Kate Middleton Bare Bum Butt Exposure Intentional – No Underwear Accidentally on Purpose? (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton Bare Bum Butt Exposure Intentional - No Underwear Accidentally on Purpose? (PHOTO)

Surprise, surprise – Kate Middleton had yet another unfortunate accident with an anxious photographer. The camera just so happened to be in the right place at the right second and got a perfect shot of Kate’s naked bottom as she arrived in The Blue Mountain’s last month while touring Australia. Let’s be real for a minute here, this chick might be royalty but she is not nearly as innocent as some would want us to believe. She’s also not stupid. Kate knows that cameras are always lurking and that inappropriate photos are in high demand so if these things really embarrassed her so much then she would do simple things to prevent a photographer from getting footage.

Seriously it’s simple, underwear, boy shorts, Spanx, etc. would have prevented the current photo from being auctioned off. Realizing that she probably shouldn’t go topless is another idea. If Kate was really mortified then there would be absolutely no opportunity for these photos to exist. They happen because part of the duchess is enjoying the attention. She is on lock down and restricted in so many ways but this gives her a way to rebel. Or to prove that William didn’t marry a boring frump. Kate said a few years ago that she considers Angelina Jolie to be a bit of an idol. Anyone who puts Angie on a pedestal is by no means conservative, right?

Do you think that Kate enjoys the extra attention from the press? Is she secretly enjoying knowing that her rear end has been seen by men all over the world? Perhaps she also kind of likes being scolded by the palace and Queen Elizabeth for things like this. Her risky behavior must keep Prince William on his toes, right? Tell us your thoughts about Kate’s latest photo incident in the comments below!

Was Kate Middleton's Bare Bum No Underwear Butt Exposure Accidentally on Purpose? (PHOTO)