Gene Simmons Family Jewels Season 7 Episode 8 Recap 6/25/12

Gene Simmons Family Jewels Season 7 Episode 8 Recap 6/25/12
Gene Simmons is back tonight with a new episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Tonight is episode 7 called “Gene’s Other Children”. Stand by as we live blog both episode with all the up-to-the-minute details.

On last week’s show Gene and Shannon took an overdue honeymoon trip to Africa, Shannon wanted to get Gene’s mind back on having another baby and Gene wanted to get Shannon’s mind off of it. Gene is informed about how in Africa you can have more then one wife, Shannon warns him that it wont be the lions he’ll fear if he even thinks about it.

Gene walked in on Nick and brings an inflatable KISS chair with cup holders and was surprised to see that Nick had guests; four girls. Nick told Gene that the four girls were just his room mates and although he wasn’t dating any of them, Gene was extremely proud.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our full and detailed recap HERE.

On tonight’s show Shannon surprises Gene by taking him to meet the African children he sponsors long distance. Meanwhile, Tracy begins the process of preparing for in vitro.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of season 7 of Gene Simmons Family Jewels so far!

RECAP: Gene is talking with Shannon about the animals they’ll be seeing in Zambia, wondering what it is they’re doing there. Shannon ask Gene is going out to dinner, back at L.A. Sophie talking to her aunt who’s doggy sitting for Gene and Shannon.Sophie tries to look in her purse and she keeps trying to get rid of her, as if she’s hiding something. Shannon meets a man named Eli to confirm everything she has planned for Gene the next day, Shannon’s sister is at the fertility center talking about her wanting to carry the baby which she now says she wants to. She asks if there are any medications she shouldn’t take, Shannon is waking up Gene who once again asks what animals they’ll be seeing today, they’ve been driving for hours and Gene is confused where they’re going. Passing a Child Fund  box Gene gets an idea where they’re actually going, it’s to where he supports some children. Gene still confused Shannon explains he’ll be visiting some of the kids the write to him and that he sponsors.

Gene is very surprised by the whole ordeal and asks how to say hello in their language to which he greets the children with, he goes inside one of the children’s houses who’s fourteen and lives alone. One of the children present Gene with a gift as a reminder of his visit with the children and he thanks the child, Shannon comes and brings the child gifts which was some books and a soccer ball. Gene went ahead and played with the child with the soccer ball as well, Sophie is talking to her cousin on the phone to tell her about her aunts weird vitamins she’s taking. Shannon and Gene go to visit the child the visits school as well after. Many kids ran up to the two to greet them, Gene asks if they come to school hungry which he’s told yes and asks if they come to school do they get food told no. Gene asks how much money it’d cost for the kids to get a meal a day and it was only $66, so Gene decided to pay for food for all the children there. They brought the kids many toys for the children and their sound guy even brought a helicopter camera which made the children excited. Shannon explains how happy she was seeing the children smile and get excited. When they get back to the hotel Gene says he was happy about going and Shannon tells him it’s good to show emotion and Gene says he’s got some big ideas. Nick calls Sophie to help him bring something into the house that is to heavy for him to carry outside, she agrees to go and help him.

Sophie gets outside and Nick keeps telling her to run and it turns out to be her boyfriend who came to visit, Shannon is talking to her sister on the phone about how Gene is loving the vacation and how she still hasn’t brought up the adoption again. Gene and Shannon decide to go and visit another school and they talk about how the kids have new desks and many of them didn’t have book or pencils. Shannon and Gene bring the students some gifts for their classroom. Shannon bought many school supplies for the kids and at the end they took a picture with the kids as well. Gene was having a good time with the children and Shannon hopes to last him a long time. Nick goes out to eat with Nick and they talk about what he’s planning with Sophie, talking about how he’d deal with Gene with taking her away. They joke about how Gene is scary and could make some calls to end everything and Nick (Sophie’s boyfriend) mentions he has a surprise for her, but wont mention what it is to Nick.

Nick asks for a hint and he tells him it’s kind of a twelve year commitment so Nick (Sophie’s boyfriend) keeps giving out hits but wont let Nick know for sure. Shannon and Gene are visiting another child he’s sponsoring and they also meet her grandmother, apparently she wants to be a nurse the child because her mother died of ammonia last month. Shannon present the girl with a gift and she also brings them a gift for visiting her, Gene says that he’ll continue to sponsor her. Gene decides he has to leave because he’s about to cry and tells Shannon that they have to talk. Both Nick’s then go to an indoor snow boarding place to hangout, Nick found the snowboarding cool but looked like he was slightly scared. Gene is looking at the art he was given by the children and Shannon asks if he re-thought the whole adoption thing, Gene then asks if this was the purpose of the whole trip. Shannon then asks Gene if the trip was to take her mind off of the adoption.

Gene explains it was to make her happy, she says that he wouldn’t say they could go any where if it weren’t so that she could forget the adoption. Nick and Nick get home and they both have a surprise for Sophie, Nick (her brother) goes and gets Sophie telling him it’s on the lawn outside. Nick (her boyfriend) got her a puppy and she’s happy about it. Gene shows Shannon an email he got from Sophie and how happy he was over it, how proud his daughter was of him. Gene and Shannon go to another school the next door and Gene brought a guitar this time, Gene then starts playing his guitar along with the children singing and playing the drums. Gene asks what the song they sung was and it was a song of appreciation to the teachers who’ve taught them, Gene then donates the guitar to the school. Gene asks if he can go back to one more village they went to before they left, Gene goes back to see the girl who wanted to be a nurse and brought them food. Gene says if she passes her test in school that he’ll pay for all of her education for school, they shake on the deal but she then gives Shannon a hug. Gene says that he’s supporting 44 African child and then says he’s now taking care of 1200.

The end!