The Amazing Race Recap 02/16/22: Season 33 Episode 8 “Souvlaki”

The Amazing Race Recap 02/16/22: Season 33 Episode 8 "Souvlaki"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 16, 2022, season 33 episode 8 and we have your The Amazing Race recap below. In tonight’s season, 33 episode 8 called, “Souvlaki,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Teams travel to Halkidiki, Greece, where they are tested on their spelling and memory skills.”

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Tonight’s The Amazing Race episode begins with all teams leaving the French island of Corsica and heading east across Italy to Thessaloniki, Greece. Kim & Penn, Raquel & Cayla are the first two teams to depart. Kim & Penn keep their first place in Greece, they arrive at the olive trees and find their next clue. This is a Roadblock, “who likes to wrap?” Teams need to use a variation of rice, vegetables, spice and grape leaves to prepare 60 stuffed grape leaves. At this point, Arun & Natalia are in last place.

Kim is not paying attention to details, she was supposed to wrap them with the veins up, so she re-does about half of what she already accomplished. But, in the end, she finishes and maintains their first place. Next, teams have to head to the beach and find Mamo’s cantina stand, spell SOUVLAKI, then eat a souvlaki and find a clue that is hidden inside the wrapper, “saint George church, Heraklea.”

Arun & Natalia move up to fourth place when Raquel & Cayla struggle with wrapping the grape leaves. Kim & Penn arrive at the cantina. They eat the souvlaki but fail to realize that the next clue is in the souvlaki wrapping. Takes a few minutes, Penn figures it out and they are on their way. Ryan & Dusty are in second place, they figure out the clue right away. Kim & Penn arrive at the next clue, it’s a Roadblock, “who wants to be iconic?” Teams will have to listen carefully to a priest because there is going to be a quiz after his sermon. If they can identify five saints in the correct order, they will receive their next clue.

Arun & Natalia are at the cantina and having a hard time spelling SOUVLAKI, they stop some people in their car to ask them. Kim & Penn finish the Roadblock on the first try it is time for them to travel to the pit stop at Nea Kallikrateia, a small fishing port facing Mount Olympus. Raquel & Cayla miss the church and the cantina, and accidentally arrive at the Pit Stop, they need to go back.

Kim & Penn are team number to arrive at the pit stop, they have won $7500 each; this is their leg to win. Lulu & Lala are delayed, they have to head to the beach and ask people to help them spell SOUVLAKI. After spelling it, they still can’t figure it out and eat a second one. Meanwhile, Ryan is not paying attention at the church, just not listening properly and has to repeat over and over – it gives some teams a chance to catch up. Finally Lulu & Lala figure it out.

Raquel & Cayla are team number two to arrive at the Pit Stop, Ryan & Dusty are team number three.

Arun & Natalia are team number four and so excited. Lulu & Lala are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. They both jump in the water and give the most dramatic exit yet.