ass.

Frank finally sees the doctor, who asked if he is taking care of the liver someone was stupid enough to waste on him. He says his broken appendage is what hurts like hell and he hasn’t had any pain medication. The doctor looks at his would, congratulating him on a trip to the OR and IV narcotics. The doctor asks them to page OR and find out who is okay with not getting paid today.

Fiona meets with her lawyer, who says she doesn’t have much of a defense. She broke the lady’s cheekbone as Fiona says it was provoked since the woman called the cops on her 10-year old black brother. They hope they can knock it down to a misdemeanor, but Fiona is not employed. She is going to AA, which will give them leeway, but Fiona needs to show she is a contributing member of society and she needs to get herself a job, any job!

Sister Patricia (Lee Sherman) calls all the kids to get in a straight line, but she needs to walk one of the twins back to the line. Amy says she needs to hide in her cubby so that she can’t see two of them; the nun is shocked to discover there are two of them.

Kevin whines at the bar, when the barflys say it is never good idea to allow a doctor near their men parts with anything sharp. Tommy (Michael Patrick McGill) says he should just be grateful he can get it up; Veronica mocks his short time but feels he will be back to his regular 10 seconds in no time. Veronica gets a call from the school, hanging up she tells Kevin that he nuns know!

Lip finds Tami coming out of her appointment, as she threatens to call the cops on him. She wants to know what Lip and her dad decided. Lip says her dad said she is keeping it as he made it seem like Tami made up her mind. She is sick of the boy trying to define her life. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to come but since they are already there he can come in.

Debbie and Kelly come home, with no word from Liam yet. She puts her daughter in the playpen, and joins Kelly in the kitchen where they start drinking beer; Kelly says if she is going to be a sailor she needs to drink like one. Kelly puts on her new shoes and together they begin to work in her new shoes, jumping up and down. Fiona calls as Debbie informs her that she still hasn’t been able to reach Liam.

Frank asks his doctor to give him the really “knock you on your ass” medication but he is told they have been experimenting with Oriental Medicine Pain Management, skipping the anesthesia and straight to the acupuncture. He is introduced to his doctor, who is only 21 and his first week in Ortho; they were lucky to find him as no one was willing to do it. Dr. Grey is supposed to oversee the surgery, but he is stuck in traffic. Frank is told this is a teaching hospital and residents working on deadbeat alcoholics who don’t pay is how young surgeons learn.

Lip sits in the waiting room, quickly following Tami who storms out of the office. She says everything is peachy as Lip inquires what kind of doctor’s office that was. Tami says she needs a drink and bolts into the elevator.

Lori talks to Carl, saying employee and manager is a big no-no in the employee handbook. The handjob or blowjob was a great stress reliever. One of the kitchen staff tells Carl is was a smart choice to say no as Lori was extremely vile with him one time; calling her an “animal”. Carl pours himself some coffee and stands at the cashier, when someone walks in and pulls a gun on him. Carl tells him to pull the trigger because his life couldn’t get any worse. The gunman shoots and Carl throws a napkin holder at his head knocking him down; he jumps the counter with a fry basket and begins to beat the man.

Fiona walks into a convenience store that is hiring. She asks for an application to fill out, regardless of it being minimum wage and nights. Kevin and Veronica are confronted by the nuns for bringing two children to school for the price of one for months now. They feel they have found two possible ways for them to fix this – $1400 for back tuition plus interest or they will call the cops for fraud. The second way is they need a Jesus for the festival next weekend; wanting Kevin to be Jesus next week, but there is one small catch. They show him the cross he needs to carry on his shoulder. Kevin attempts to pick it up as the nuns say the last Jesus got a hernia from it. Veronica reminds Kevin if he doesn’t do it, they have to pay the money.

Tami admits to Lip she went to the oncologist for a test. She wanted to know if she inherited the gene that probably means she will get breast or ovarian cancer. She will find out the results in a couple of days. Lip apologizes as Tami says there is a real pisser is if she has one if she has a baby it reduces her chances of getting cancer but if she has the other, it increases her chances. Her sister has a good gene and her baby sister is clean as snow. She never wanted to know if she was going to live or die before. Lip questions if the doctors can do anything if she has the gene, but she avoids answering it.

Fiona looks at her building, completely demolished. She goes to an AA meeting, saying she is unsure if she is an alcoholic as the past few months she has been on a bender but she never had a problem with alcohol before but there are many factors that she could be one and believes she should be there just in case. She smiles when she sees Eliza (Rebecca Field) there.

Carl returns home and finds Debbie and Kelly sleeping together on the couch. He storms upstairs as Kelly turns over and snuggles up to Debbie, wrapping her legs around her; Debbie takes the opportunity to kiss her, but when Kelly realizes what was going on. Kelly jumps up saying she isn’t gay but if she was she would be totally into her. Kelly wants to remain friends with Debbie, sorry for leading her on. Kelly leaves, promising to call her later; leaving Debbie devastated on the couch.

Kevin tells the men at the bar what he has to do as Veronica gives Kevin a blond wig to wear. They get into a debate about whether Jesus was African or Jewish and how he looked. They burst out laughing when they see the loincloth Kevin has to wear.

Fiona and Eliza talk at the food table. Fiona is upset to learn one of their guys at the restaurant got picked up by ICE and be deported. Eliza suggests she got to Al-Non as some of them go to that too, encouraging Fiona to keep coming as it works.

Frank is drugged up when Noah returns saying he believes they put Humpty Dumpty back together again. He tells Frank that pain is his friend, as it is his body’s way of saying he needs to rest and heal. He keeps asking for drugs, but Noah goes out to talk to the administration and the doctor, who is refusing him a bed and want him booted out that day. Frank has run up over $85,000 in unpaid bills and another $32,000 in outpatient services in the past year. Noah says he is too weak to leave, but Frank yells for more drugs. Noah is told to pump him full of IV antibiotics and a bottle of oxies, which will make Frank happy.

Lip returns home, finding Fiona in the kitchen. She questions him about the baby, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. She says she went to a meeting this afternoon and shows him the flyer for Al-Non, she is 20 for 20 in the questionnaire. Lip laughs, saying she might need to go to two groups a day now. Fiona felt she was doing so well for a while and thought she had a chance; Lip says she still has a chance but she isn’t so sure and doesn’t know what she is supposed to do now. He says the only thing she can do is get back up and start over. It is friggin hard but she is strong and he is sure she can do it. Fiona wipes away her tears and tells him she is off to work.

No one has heard from Liam, so Lip sends him a message. Todd’s grandmother says goodnight to them and reminding them to brush their teeth. Fiona is told the rules of work, feeling she has got it all.

Carl hears Debbie crying, who asks him to leave her alone. He follows her outside as Debbie admits Kelly doesn’t love her, recounting what happened this afternoon. She frets about no one loving her. Carl says someone shot at him today, but he screwed him up. Debbie reminds him he doesn’t want to take a bullet for his job. He says that is his rage from Kelly dumping him. Debbie is sorry to hear he didn’t make it to the military school. Both talk about Kelly being a bitch but they can’t screw her up because Kelly would kick both their asses.

Kevin walks down the street with the cross on his shoulders; Debbie wondering if that is Jesus. Fiona rings in her customer’s things when she sees it is Max. She admits she has been better. He says it looks like the nursing home is purchasing the property from her partner. She had $100,000 in that and he wants to buy her out and doesn’t have to wait a year for her money. She says she has the same number and he will call her in the morning. Fiona giggles when he leaves.


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