Will Rupert Sanders Admit He Did Not Have Sex With Kristen Stewart?

Will Rupert Sanders Admit He Did Not Have Sex With Kristen Stewart? 1019

So is the scandal over? Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were caught k-i-s-s-i-n-g by the pool at her LA pad yesterday. All’s forgiven and forgotten? Water under the bridge? It would appear so. Everyone involved climbed through that Shawshank Redemption tunnel of shit and came out clean on the other side. But will we ever know the truth? Just like JFK and that over-achieving bullet and the questionable movement of the American flag on the moon, Kristen Stewart’s scandal is still shrouded in mystery. Will we ever know if Rupert Sanders hit a home run in that Mini Cooper and will it ever be in anyone’s benefit to tell the whole story?

Unless Kristen ever gets to Lindsay Lohan-type desperation… I doubt it. Rob, Kristen and Rupert have gotten this far with their secrets safely in tact, and besides the summer of I Hate Kristen, have all been doing more than OK lately. Kristen and Rob both have solid, post-Twilight jobs lined up and Rupert is in talks to direct two new films, including a Van Helsing project with Tom Cruise. Not bad kid. Not bad at all. Even poor Liberty Ross got a career resurgence out of the affair. She walked fashion week! And I will never forget her, or her brother’s (Leopold) names!

So I can’t imagine a world in which Rupert talked. Besides his hasty apology statement, he seems like he’s committed to making it work with Liberty. Was it yesterday they were seen hugging it out after couple’s therapy? Is it a coincidence that it was the same day Rob and Kristen were caught kissing? I have no idea. This story gets more confusing by the day. But I do know this. Hollywood can be a shit place and things are always good when they’re good. As long as Rupert keeps making movies, and more importantly, money, he’ll keep his trap shut. There’s no reason to talk. We’ll all just tiptoe past this scandal with nothing but a wink and a nod. But the second times get rough, the second the money and/or the talent washes up, then people start getting desperate and their stories a little louder. It’s the nature of the beast. Honestly, back when Lindsay Lohan was killing it in Mean Girls, did you think she’d end up on TMZ every other day screaming at her mom for doing blow in the street? Don’t lie! You did not! Lindsay’s a worse case scenario but it happens! Hell, Arnold Schwarzenegger just came out and wrote he banged Bridget Nielsen before she married his bestie, Sylvester Stallone. There was no reason for that disclosure, other than to point out that absolutely no one has respect for Bridget Nielsen.

So we wait. This story could be happily ever after or it could be something very different. But rest assured, the truth will come out sooner or later. It just won’t be when we need to hear it. It will be when Rob, Kristen or Rupert need to tell it.

She’s denied it adamantly but do you think Rupert will ever come clean about having sex with Kristen Stewart? Would he be the one out of the three to talk?