Lindsay Lohan Drug Addict: On Track To Follow Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse?

Lindsay Lohan Drug Addict: On Track To Follow Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse?

Lindsay Lohan seemed to be on the verge of a comeback until recent reports surfaced that an intervention was being planned on her behalf.  Unfortunately, things went south pretty quickly.  Her supposed boyfriend, Josh Chunn, who was inside the house with her, would not let Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, inside and even went so far as to call the police at Lindsay’s request.  I’ve gotta say I was beginning to question Papa Lohan’s intentions until TMZ confirmed the existence of emails and texts that were sent between her father, her management team and her lawyer preparing to make a move to get Lindsay the help that she needs.

Is this a sign that she is heading the way of recently deceased celebrities Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse?  Are the pressures of Hollywood just too much for the young starlet?

Hopefully this is not the case.  Ms. Lohan has so much negative going on in her life right now that a conservatorship ala Britney Spears is not a bad idea.  She was slowly starting to get on the right track until something started to push her right back off of the ledge.  Was it pressure from work?  Was it her and her mother’s recently recorded cocaine fueled blowout?  Was it the horrible parenting she received?  So many questions are being asked as to how someone who supposedly has it all could purposefully sabotage their own life.  Perhaps it was everything piled together that led to her fall.

I am going to go ahead and assume that she is just a spoiled brat who refuses to grow up and face reality.  She is living life with such a sense of entitlement that she has lost all respect for anyone trying to help her succeed including herself.   Well, Ms. Lohan, your drama scenes are tiresome.  You have attempted to mark everything off of a self-sabotage checklist except the customary failed suicide attempt.  Grow up.  Quit using your father as an excuse for the way you are living your life and get back to work.  You may not think it is possible, but there is always someone younger, more attractive, and more talented just waiting in the wings to take your spot the moment you’ve gone just one step too far.


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