Seeking Sister Wife Recap 04/05/21: Season 3 Episode 3 “I Gotta Have Faith”

Seeking Sister Wife Recap 04/05/21: Season 3 Episode 3 "I Gotta Have Faith"

TLC’s reality show about five polygamist families Seeking Sister Wife returns tonight with an all-new Sunday, April 5, 2021, season 3 episode 3 called “I Gotta Have Faith,” and we have your weekly Seeking Sister Wife recap below. On tonight’s Seeking Sister Wife season 3 episode 3 as per the TLC synopsis, “The Merrifield’s head to Mexico to reunite with fiancee Roberta; the plot thickens as the Snowdens reveal a new twist in their world; rather than search online, the Joneses go out on the town; life in the Winder home is looking very different.

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In tonight’s Seeking Sister Wife episode, the Snowdens are at home with Chrissy who is visiting from South Africa. Chrissy has spent a lot of time with all of them. She has put in a lot of effort. They like her and she likes them. They ask Chrissy if she has sent her beach pics to Taylor. Taylor is another potential sister wife. The Snowdens are now dating two women and it is a lot but going well.

They all decide to FaceTime Taylor. She doesn’t have any kids. They wonder how she would do with 3 maybe even 5 kids. Meanwhile, the Merrifields are headed to meet their new sister wife Bertie who is in Brazil. She is flying to Mexico where they will all meet at a hotel. They haven’t seen her in a year. They are all excited.

The Sinders are a family of four. One of the sister wives, Sadie, is pregnant. It was an adjustment for them. It was also an adjustment when they all moved in. Now they are painting a nursery. They are also getting ready to meet a new potential sister wife from North Carolina. Her name is Kim. They hope she will come and visit them.

The Merrifields meet with Bertie. They are all excited and spend time sitting at the hotel bar to catch up. They use their phone to translate between them. Bertie will spend all 8 nights with Garrick.

Tasha and Sidian are looking for a new sister wife after their last one left them 4 years ago. They head out to their favorite bar to find their dream second wife. Sidian likes the bartender. They decide to ask her out. She agrees to go out on a date. They are excited.

For the Snowdens, Dimitri and Chrissy come back from the date of dancing. Ashley teases them when they return. They have a lot of chemistry. Dimitri hates that she is leaving to go back to South Africa the next day.

The Sinders FaceTime with Kim. They invite her to visit within the next 8 weeks. She agrees. They are all excited. Kim is very agreeable and that makes it easier for all of them. They really want to see her before the baby comes.

Danielle leaves her husband with Bertie for the night. It is hard for her to see her husband with another woman. She is jealous but trying to control it. She feels like it will be a challenge but this is the plural lifestyle.