GLOBE: Kate Middleton Bans Camilla Parker-Bowles From Royal Delivery Room! (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Kate Middleon Bans Camilla Parker-Bowles From Royal Delivery Room! (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton kicks Monster-in-Law Camilla Parker-Bowles out of the delivery room – GLOBE Exclusive! Hey, guess what? After 2 years of enduring vicious verbal attacks from Camilla, Kate Middleton is finally taking control of the situation! At her last official appearance Kate had to share a carriage ride with Camilla and in that short time Kate ended up so upset that Prince Harry flat out told his stepmom to shut her mouth. Basically Camilla reassured Kate that Prince William will not only cheat after he has a royal heir, but he will love his mistress far more than he has ever loved wretched Kate! That was the final straw!

According to the July 15th print edition of GLOBE Kate is done with all things Camilla. The Duchess could deliver her baby any day now and she has made it abundantly clear that evil Camilla is not to be allowed anywhere near her delivery room. That’s the absolute last thing that a first time mom getting ready to birth her baby needs- an overbearing, cruel woman to make things even more difficult. I’m sure that William will make sure that Camilla is kept as far away as possible but Camilla won’t go away quietly. She’ll certainly have to dip into that hip flask full of gin to help her cope with once again being ostracized by the Royals!

GLOBE: Kate Middleon Bans Camilla Parker-Bowles From Royal Delivery Room! (PHOTO)

Also in the latest issue of GLOBE there is a shocking new twist in the John Walsh story. If you remember a little over 30 years ago his son Adam Walsh was kidnapped and believed to be killed. It prompted John to spend decades of his life using America’s Most Wanted to capture the baddest of the bad criminals on the run. A new book out is claiming that Adam may actually still be alive though so you’ll want to grab GLOBE to catch up on this new twist!

Is Hillary Clinton gearing up for a life without Bill? She has had plastic surgery and also seems to be taking aim at a dash for the White House. Will she ditch her husband before she starts the next chapter in her life? Well, you’ll need to pick up the July 15th print edition of GLOBE for all of the inside info on Hillary and a bunch of other stories as well!

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