General Hospital Spoilers: Britt & Cody Forced On the Run Together – New Spin On Jason Fugitive Story?

General Hospital Spoilers: Britt & Cody Forced On the Run Together – New Spin On Jason Fugitive Story?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) and Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) may be forced on the run together. Will GH tell a new spin on the Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) fugitive story?

Britt has been pining for a man she can’t have since Jason was presumed dead in that cave-in.

Since Britt’s so hung up on Jason and the easy relationship she had with him, the show’s throwing problematic Cody at her.

That’s giving Britt and Cody the typical “enemies to lovers” trope, but it also means the show has to peel back some layers eventually.

Like Jason, Cody must have a deeper, more sensitive side that Britt can ultimately get to know.

As a skydiver and former stunt horseback rider, Cody is a daredevil.

Although Cody has some injuries that are getting in his way, he’s the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to walk into the fire. Jason had that same sort of fearlessness in his character.

Britt may come to realize that Cody has a few Jason-like qualities as their connection grows.

There may even be an opportunity to revisit a past storyline and cement Cody as the new Jason in Britt’s life.

Britt and Cody already have something in common since they’re both on Selina Wu’s (Lydia Look) bad side.

We can’t forget that Selina is blackmailing Britt with some of her old crimes.

Now Cody has provoked Selina’s fury by ruining her poker game and cutting her profits for the night drastically.

Selina took back almost all of Cody’s winnings and made it clear that he was in her debt, so both Britt and Cody are in hot water.

Since there have been hints about trouble in Cody’s past, he may be covering up some old crimes of his own.

We’ve potentially got two criminals here who are messing with the mob, so what happens when it all goes south? Could Britt end up on the run with Cody?

That might be a good way to force Cody and Britt to spend time getting to know each other.

Britt could open up about when she went on the run with Jason, which led to her getting her Huntington’s disease marker confirmation.

Jason was one of the few people Britt felt comfortable opening up to about her condition.

That fugitive plot was a crucial part of building Britt and Jason’s love story, so we wouldn’t put it past the writers to recreate it on some level with Britt and Cody.

Do you think Cody and Britt’s criminal histories will come back to haunt? Will Selina become a bigger threat as well?

As other GH news and updates emerge, we’ll keep you posted. General Hospital spoilers say some surprises are brewing on Britt’s path to love, so stay tuned!

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