Kate Middleton Appears With Camilla Parker-Bowles – Duchess of Cambridge Honors Child’s Memory With Beautiful Tribute

Kate Middleton Appears With Camilla Parker-Bowles - Duchess of Cambridge Honors Child’s Memory With Beautiful Tribute

British royals news reveals that Kate Middleton has made a touching promise to the family of a little boy who passed away from a devastating illness. This is Children’s Hospice Week, and to help bring attention to the cause, Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles met virtually with the parents of 9-year-old Fraser Delf, who passed away back in January.

Fraser had a disease called Coats plus syndrome, which is a rare inherited condition of the eye that also causes abnormalities of the brain, bones, gastrointestinal system, and other parts of the body. Fraser was treated by EACH Hospice in Milton, Cambridge.

Well, Fraser’s older brother Stuie Delf decided to do something to honor and help the EACH Hospice where Fraser was treated, and according to E! Online, he ran a sponsored 5k every day last month, ultimately raising over $20K for the hospice. “Fraser wasn’t just my brother, he was my best friend,” Stuie said.

On the video call, The Duchess of Cambridge and Camilla Parker-Bowles congratulated Stuie on his recent fundraising effort. It was quite an accomplishment, and surely the Hospice will put the funds to great use as it helps families cope during some truly terrible times. Stuie shared that Kate said that she was going to plant a sunflower in Fraser’s memory. The sunflower is an emblem of hospice care.

Camilla Parker-Bowles also shared an experience that she had while visiting a children’s hospice 13 years ago. Camilla said that while she at first was hesitant because she wasn’t sure what she was going to find there, she found “the feeling of warmth and laughter and happiness.” Camilla also praised the nurses and the caregivers who ‘inspire happiness,” calling the experience uplifting.

Kate also had great things to say about the work that children’s hospice staff do. Kate pointed out that the staff do so much to help families who are going through such difficult circumstances, and she credited the staff with providing a supportive environment to families, calling their work inspiring.

At any rate, it’s great to see Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles honoring the workers who provide such wonderful care to families, and Fraser’s family is surely honored that Kate will be planting a sunflower in their beloved son’s name. Keep checking back with CDL so you don’t miss any of our British royals news and updates.