The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Courtney Hope’s Exit Outrages Fans – Sally’s Terrible Sendoff, B&B Slammed Over Firing

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Courtney Hope’s Exit Outrages Fans - Sally’s Terrible Sendoff, B&B Slammed Over Firing

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers reveal that fans are speaking out about Sally Spectra’s (Courtney Hope) exit from the show. Hope confirmed she’s done filming at B&B, so this is disappointing news for many Bold and the Beautiful viewers. On Twitter, fans have been slamming the show over this tough loss and bad firing decision.

“You mean to tell me, Courtney is gone?” one angry viewer said. “After carrying that Flo mess? And being pushed out like that? Sally thrown to the side AGAIN?”

Another fan tweeted, “Courtney Hope deserved better. Sally deserved better.” “They should have tried a Thomas/Sally reunion,” one more fan insisted. “Letting Sally go is stupid. Beyond stupid.”

Adding to the outrage of all this is that Sally’s character was thrown under the bus for her exit storyline. Since Sally’s character initially appeared to be dying for real, it could’ve given Sally a lovely, touching story for her departure. Hope might’ve even scored a Daytime Emmy out of it if they’d stuck to that plan.

We get that B&B perhaps wanted to leave the door open for Sally’s return one day, but what’s the point if she’s just going to lose another man and get trashed? If that’s all they can write for Sally, then there’s no need for her on canvas.

The problem is that Sally could be a fantastic character if they’d just deliver some quality material – preferably material that doesn’t require being sacrificed for Flo Fulton’s (Katrina Bowden) sake.

This whole fake terminal illness storyline seems like a failed attempt to make fans root for Flo. Did most of us really care that Flo was kidnapped? Plenty of fans were cheering Sally on!

All of this groveling for Wyatt’s forgiveness hasn’t gone over well with viewers either. When Wyatt treated Sally like garbage and Flo’s been forgiven for far worse, it’s hard to care about how Wyatt feels about Sally. She needs to move on from Wyatt and never look back!

“If Wyatt can forgive Flo & all the ish she did he definitely can forgive Sally. Remember Sally didn’t get someone killed,” one fan said on Twitter. “Sally, stop worrying about Wyatt’s forgiveness,” said another. “Apparently you have to sell Wyatt’s niece to earn his.” “So who asked him to keep Flo??? Sally is a damn Spectra! She is just so much more important,” one more fan argued.

It’s certainly a shame to lose Sally – and Hope revealed in an Instagram story that she was just as shocked as fans were. However, Hope’s looking to the future and hoping for good things. Perhaps B&B will get their act together one day and write a comeback for Sally that’s worthy of Hope’s talent.

As other updates emerge, we’ll keep you posted. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say forgiven Flo will enjoy happiness with Wyatt in the weeks ahead, which just doesn’t seem fair when Sally’s fading off the map.

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