Big Sky Fall Finale Recap 12/16/21: Season 2 Episode 8 “The End Has No End”

Big Sky Fall Finale Recap 12/16/21: Season 2 Episode 8 "The End Has No End"

Tonight on ABC their new thriller by David E. Kelley, Big Sky airs with an all-new Thursday, December 16, 2021 episode and we have your Big Sky recap below. In tonight’s Big Sky season 2 episode 8 ‘The End Has No End,’ as per the ABC synopsis,“Jenny and Cassie trade stories on recent run-ins with Tonya, leading Cassie to confront her about working for Ren. Having left the ranch—and Wolf—behind him, Ronald revels in his newfound freedom, but old habits threaten to derail his plans. Elsewhere, the kids receive advice from an unlikely source, Travis is finally honest with Jenny and, later, Cassie receives devastating news.”

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Tonight’s Big Sky episode begins with Ronald, he is enjoying his newfound freedom and starts by throwing a woman out of her RV and stealing it. Meanwhile, Trevor has a gun pointed at T-Loc and tells him that he can either be honest with him or he will go to his house and ask his family. T-Loc says he found drugs at a crash site, Trevor wants to know about the money, but T-Loc knows nothing about it. Dietrich calls Trevor and tells him that Smiley is dead, they sent his hand in a box. Dietrich says it is a sick way of sending a message, then he tells Trevor to kill T-Loc.

Jenny is in the sheriff’s office with Poppernak, they show Tubb the photo of the severed hand and Jenny says it was the cartel’s doing, they sent a message to Dietrich. Poppernak leaves and Tubb asks Jenny if she is having an affair with Trevor, she tells him that it is none of his business. He tells her that they need to make an arrest and get these people off the street, he doesn’t want a drug war, he puts her back on the case and tells her to not make him regret this.

Ren arrives home and Jag is there, he tells her that he is there to see what is going on. He is going to give her to the end of the week and then his henchman is going to start dropping bodies and he is taking her back to Canada because their dad said so.

Cassie is home, she is dancing in the kitchen and her father finds her, says it is nice to see her in a good mood. He tells her that he put in his offer on the ranch, this is the one. Jenny stops by, she tells Cassie that she ran into Tonya, she is working for Ren Buller, as in Buller cartel. Jenny doesn’t understand why Tonya would work for her. Meanwhile, Phoebe is in her room, she tells the woman she is staying with that there is a monster in her room, the woman laughs and says that’s impossible. All of sudden, the woman leaves and Ronald comes out of the closet telling Phoebe to shush.

Max, Harper, Madison and Bridger are downstairs in the basement, Creery is awake. He tells them that “they” will never stop looking for them if they don’t return the bags. The teens agree to return it, too many people have gotten hurt already.

Poppernak tells Jenny that they just got a call, a woman’s boyfriend is missing, last time she saw he was going to turn in a bag of drugs he found; his name is T-Loc. Meanwhile, Trevor is at T-Loc’s place, in the shed and finds the missing drugs while Jenny and Poppernak pull up.

Jenny sees the door ajar and heads to the shed, she goes inside and finds the floorboards lifted, but nobody is in there.

Jerrie makes a decision to go to her parent’s house, inside she looks over the family photos and trophies. Her dad offers her a whiskey, he wants one because he says he is nervous. He tells Jerrie that he told her mom that she was coming. Jerrie opens the bedroom door and says hi to her mom. Back at the office Mark arrives and tells Denise that it is freezing in the office. Cassie and Joseph are there as well, Cassie introduces him to Mark.

Cassie tells Mark that Tonya is working for Ren Buller and she doesn’t trust her now. Ronald and Phoebe are in the RV, he wants to stop for lunch and she is demanding to know where her mother is – she tells him that she knows people are looking for him, Ronald doesn’t look happy. She continues by saying that she heard he is a bad man, he says that is not true, he has issues and he is working on them, and he loves her and her mom. He starts singing, “are you happy and you know it.”

Ren is with Jag, she shows him a photo of the ranch that she put a bid on. Trevor knocks on the door and walks inside, he returns the drugs to Ren who turns around to Jag and tells him that she told him she had a handle on it. Dietrich pulls up outside and sees Trevor’s truck and calls him a traitor. For now, Dietrich can’t do anything because if Ren gets hurt, her daddy will show up and kill everyone.

Jenny tells Cassie that T-Loc found a bag of drugs and Max’s mother went out of her way to say Max was not involved. Jenny wants to bring Max in for questioning.

Wolf finds out that Ronald is missing and he is furious, Scarlett reveals that she helped him to get lose so he could bring Phoebe to her, he is coming back; Wolf is upset. Meanwhile, Ronald is parking outside Jenny and Cassie’s business and tells Phoebe that he has to make a little stop. Elsewhere, Trevor stops by to see Jenny she is thrilled to see him. She questions him about him saying “whatever happens he loves her.”

He says he was in a dangerous spot and he meant every word that he said. He tells her about Ren and Jag, he is getting close to the father and wants to take the whole family down. She says this looks personal, he says yes, they killed his partner, his best friend and he is going to make every single one of them pay.

Bridger leaves karate class and sees Ren in the parking lot, he runs back inside and tells Sensei to call the police. Bridger says he is calling the police, Ren knees Sensei and tells Bridger that if he calls the police she will kill his whole family. Donno walks in with a gun, he and Ren end up leaving.

Ronald breaks into the office, he walks over to Cassie’s desk and smells her jacket. All of a sudden, Joseph and Cassie walk in, Ronald hides. Joseph tells Cassie that he got the ranch, they accepted his offer. She asks if he will now fix the boiler in the office. Joseph tells Cassie to leave, he will stay and do the repair. When she goes back upstairs she senses something, little does she know that Ronald is not far behind.

He then looks over on the board and sees all the photos from his case, he pulls one of himself off and lets it hit the floor. Joseph notices there is something wrong with the door, he fixes it from the outside and when he comes back in he finds the sketch on the floor, and picks up his wrench for protection. Then, he sees Ronald who says he will never be free as long as his daughter is looking for him. Joseph calls him a monster, Ronald says he is leaving and tells Cassie to stop looking for him. As Ronald goes to leave, Joseph goes after him with the wrench.

T-Loc creeps into the house and goes into Max’s room, he puts his hand over her mouth and demands to know where the money is.

Ronald is back at the camper, he is looking for Phoebe and Wolf wacks him on the head and tells him that he has been a bad dog.

Cassie arrives in the office and sees the sketch of Ronald and blood on the wrench, she looks around and she finds her dad clutching her photo, he is dead, she is hysterical.