Kate Gosselin Still Promoting Lame Cookbook, Refusing To Accept Failure

Kate Gosselin Still Promoting Lame Cookbook, Refusing To Accept Failure

You gotta admire Kate Gosselin, the woman’s got hustle. Even though both critics and the public have trashed her cookbookLove Is In The Mix‘, she’s refusing to give up – or maybe she’s under contract. Either way, she’s still promoting the book through her Twitter, even though it’s been months since the book’s been out.

The other day, she tweeted about Thanksgiving and preparing an entire recipe for the meal by using her cookbook. She wrote, “It’s been a long yummy day here..I cooked the complete menu from #LoveIsInTheMix of course! Now we’re all stuffed..instead of the turkey!”

Apparently, her kids loved the meal, but of course Kate would say that. I mean, nobody ever said she was a terrible cook, just that her cookbook was terrible and uninspired – which it absolutely was. I mean, it clearly ripped off recipes from other books, and it was so obvious that practically every customer noticed it. What I want to know is – why would these people even buy her cookbook in the first place? It’s not like Kate is especially known for her cooking abilities – she didn’t get famous off Master Chef, she got famous of a reality show off her husband and children. Cooking abilities aren’t paramount or even slightly important with that sort of thing, so it really seemed like her cookbook was a last ditch resort to make some money.

Well, it’s too late now. She can pimp the book out all she wants via Twitter, but the sales continue to plummet as we speak. Maybe a dating book next time? Although that probably has even less of a chance of succeeding.

What do you guys think? Do you admire Kate’s hustle, or do you think it’s just pathetic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • JohnJohn

    She could always write a book on shacking up with your married body guard. even though you don;t need one. Who in gods name cares enough to go out and see you.You are a has been honey and a joke.

    • debbiehm

      More like a “never was” than a “has been”, is what I think of her…Except in her OWN mind…LOL

  • Irish 33

    she is a vile vile vile human being…go away you hag

  • Bailey’s Mom

    There is no shame in having to adjust one’s lifestyle if economic means dictate. She is a nurse. In spite of her insistence to the contrary, nursing would provide a good income for the family – IF she makes the necessary adjustments. She can write still write her cookbook. This one is simply a revised version of the one Zondervan did not publish in 2009. BTW – KATE had Jon’s child support dropped. Their actual custody and financial arrangement is not know by anyone other than themselves, their attorneys and the court. Think before YOU judge or call people names.

  • BW

    A lot of us have had to adjust our lifestyle do to loss of income. This is not about her kids. They would be happy with anything as long as the parents are happy. This is about Kate not wanted to give up the life style. She can make enough money as a nurse to support her family. a lot of people do. She says it is because she has to take care of the kids and that is why she can not work a normal job. Crap to that. They are all in school full time. Work when they are in school. See the huge expensive house. Down size like others have had to do. She is nothing special that she gets what she wants. She needs to do what she needs to do. that is life. Grow up and move on all ready!

  • debbiehm

    I will just be so happy when the REAL Kate Gosselin book and MOVIE comes out…I have been waiting several years for the truth to be told and it looks like NOTHING is holding Robert back now:) SO happy for him….