Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Sleep Together And Enjoy Sex Reunion In New York City?

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Sleep Together And Enjoy Sex Reunion In New York City?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are back together, this according to Star magazine. However, it’s not together like Rick and Elsa in Paris, it’s more like Tom and Nicole Kidman together in Eyes Wide Shut. According to the reports, Holmes and Cruise reunited in New York City of all places, but what was supposed to be a business meeting, turned into the rekindling of an old relationship. A source at the mag reveals, “Not only did she have a moment of serious weakness,” but she also “consented to something she never would’ve agreed to do under normal circumstances – accept Tom’s offer for her and Suri to spend Christmas at his hideaway in Telluride, Colorado.” Hideaway? A moment of serious weakness? What is this? A slasher film with Sue Sylvester?

Allegedly, the whole sordid “footprints in the sand” saga began when Cruise informed Holmes that he planned to spend the Christmas holidays with his kids – including little blue-eyed Suri. Now, one simply does not argue with the Cruise, as arguing with the little man will send your heart racin’ and your mind swirlin’, but Holmes did. She argued and argued like Judge Judy on a crystal meth binge. In fact, she argued so much that Cruise told her to meet face-to-face in New York during his Jack Reacher promotional tour. However, when Holmes walked down the cold winter alleyway to meet Cruise, flicking her hair and brushing snowflakes from her eyelids, the Hollywood moment sent Cruise and Holmes on a love binge with cupids and tears. The source reveals, “[The meeting] awakened a lot of feelings that Kate thought had died. They’ve barely talked since she left him in June, and it turns out her physical attraction to him is still strong.”

Unfortunately, Holmes wasn’t able to keep her lust to herself – because she’s a fame whore like that – so, the source continues, “One thing led to another and led to something that a lot of ex-spouses do when they’re alone together!” Let’s just call a spade a spade – sex. They had sex. However, as with all immature relationships, sex doesn’t usually lead to marriage and/or eternal love, but rather leads to insecurity and fear and madness. Strings are always attached. According to Star, “[Holmes] is very nervous about going to Telluride – she doesn’t know if she can really follow through on her promise.”

Yeah, we won’t be able to follow through either – random sexual encounters does that to people; ex-spouse or not. Good luck on Telluride, because – you know – you’re not Tom and Katie unTelluride the waves of make-up sex.

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  3. susan kuby stassi says:

    really, tom is that what you did? I hope not. It would be bad! and it can come back on you hard. susan kuby stassi,

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