The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, June 28 Recap – Summer Suggests Sally as New JCV President – Kyle’s Ring Returned

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Monday, June 28 Recap – Summer Suggests Sally as New JCV President – Kyle’s Ring Returned

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers recap for Monday, June 28, reveals that Summer Newman (Hunter King) will suggest Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) as the new JCV president – and Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) will be left brokenhearted when his engagement ring is returned.

At Newman Media on Monday’s Y&R episode, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) will discuss Summer’s abrupt decision to take the job in Italy and break things off with Kyle.

Although Victor will be saddened over Summer leaving town, he’ll get why she’d want to run under the circumstances.

Nikki will just hope that Summer made her decision for the right reasons. Meanwhile, Summer will do her best to convince Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) that she’s all in on her choice.

Summer will insist change is good as she gets help packing for the big move.

Once Summer’s alone, she’ll gaze at a romantic “Skyle” pic and flash back to Tara Locke’s (Elizabeth Leiner) threat. Summer will look devastated as she places the framed photo face down on the desk.

As for Kyle, he’ll struggle to make sense of this at the Abbott mansion. Jack will suggest that sometimes there are just too many obstacles, but Kyle will dash off to try talking to Summer one last time.

Kyle will find Phyllis in Summer’s suite instead and once again push for help getting through to Summer.

Kyle will want to show Summer that everything will be OK with them and Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez). “And Tara? You forgot Tara,” Phyllis will point out. Kyle will protest that he has no secret desire to be with Tara and will wonder if Nick’s been trashing him behind his back.

That’ll offend Phyllis, who’ll argue that Nick actually thinks it’s admirable that Kyle’s stepping up for his son. However, Phyllis will feel like Summer’s been forced to deal with Kyle’s ready-made family.

Phyllis will argue that Kyle has put Summer in a no-win situation and insist he’ll just have to accept that there’s nothing to fight for.

At Crimson Lights, Summer will find Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) and Faith Newman (Reylynn Caster) sitting on the patio. After Summer fills them in on her immediate new job in Milan, Mariah will step aside so that Summer can talk to Faith alone.

Summer will admit Kyle isn’t coming with her and will admit it’s complicated. Nevertheless, she’ll praise Faith for recently making the conscious decision to change the way things in her life are going.

Summer will act like she’s just trying to do the same thing. They’ll agree this is just ciao and not goodbye before they part ways.

After Faith leaves, Mariah will corner Summer and rip into her for trashing Kyle’s heart. She’ll rant about Summer bailing on Kyle after he made a commitment to his child.

Mariah will argue that she was actually pulling for Summer and Kyle this time, but now she’ll see that Summer is exceedingly selfish.

Summer will suggest she’s not going to waste her time trying to change Mariah’s low opinion of her.

Summer will think it feels right to end things between them the way they started – though she’ll wish Mariah good luck with the remainder of her pregnancy. “Goodbye, Snowflake,” Mariah will reply.

After Summer exits, Kyle will come in the coffeehouse looking for her. Mariah will declare “good riddance” to Summer and will insist Kyle deserves so much better.

Kyle will snap at Mariah to keep her nasty comments to herself, but then he’ll apologize for going off.

Mariah will be sorry for overstepping and will get that it’s a complex situation. That said, Mariah won’t get how Summer can just bail without even trying to make things work. That’ll give Kyle an idea of how to convince Summer to stay, so he’ll thank Mariah and take off.

At Society, Summer will interrupt Lauren Baldwin’s (Tracey E. Bregman) meeting with Sally. She’ll have some thoughts on how to creative a smooth transition, so Sally will agree to let them talk alone.

Nearby, Sally will pause to text Tara about how Summer’s going to “royally screw” her on her way out, but she’ll think at least one of them will get what she wants.

Back at Lauren’s table, she’ll marvel over the suggestion Summer just gave her off screen. Summer will shrug that it’s just her opinion about her replacement and will share a sweet moment with Lauren before heading out.

Summer will run into Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) as she heads for the door. She’ll admit she’s leaving to take a job offer in Italy tonight and will add that things didn’t work out with Kyle.

Billy will guess that Kyle’s child and ex being dropped in the middle of Summer’s life had something to do with it.

Summer will admit she’d like a favor from Billy. Although Jack is an amazing dad, she’ll hope that Kyle can turn to Billy if he needs a friend. Billy won’t feel like Kyle wants anything to do with him, but he’ll vow to try to live up to this belief that he can help.

After Summer teases Billy about a good guy being in there somewhere, he’ll think Summer is still in love with his nephew. Summer will genuinely tell Billy to have a nice life, so he’ll reply that he’s pulling for her.

At Lauren’s table again, Sally will acknowledge that Summer isn’t her biggest fan. She’ll make a pitch to run JCV anyway and will be surprised when Lauren reveals Summer recommended Sally as her replacement.

Lauren will decide to appoint Sally as the acting president of JCV to give her time to learn the ins and outs. She’ll also think it’ll give Sally time to prove whether she deserves title and responsibility.

Lauren will view it as setting Sally up for success – and she’ll think it’s what Summer had in mind as well.

Moments later, Kyle will find out from Billy that he just missed Summer. Although Kyle will wonder if maybe it’s time to give up, Billy will feel like Kyle’s got a chance until that plane actually takes off.

Billy will admit failure is a possibility, but he’ll think Kyle will have to live with the regret if he doesn’t try.

In the park, Summer will find Jack and learn Kyle’s still hoping to change her mind. Summer will tear up as she contends that Kyle needs to let her go. She’ll think it’s what’s best for everybody and will beg Jack to help Kyle see that.

Summer will be so happy for Kyle as a dad, but she’ll claim she’s just in a different place now.

Jack will promise to do everything in his power to make Kyle accept this is something Summer needs to do. He’ll also promise that he’s just a phone call away if Summer ever needs anything.

Once Jack returns to the Abbott mansion, he’ll find Tara preparing for her shoe line meeting. Talk will turn to Kyle since he’s got his hands full with Summer leaving town today.

Tara will suggest she can’t help feeling like her presence there with Harrison played a role in Summer’s decision. She’ll act like she feels horrible and will hope Kyle doesn’t have any resentment.

Jack will reassure Tara about that and will argue that the choice is Summer’s. He won’t be sure Kyle will ever fully understand Summer’s reasons.

Tara will ask if there’s anything she can do, but Jack won’t think so. He’ll just point out that once Summer is gone, Kyle’s going to take a great deal of comfort from Harrison. After Jack walks off, Tara will stand there with a slight smirk.

Later, Billy will stop by and reveal to Jack that he advised Kyle to go after Summer. He’ll be taken aback to learn Jack didn’t offer the same guidance. Jack will argue that sometimes love doesn’t conquer all and add that things don’t always go as you planned.

Back with Tara, she’ll find Sally with Lauren and get updates on her new job title. Tara will think that’s marvelous and offer some congratulatory words.

Once Lauren steps away for a call, Tara will tell Sally that it looks like they’re both getting what they wanted after all. Sally will admit she’s not going to relax until Summer gets on a plane.

After Summer says her goodbyes to Victor, Nikki and Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), she’ll return to her suite and guess this is it. Phyllis will make a tearful speech about how Summer is resourceful and strong – how she’s not going to take anything from anyone.

Summer will insist Phyllis is her hero before they share an emotional hug.

In the lobby, Kyle will beg Summer for five minutes. Summer will agree that it’s fine, but she’ll warn that Kyle isn’t going to change her mind. Although Kyle will give a powerful speech, Summer will tell Kyle there’s nothing left to fight for.

Summer will grip his neck tenderly as she promises Kyle’s going to have a wonderful life of his own.

“You’ll move on from me. I’ll move on from you,” Summer will insist. She’ll kiss Kyle goodbye and clasp hands with him before she rushes off in tears. When Kyle looks down at one of his palms, he’ll see that Summer has slipped her engagement ring in it.

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