Suits Finale Recap 02/27/19: Season 8 Episode 16 “Harvey”

Suits Finale Recap 02/27/19: Season 8 Episode 16 "Harvey"

Tonight on the USA Network their critically acclaimed drama, Suits returns with an all-new Wednesday,  February 27, 2019, episode and we have your Suits recap below. On tonight’s Suits season, 8 episode 16 Finale, “Harvey,” as per the USA Network synopsis, “When Hardman comes looking for retribution, the firm rallies to Harvey’s defense.”

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Thomas calls Donna, he wants to see her but she says she is working late. He feels tension in her voice and asks if she is ok, she says that she didn’t know he was going to take out a press release when he took the other offer. He says he to show them that if they push him he is going to push right back. He then says he is sorry that her firm is being fired, she says they are being sued.

Robert goes to Alex, he asks him about a prison case he had years ago, men murdered an innocent man and he didn’t do anything. Alex asks if he is there to make him feel like crap. Robert says he did something the same, and wonders how he lives with it. Robert says if he can’t do anything about what he did, then all he can do is try to make up for it the rest of his life.

We flashback to eight years ago, Robert is in the office, Samantha on the speaker phone with him. While he is on the phone with her, she is attacked, she screams at him to call 911, the attacker smashes her phone, kicks her and grabs her purse. Samantha is in the hospital recovering from her attack. He says he is so sorry for keeping her so late working.

Harvey stops by Louis’ house and tells him they have a problem. Long story short, Simon tried to screw over Thomas. He tells Louis Donna’s involvement and the worst part, Simon hired Daniel Hardman to sue their firm. Harvey says they have two options, the first is going to Robert, Louis passes. Option two, they both go in there in the morning with an offer so good that Simon has no choice but to take it.

Robert meets Samantha in the kitchen, asks her if she has heard about Hardman suing the firm, she says she did.

Louis and Harvey walk in and meet Hardman and Simon. Louis says this ends right now and throws a file on the desk. They are doubling the money that Simon lost when Thomas backed out. The filed says that Thomas found out about the restoration deal because of a clerical error. Hardman tells Louis that if he admits that Harvey broke privilege this can all go away.

Louis says leaders never betray their partners. Hardman says to Harvey that his biggest regret was not ripping Jessica’s name off the wall so he will just have to settle for ripping his off instead.

Donna asks Harvey how it went, he says it didn’t, Hardman is after his license. Donna is in disbelief, she is the one who told Thomas, but Harvey tells her, he is the one who told Alex. Harvey tells her that he and Louis are handling this and he wants her out of it. Donna really wants to help, but realizes, if she really wanted to help she wouldn’t have told Thomas in the first place. He tells her to let them do what they have to do.

Back to Samantha and the attack, she is upset and doesn’t feel the police are going to do anything about it, she asks Robert for his private investigator so she can find this guy. She says, an eye for an eye. Robert, says he will help, but when they find the guy, they turn him over to the DA.

Harvey goes to see Hardman, shows him evidence of an off the books meeting, and he is giving Hardman this one time chance to save Simon and investigation. Hardman says Harvey is right, they did meet but it was a merger they were discussing. Hardman says he has a phone call that he made to Travis Tanner the night before Restoration backed out. Turns out that Travis just to happens to represent the competitor of Simons, and was drawing up an offer when Thomas backed out. Hardman says he is willing to drop everything, if he puts his name back on the wall and resign.

Robert goes to see Samantha, he shows her what he came up with for the Hardman case. Samantha says she won’t be able to this. Robert tells her she has to, she says ok.

Louis goes to see Thomas, asks him to get him out of a jam. He explains that Hardman is after Harvey’s licence. Thomas says he is sorry, if Hardman supeonas him, he won’t purger himself.

Robert goes to see Hardman with a thirty year old bottle of scotch. He asks him what will it do for him to drop this whole thing. Hardman says they took everything he built and until his name is up on that wall, he is not dropping this. Robert says he can get his name on another wall. Hardman says ok, but if he can’t, his friendship is not going to stop him from going after Harvey.

Louis asks Harvey why he told Donna, he tells Louis that he would have done the same thing.

Back again to Samantha and Robert, she has gone over her testimony and wanted another set of eyes. Robert says that Cameron Denis, the guys friends put him at another location. Samantha is furious, he gets off and that makes her a victim, and she is not a victim. She tells him that one of her foster parents would hit her, that is why she joined the service and she cannot be a victim again. Robert says that Cameron Danis says that if there is new evidence he will prosecute.

Samantha is working on trying to get Hardman’s name on another wall, and she is hitting a brick wall, she offered him half the firm and nothing is working. She says she did everything he could.

Louis and Harvey go to see the chairwoman of Simon’s firm and shows her email communication between and Harvey that he was thinking of relieving her of her duties. Louis says Simon is a threat to her, Hardman is a threat to them, does she want to neutralize the threats or just each lunch. She says that she will take this to the board and when they hear about this, they won’t have to worry about Simon or Hardman ever again.

Robert goes to see Eric, his former partner, they get into an argument about his requesting to put Hardman’s name on his wall. Eric says he will do it if Robert takes his name down and retires.

Robert goes to see Louis, Harvey, and Alex and tells him that there is an ethics hearing, tomorrow. They have less than 24 hours to get their stories straight. Harvey says to leave him alone, he needs time to think. Harvey has a glass in his hand, he throws it and smashes it against the wall, Donna was outside the office and she witnessed the whole thing.

Harvey goes to see Thomas, he asks him to lie and say that he told him and not Donna. If the truth gets out, Donna could be fired and not be able to work in a law firm for the rest of her life. He is just asking him to protect her as she protected him.

Eight years ago, Robert and Hardman are sitting down enjoying a drink talking about if they owned a firm together. Eric calls him and gives him disturbing news.

Robert is with Alex, he tells him that he thinks he can make up for that something that he did.

Thomas goes to see Donna, she is getting ready for the hearing. He tells her that Harvey came to him and basically laid himself on the train tracks for her and wants to know what he is to her. She tells him that the truth is, she doesn’t know.

Its time for the hearing. Harvey is put on the stand first, then Alex. Alex blames Robert, Hardman is furious. Roberts takes the fall for Harvey.

Robert is with Samantha, she can’t believe that he took the fall for Harvey. He says that he had to make it up for something bad that he did. That man that attacked her, the man they put away, he was killed in his own cell. He may have been a piece of crap, but he was somebody’s son and he wouldn’t have been in there if he didn’t put him there. This was redemption for him.

Harvey is in Robert’s office, Alex walks in. Harvey asks why did Robert do it, Robert walks in and says none of his damn business. Harvey says he wants to take him out for a burger to celebrate his retirement. Robert says most people get a gold watch, he gets a burger.

Harvey goes to see Samantha, she says he doesn’t have to check up on her. They talk about Robert and she says she is going to miss him because he loved her. Harvey realizes that he loves Donna, he runs out the office, gets into a taxi and heads to her apartment. When she answers the door it almost looks like she was expecting him. They make out in the hallway and then head to the bedroom.


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