Bachelorette Emily Maynard Shocked Over Jef Holm’s Polygamy History

Bachelorette Emily Maynard Shocked Over Jef Holm’s Polygamy History 1004

I hope Bachelorette Emily Maynard likes big families because if the tabloids are true then she’s marrying into a HUGE one. In Touch magazine exposed Jef Holm’s polygamy history and he’s not too psyched about it. In fact, he’s raving mad.

In Touch reported that Jef’s grandfather had 11 wives and Jef’s dad had about 64 full and half siblings combined. But Jef’s dad apparently had enough of waiting in line for the bathroom so he left the fundamentalist wing of the Mormon church.

But Jeff has came out denying all of this telling the media to lay off his family. In an animated tweet he wrote, “Now they’re going after my family? My family DOES NOT, and HAS NEVER had any affiliation with polygamy. Ever. Mormons = 1�� & 1��. �� = ��.” (The squares are male/female emoticons tweeted from a phone). You know someone’s mad when they add emoticons.

So who knows if the polygamy story is true but let’s assume it is. Is that a deal breaker for you? If your fiance came from polygamists would you start two stepping your way out the back door? I’d seriously consider it. I’ve watched Sister Wives so I consider myself somewhat of an expert on polygamous families and it always seems like these guys just wake up one day and tell their first wives they’ve received a message from God to bang more women. It’s not a risk I’d be willing to take – especially for a dude I met on a reality show.

I feel kinda bad for Jef though. No one wants their dirty family secrets outed in a tabloid. But honestly, if his family is one generation away from polygamy then he should have thought twice before proposing in front of millions. Just saying…. But it’s not like Maynard’s a princess. You can’t pass a grocery store checkout line without seeing stories about her cheating already so this relationship had issues way before Joseph Smith got involved.

Do you think Jeff Holm was hiding his polygamy past? Will Emily rethink the wedding?