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Posh and J-Lo are no longer talking

When the Beckhams were first househunting in LA, actress Jennifer Lopez couldn’t have been more helpful.The 38-year-old was even in talks with Posh to model some of her new denim line. But the rapport has turned decidedly frosty and they are no longer talking.

The relationship soured when Jennifer, right, did not attend a welcoming party for the Beckhams hosted … Keep Reading

James Brolin Anti-American and an ASSHOLE!

There are lots of reasons that people label Barbra Streisand and James Brolin as tools. They are constantly spouting off what many observers consider as anti-American statements and basically are Hollywood hypocrites of the highest order. Now it gets even worse. Mr. Barbra Streisand aka James Brolin wished America a “Happy 9/11.” Outrage followed.

Brolin was there to promote his … Keep Reading

Oops it’s not Going to HAPPEN Again, No Britney At Emmys!

While rumors buzzed all day, everyone wondered whether it could really be true that Britney Spears?who infamously shot her career in the foot at last Sunday’s Video Music Awards with a performance whose only Wow Factor was how stupefyingly badly it went?would be making a cameo appearance this coming Sunday on the Emmys to apologize to her fans (and to … Keep Reading