The Bachelorette Recap 08/02/21: Season 17 Episode 9

The Bachelorette Recap 08/02/21: Season 17 Episode 9

The Bachelorette airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Monday, August 2, 2021, episode, and we have your weekly The Bachelorette recap below. In tonight’s season 17 episode 9 as per the ABC synopsis, “After an unexpected and heartbreaking departure before “hometowns,” Katie is nervous but excited to continue the journey with her three remaining men in New Mexico.

With stakes at an all-time high and the pressure of meeting loved ones, she tries to balance falling in love with fairness – but keeping her emotions held close leads to a tense fallout with one of the guys. Can Katie patch things up enough to convince him (and herself) to stay, or is she ready to quit her journey for good?

We will be liveblogging tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette and you just know there are going to be tons of drama, catfights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8 PM for our live two-hour The Bachelorette recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of The Bachelorette?

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In tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, the episode begins with Katie, she is excited to see the guys. Going into hometowns she hopes to see who she will spend the rest of her life with. The first hometown date is with Blake. Up until this point, everything has been going great for Blake. First, Blake pours her a glass of maple syrup. Then, they play darts, he tells her he does it every Friday night.

Next, they ride a mechanical moose together. Katie is everything that Blake ever wanted. Their relationship is growing exponentially, it is not wearing off. In the distance, Greg can see the two and he is sick to his stomach. He understands that she is going to have feelings for other guys, but she looks so happy with Blake that it scares him.

Going into the evening, Katie is a little nervous because he hasn’t told her that he loves her. He tells her that she doesn’t need to be great, she just needs to be her. His mother asks Katie when she knew she wanted to pursue this, Katie says from the start, the chemistry was instant. Blake says the chemistry is a thousand percent there but there is so much more to their relationship. Blake’s mother is worried that it may be just infatuation, she wants to speak to Katie so she can dig deep.

Katie tells her that they are happy where they are at but they haven’t told each other that they love each other. Katie says it just doesn’t feel right to say she loves when man when she is dating multiple men. Blake’s sister isn’t taking this relationship seriously, she tells Blake he said he was in love with Tayshia, Claire and now Katie, so is she really the one. He says nobody has been aligned with him like this. He tells her that the world love needs to come naturally.

She says she would be upset if it didn’t work out, he came here just for him. If it is not her, she thinks Blake is going to be completely blindsided. Blake sits down with his mother, she says Katie is genuine, she likes her and if he really feels it, he needs to man up and tell her that he loves her, he deserves love. Blake feels love for Katie, more than he has ever felt before. At the limo, Blake kisses Katie to say goodbye, he tells her that he feels so good about her – but he doesn’t say he loves her.

Justin is on the phone with his mother, his parents will not be traveling there to meet Katie. His mother says they don’t believe in the process and that anyone could get to know someone in this short period of time to propose. He has to be mindful of getting to know someone and their family because those things are important in a relationship. His father says they have always trusted his judgment and support him.

Justin is disappointed that his parents can’t be there, but his two best friends who know sides of him that his parents don’t will be there to support him. The two go for a horse carriage ride, she loves how he is confident and smooth, and it doesn’t hurt that he is a great kisser. They sit down and eat some Baltimore crab together.

Afterward, they sit down and he tells her that he was excited to introduce her to his family, but unfortunately, his parents were not able to make it, but his two best friends are there, they go way back. She says she is super bumped that his parents can’t be there, but she is happy that he will be there. But, Katie does wonder now if Justin is ready for a proposal and marriage, it is a little bit of a struggle for her.

Justin thanks his two friends for coming out and supporting him. Katie tells them that Justin was the first guy to kiss her. He says week after week their relationship has been getting stronger and stronger, the momentum has continued. Herb asks Katie to talk for a bit alone. She tells him that she is at a point in her life that she is ready to settle down and that is why she signed up for this experience. He asks her if she told him that she loves him, she says no, she has decided to keep it for the end because she is still dating many men.

Justin is happy that his two best friends got to see the connection that he has with Katie. Justin and Katie sit down alone, she tells him that the one thing that stuck with her is that his friends say that he is so open with her and they see the connection. Justin tells her that he knows he is falling in love with her and he doesn’t want to hold back. Justin says there is nothing missing in their relationship and he just wants to keep peeling back those layers, he is elated at where they are and he is excited about the next step.

It is Greg’s turn for his date with Katie, she runs up to him and wraps her legs around him, like all the other guys. They go tandem bike riding, then they enjoy pork rolls and Italian ice. Greg says it is impossible not to fall in love with Katie. Next, they go play basketball, he really hasn’t played since his dad passed, but he wanted to do it with her today. She can only hope that Greg’s dad would have been supportive of where they are at in their relationship.

When Katie is with Greg, she is so happy and feels she is falling in love with him, can see herself walking away with him. He cannot wait to show his family the girl he is falling in love with. Greg’s mother, brother Joe and friend Dave are there to meet her. There has been something missing in his life, and Greg feels like he hasn’t been happy since his father died. Greg tells his family that there was an immediate spark when he met Katie. Greg’s mother shows him and Katie a video of his sisters who wishes them the very best and tell him that their dad is so proud of him.

Joe likes Katie, Greg hasn’t been happy in a long time and he hopes Katie is the piece that was missing. Joe sits down with Katie and tells her that he can see how happy his brother is with her. Joe says that Greg doesn’t talk about how losing their dad affected him and he is glad that he made a connection with her, seeing him happy is a nice change. Greg tells Dave that he told Katie that he was falling in love with her, he is confident that it is going to be the two of them at the end.

Katie tells Greg’s mother that he is a front-runner. Greg tells his mother that he is in love with Katie and he sees an engagement at the end of this. At this point, if he is going to get down on one knee, he needs to know that she is falling in love with him. Greg tells Katie that he is in love with her and it’s a one-deal thing for him, he is not going to get down on his knee twice.

She says it is tough, she told his family that he will be here next week and they have a great connection, but she is saving the I love you for the final day. Greg looks so disappointed and she tells him that he looks so not happy right now and it sucks. They go outside and he tells her that he doesn’t know how she doesn’t know it is the two of them at the end by now, he hasn’t opened up to anyone.

Katie tells him that she never felt before that he was giving up until now. The two continue talking but it is not going well, he expected her to say that she was in love with him like he did to her, and she didn’t. She asks him for a kiss, and she leaves in the limo. Greg can’t believe that she couldn’t tell him how she felt, especially since she knew how much he needed it right now.

The next day, Greg tells Blake that he is torn over this whole process, he can’t get out of her how she feels. Greg is so sad, there was no reaction out of Katie when he told her that he loved her. Greg is in love with her, but clearly, something is wrong, he thinks she doesn’t feel the same. He has been nothing but vulnerable with her, how can he move forward if she can’t even say she is falling in love with him. Greg goes to see Katie in her room, she tells him that she wasn’t expecting to see him. He says he wanted to talk to her about the other night. She says he seems nervous, not comfortable, and not happy.

She says she is holding her breath because she doesn’t know what he is going to say. He says he told his entire family that she was the one and when he expressed to her that he loved her, he felt like he was expressing that to a stranger, she completely dismissed it in his eyes. She says she is sorry that she came off that way. She says she hasn’t told anyone there that she loved them, she wanted to save it to the end because there are other guys there. He says he understands that, but she didn’t even acknowledge what he said. He says that even now he feels like she is giving him a surface-level response.

He doesn’t care about a rose, he told her that she fills a hole in his heart and she didn’t have a reaction. He says for her to say that he is the one who is giving up on them hurts so much, he has fought so hard for her and there is obviously a disconnect there, and as much as it hurts him, he has reached his breaking point, he has given her everything. He hopes she finds something, she says she cannot comprehend what he is saying right now. He says he is done, he doesn’t want to continue the process. It was never about a rose this week, he told her that she filled a hole in his heart and she didn’t even acknowledge it. He told everyone in his family that she was the one and he was going to marry her, he loves everything about her and saw her as his wife. She says she feels so helpless, the two are crying.

She tells him that she is confused that that one night can change everything. He says because once he told her that he loved her, her whole being shifted her, she wasn’t the same. She says he has already been his number one from the beginning. He says he doesn’t care about number one, number two, or a rose, he just wants what is real. She says she doesn’t know how to date multiple people, she has feelings too. He says he doesn’t care about a rose if this is not real, so they are going to move on to the fantasy suites, make love, and then there is nothing. He says he doesn’t think she gets where he is at, he is not a number here.

He says this makes him sick, he is so confused, he has given her everything he has to offer, showed her what they can be. Greg leaves the room. It takes a few minutes, but Katie gets up and goes after him. She finds him sitting down on a bench, she hugs him and says she is sorry. She says she doesn’t know what to do given everything that happened, she doesn’t know what to say. She is shocked, she wants to leave because she didn’t see anything like this happening.

She says she has given him everything, she has been honest. She asks him if she is wasting her time, it looks like he doesn’t believe her. She says she is losing him and she is losing her mind. He says he deserves more than what he has been given on her side and he is not happy there. He is done there, he gets up and leaves her again. Katie says she is done, she wants to go home, she goes back to the hotel, up to her room, and slams her door. We can hear her crying.

Kaitlyn drops by to see Katie, she tells her she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Katie asks how she is supposed to continue with this. Kaitlyn asks if she regrets letting him leave, what shifted their relationship. Katie says when Greg told her that he was falling in love and in his words, she just rolled over it and he doesn’t want to hear her out. Kaitlyn asks if there is any way she can hold on or get him back or is done. Katie opens the door, Kaitlyn goes in and hugs her. Katie tells her that she is so blindsided right now, she feels heartbroken and defeated. She is trying to fall in love and now dealing with the biggest heartbreak of her life.

She says she thought she would go through this whole thing and she thought it would be worth it and it is blowing up in her face. She says she was falling in love with Greg and that is the thing that is so messed up about this. Kaitlyn tells her that she knows this is soul-crushing, but she wants to know what she wants to do now. Katie says Michael left, Greg left and she feels destroyed. She thinks she officially lost Greg and he is not coming back. She came there to fall in love and to find her person and feels like it is backfiring over and over again. She opened herself to all these relationships and she just doesn’t know what to believe anymore. She tells Kaitlyn that she wants someone to book her flight home.