Elizabeth Reaser Naked Crotch Shot Wardrobe Malfunction: Twilight Hong Kong (Photos)

2012 MTV Video Music Awards

Sometimes celebs wear the wrong things. Sometimes those wrong outfits are simply way too short and, well, certain parts of the body become exposed. And the paparazzi are undoubtedly there to capture these poor celebs’ tragedies — ones they’ll never be able to live down. Elizabeth Reaser, who is perhaps most well known for playing Esme Cullen in the Twilight franchise, exposed herself at a major press event in Hong Kong.

Radar reports that, despite her legs being tightly closed, her short dress couldn’t contain all her parts. “Despite keeping her legs tightly closed during her interview with an Asian news outlet, the 37-year-old’s lace mini dress was just too short, resulting in a truly mortifying moment for the star,” says Radar. “Hathaway is still feeling the heat from her X-rated incident on Monday night, where she completely exposed her lady parts in her bondage style Tom Ford gown.”

This unfortunate situation comes just days after Anne Hathaway’s lil’ exposure, which you can read all about by clicking here. Poor Anne is still feeling the backlash from her exposure. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how all of this turns out. Things might blow over kinda quickly for Elizabeth since she’s not in the media as much as Anne Hathaway, who is under immense attention now being that she stars in the upcoming musical Les Miserables — containing a great ensemble that is sure to clean up the awards season.

And you know what? Chances are Liz doesn’t care much . . . check out the pic of her in that black dress below. I think she’s pretty comfortable with her flesh. What do you think of all these crazy celebs misjudging their wardrobe coverage and accidentally showing it all off — usually as they exit cars or give interviews on couches? Craziness, that’s what we think. But we’ll stop reporting about these things when you stop reading about them.

Check out the pics below of Elizabeth Reaser and then if you want to see the moment (censored) when she flashed her femininity to a whole bunch of paparazzi click here.

Image credit to Fameflynet