Big Brother 14 Week 8 Episode 25 Spoiler – Shocking Betrayal

Big Brother 14 Week 8 Episode 25 Spoiler - Shocking Betrayal

Dan Gheesling who won Big Brother 10 and who is now running the Big Brother 14 House, is going to pull one of the most shocking betrayals tonight in Big Brother history when he stabs Frank Eudy in the back.

The Catholic High School teacher from Michigan was pretty much at the end of his game a week ago and devised a plan to orchestrate his own funeral in front of the house guests which literally even brought the men to tears. What did this do for his game? Dan managed to strike a final two deal with Frank, his nemesis in the house by swearing on his wife and his marriage that he was telling him the truth that he would go all the way to the end with him. The two then went to Jenn Arroyo and convinced her to use the Veto to remove Dan from the block. On day 52, Ian Terry decided not to use his veto, while Jenn went through and used hers to take Dan off, Frank put up Britney Haynes as the replacement nominee. On day 55, Britney was evicted by a vote of 4-1.

Following the eviction on day 55, the house guests had to compete in a HOH competition that was strictly endurance. Ian outlasted everyone and won HOH. Ian winning was worse case scenario for a lot of house guests, especially Dan who had now formed a new alliance. Dan, yet again, came up with a new plan, this one was to revive the Quack Pack in avoid being put up on the block. In the end, the former Quack Pack members all believed that Dan is back on board with them and on day 56 Ian nominated Frank and Jenn for eviction.

On day 57, Dan won the POV competition. Frank was thrilled that Dan won because he thinks their alliance is going to keep him safe. Dan used the Veto on Jenn and Ian was forced to name a replacement, who was Joe Arvin.  Frank believes without a doubt that Dan is going to save him and convince everyone to vote out Joe, after all, Dan did swear on his wife and marriage.

Meanwhile, even though Dan has a solemn and sacred swear, he said last night that he fully intends to stab Frank in the back. Is there anything sacred anymore? I understand that this is a game, but swearing on your wife and marriage, being a Catholic teacher, does the man have any morals whatsoever? Obviously not!