The Amazing Race Recap 01/26/22: Season 33 Episode 5 “Stairway to Hell”

The Amazing Race Recap 01/26/22: Season 33 Episode 5 "Stairway to Hell"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Wednesday, January 26, 2022, season 33 episode 5 and we have your The Amazing Race recap below. In tonight’s season, 33 episode 5 called, “Stairway to Hell,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Teams race through Switzerland, where Racers bungee jump over 700 feet off the Verzasca Dam.”

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Tonights The Amazing Race episode begins with Phil explaining that for the remainder of the season teams will be checking out of the pit stop based on the order in which they arrived in the previous leg. Ryan & Dusty were team number 1 and they will be leaving Altstatten, Switzerland in groups leaving every 15 minutes, they are leaving with Penn and Kim. It’s a Roadblock right out of the gate, “who wants to get down with the Travelocity gnome?” All teams must travel to a dam, where they will jump 722 feet, the second highest bungie jump in the world. Kim is shocked, she can’t believe she has to do it – she swears she is not going to think about it until she gets there. Dusty on the other hand is afraid of heights and he came to the show to face his fears.

Lulu & Lala, Raquel & Carla are teams to depart, then after them Akbar & Sheri and Arun & Natalia. Poor Sheri, after braving the mountain, she has to do the bungie jumping because of safety reasons, Akbar is not permitted. The views are spectacular on the way, the teams are enjoying the drive but they really have to pay attention so they don’t get lost.

When they arrive, one of the men say they would rather roller blade up Mount Everest than do this. Their gnomes have a harness, the jumpers have to go with it. Dusty goes first and he screams all the way down. Kim is next and she is clearly nervous, she says she should be driving the kids to school right now and they won’t believe this, it is way outside what she is comfortable with. Penn assures Kim before she jumps, the is The Amazing Race, they don’t want you to die. Kim jumps and she doesn’t say a word, she just smiles, what a trooper. Meanwhile, Penn can’t believe she did it, he knows how hard that was for her and he is crying. When she gets back she tells Penn that she never wants to do that again.

Once they finish the bungie jumping, teams must make their way to Piazza Carlo Battaglini to find their next clue.

Lala is nervous, she is the one to jump and she never had before. But, Lulu looks more nervous; she shouts down that she is proud of her.

Akbar and Sheri have arrived, he tells her to close her eyes. Sheri is already breathing deeply. The coach is telling her to take a deep breath and fly like an eagle, everyone is nervous. All Sheri can say repeatedly is “Oh My God.” She jumps and she screams all the way down. Akbar says aside from having her sons, this is the most proud he has been of Sheri.

Raquel & Carla arrive, they thought they were in first place, but they are in fifth. So far, Arun & Natalia are in last place. Natalia jumps and she is like Kim, not a word.

Ryan & Dusty are near the lake and find their next clue. It’s a Detour, Bartender Race or Sausage in Case. In Bartender Race teams must gather twelve bottles of wine, 12 bags of chestnuts with their gnome, race to the top of 400 stairs and find the head bartender. If everything arrives in one piece they will get their next clue. Every butcher in town knows how to make sausage, in Sausage in Case, teams have to squeeze out nine feet of it, then divide it into four perfectly coiled portions. If the butcher thinks they make the cut, they get their next clue. Dusty & Ryan arrive at the stairs and can’t believe how many there are, they call is the Stairway to Heaven.

Again, Arun & Natalia find out that they went the wrong way. Directions seem to be a big problem for them. Meanwhile, Ryan & Dusty are having a hard time with the stairs and these guys are in amazing shape. Ryan & Dusty complete the Detour, they must look in the gnome’s pouch where the will find a photo of Parco Ciani, the next pit stop. The last team to check in may be eliminated.

Lulu & Lala are the only team making the sausage during which they can’t help but think about their grandmother who passed away from COVID and would be proud of them. They finish making the sausages on the first try. Penn & Kim, Akbar & Sheri, are having a hard time walking up the stairs – Sheri more than anyone, she drops a bottle of wine, it smashes all over the stairs. Ryan & Dusty are team number one and have a trip to the island of Dominica.

Lulu & Lala are team number two, they will be leaving first on the next leg with team number one. Penn & Kim are next, they are team number three and will be leaving on the second departure time. Meanwhile, Raquel & Cayla also attempt to do the sausage, while Sheri is having a really hard time with the stairs. Raquel & Cayla get a thumbs down for their first attempt at the sausage. Akbar & Sheri do it, the finish the stairs and get their next clue.

Raquel & Cayla are team number four, Akbar & Sheri are team number five. Arun & Natalia doing the sausage casing, they do it on the first try but they are late and the last team to arrive. Phil tells them they have another shot, it is a non elimination leg, they have another try – he tells them that he doesn’t want to see them last in the next leg.