Angelina Jolie Reveals How She Stole Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston in $50 Million Tell-All Book

Angelina Jolie Reveals How She Stole Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston in $50 Million Tell-All Book

I think a lot of people would love to read the real truth about Angelina Jolie’s life- from her early days as a hard-partying rebellious teen to her current involvement in world peace efforts, especially if it’s in her own words. It seems that Angie has actually decided that the time is perfect for her to finally discuss the real truth of her lifestyle and put rumors to rest while no doubt opening various other cans of worms.

According to the Oct. 21st print edition of OK magazine, Angie is finally ready to tell the real story of her life and now that she has found inner peace she feels like she actually can be open about her bisexual trysts, drug use and god knows what else, without censoring herself.

Angelina Jolie Reveals How She Stole Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston in $50 Million Tell-All Book

Angie has taken a lot of heat for her relationship with Brad Pitt and has been blamed for years for his broken marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Angie insists that she never would have gone there if she didn’t believe Brad when he told her that his marriage to Jen was completely over and just a legality at that point in time.

Supposedly the main reason that Angie wants to have a voice now is because she wants her kids to understand how lucky she is not to have overdosed or been a young Hollywood casualty. I can understand her wanting to set the record straight but I don’t buy writing a book for the kids sake. An honest conversation would no doubt be a better approach, don’t you think?

Do you think Angie will really dish on the details of her early days with Brad – when Jen was still in the picture? Angie likes to inadvertently make Brad’s marriage to Jen seem trivial and totally unimportant. Would she dare to go there in detail? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Angelina Jolie Reveals How She Stole Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston in $50 Million Tell-All Book

41 responses to “Angelina Jolie Reveals How She Stole Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston in $50 Million Tell-All Book”

  1. allie says:

    She didn’t steal him, he walked away

  2. patty c says:

    And then Billy Bob and Laura Dern were also over when she married Dern’s fiancee’ BBT? She loves to rewrite history now that she’s facing life as a single mom.

    • tahoegeminii says:

      who is constantly paying the tabloids and using people like skankky Chelsea handler to rewrite history??-to this date not a freakin word from Brad or Angie about “poor Jen”-actions speak louder than words no matter how many times or how loud or how much you pay to spread them-in fact most of the world’s liars are the ones yelling the loudest and pointing the finger-get a grip-Anustain is a skankk a lying manipulative skankk that got dumped for being a liar and now wants to drown out anyone who dares to speak the truth-why do you think she absolutely freaks everytime Brad does any magazine interviews-he never mentions her yet she spends months after every one trying to make them all about poor her-wahh wahh

  3. Jewel Cruz says:

    50 million? they have that money…. and their foundation is tax exempted from all the govts around the world

  4. tahoegeminii says:

    he had no other choice?-I think he had about a million choices-get real

  5. tahoegeminii says:

    I would love to hear her version-we all have heard “poor Jen’s” PR spun spiteful “version” over and over and over-and Brad and Angie-never a word-that tells a smart person one thing-Anustain is spewing out as much garbage as she can first to try and rewrite history in her favor-one thing I think we all know is that Brad married Anustain because he wanted kids and Anustain married Brad to promote her career-after 5 years Brad realized that Anustain had no intentions of getting pregnant and was using him, had lied to him and was a self absorbed greedy cow with no real interests other than herself or shopping-he wanted more from life and he found the partner that would be there for him-his soulmate-and jealous nasty spiteful hissy fit Anustain is such a grudge holding conniving back stabbing c–t that 8 years later she is still out for revenge

    • Lulu says:

      If Brad “wanted children” when he married Maniston, why did his long time friend, his make-up artist that has been with from the beginning say that Brad never really talked about children as a “reality” until he fell in love with Angie, before, she said he always talked about children as something he wanted in the future, not when he was married.

  6. tahoegeminii says:

    yeah Lauara Dern is one nasty POS for sure -but since she is really not that good looking she gets away with the husband stealing easier

  7. tahoegeminii says:

    Ummm-they don’t- they NEVER mention her-it is Anustain with her rancid claws in every headline about them and still riding their coattails for a career-and that’s what “poor Jen’s” big stick up her asss is all about -they have moved on and have 6 beautiful children and a full life of good deeds top prove it-Anustain has a string of crappp movies where she tried to date every single one of her co-stars and act like they were all “smitten” with her to get back at them-bitter hag much??

  8. tahoegeminii says:

    talk about your made up lies-she probably had abortions and Brad found out-

  9. Lulu says:

    So for nearly 10 years Maniston has been whining and crying and getting her friends to slam Angelina and the Jolie-Pitt children because “Brad was trying to save his ego”, yeah, that makes sense. LMAO

  10. Lulu says:

    Who said Maniston had “miscarriages”, the NE, because Maniston claims she’s never been pregnant, strange that other people know more about Maniston’s reproductive organs that she does.

  11. Lulu says:

    Where’s the link, what magazine article, you don’t have one, you’re delusional. Get over it, Brad didn’t want to be married to a boring, stupid, vapid, waste of space, and it looks as if NO other man wants to either. LOL

  12. Lulu says:

    Oh yes she does, just read the transcripts from the lawsuit the female write filed against Friends, Maniston comes off as a W.H.O.R.E.

  13. Lulu says:

    Why did Maniston admit she was OBESSED with all things Brad and Angie, that she read every article about them, that she even went so far as to pretend she had Brad and Angie’s children with her, the woman is NUTS.

    • The Nasty Bits says:

      that is the biggest of all loons lies I think I have ever heard. you have a link to that story?

  14. Lulu says:

    Nobody had to, Aniston was always willing, that is if a part in a film or an extra line on the Friends sitcom was involved, unfortunately the poor Directors, Writers,and Producers just ended up with a dose of the clap and Aniston ended up with what she started out with, nothing.

  15. Salem says:

    Jennifer NEVER had a miscarriage, SHE said that, so stop your sick lies. Aniston cheated on Pitt, he never cheated on her, SHE said that herself so stop your sick lies. Aniston does hate children so I too, have no doubt she had an abortion. She is an evil homewrecker who hates kids.

  16. Salem says:

    No, YOU are projecting the slimy skank Aniston’s sick behaviour on classy decent moral Angelina. Justin NEVER said ANYTHING, so that proves that you LIED as he NEVER said they had broken up, on the contrary, he said he and Aniston were ‘only friends’. THAT is THE truth, no one can say Angelina is a homewrecker, there is NO PROOF. But it has been PROVEN BEYOND A DOUBT that Aniston is an immoral trashy homewrecking skank and thats the truth so you need to accept it and stop your sick lies.

  17. Salem says:

    Of COURSE Angelina gets publicity for her humanitarian work, thats the WHOLE ENTIRE POINT of her being a CELEBRITY Ambassador, DUH!! Aniston has never done a single thing for charity except spread her legs for taken men, THAT, is *the* difference!

  18. Salem says:

    You are sick and must be trolling because they are right, Aniston is as OBSESSED with Angelina as you are said Aniston WON’T STOP talking about Brad and Angelina. The lies just flow from you you are really that sick and unstable.

  19. Salem says:

    Wow, your lies are out of control!! Angelina has never uttered ONE WORD about that whorish man-stealer Aniston let alone make ANY claim about why Brad left Aniston. Where do you get off MAKING UP the *most outrageous* LIES?!??

    • Guest says:

      Oh I think loons should never accuse anyone of making up lies. You people are the laughing stock of Hollywood and the internet and partially responsible for why everyone in Hollywood hates Angie. Congrats.

      • Salem says:

        Replying to a YEAR old comment? Wow. You AnistonLOONS are pathetic, and that’s why you are the laughing stock. Hate to break it to you loon, but Angelina is well-respected by the MAJORITY in Hollywood. No one hates her. Sorry to burst your bubble. Deal with it.

  20. Salem says:

    More lies. Angelina has NEVER confessed to anything, and Justin NEVER made ANY COMMENT about Heidi, the only time he said anything was to say he was still with Heidi and that he and Aniston were JUST FRIENDS. Proving Theroux is a cheating douchebag LIAR. It was PROVEN that Justin and Heidi were still a couple, with PHOTOGRAPHIC *EVIDENCE*, when Aniston opened her legs and stomped all over Heidi’s heart and stole her man, and its not the first time, she is a serial homewrecker. She did the same to Tate Donovan and Sandra Bullock. Angelina has never done anything like that, so stop your sick lies and get help because you aren’t convincing anyone.

  21. realgossip says:

    you know it’s so funny that it’s all about the two women. It’s a known fact that Mike Tyson actually walked in on Brad and Robin Givens doing it in his own bed in his own house (and turned away and shut the door) – when they were still married. Hollywood is very incestuous.

    • janelle says:

      Yep. Brad is a sicko. The only reason he stays in this relationship with angelina is because of the kids. He is traped for life. They are trying their best to make people believe they are happy. He knows if he leaves her he will look stupid and his career will be over. If they were so happy, why try so hard to show people, just be happy.

  22. orla says:

    can i just say from reading your comments you really are a disgusting human being. The things you have said are horrible about a woman you dont kno. Also please attach your evidence that aniston had an abortion.
    Why do you hate on someone who just loved her husband and he left her. Give her a break, all she did was fall in love with a guy who fell out of love with her, and you hate on her? Its rediculous. I really dont understand why you hate on Jen for just loving Brad, its cruel.

  23. janelle says:

    What goes around comes right back around. Brad is going to do the same thing to her, the only thing is she is going to be left with all those kids.

  24. Guest says:

    Loons cant get it into their head that Brad is loser and was never good enough for Jennifer in the first place. He needed a tabloid ho like Jolie because that is what he is. It is hilarious that you keep telling yourselves anyone wants Jen and Brad together. Too gross.

  25. Guest says:

    You are a fucking liar. They didnt sleep together for 6 months after they started dating. common knowledge. God I hate loons. Too bad B&A who you love so much aren’t getting by without the fanficton. And a real ho would be a chick who gets her tits groped on the red carpet in front of her dad and fucks her costars on the set in front of everyone like Angie ho.

  26. Guest says:

    Another lie that you cant back up.

  27. Salem says:

    Lol, coming from a Female First psychotic loonatic like yourself, that is RICH! Your nic suits you. You are nasty, full of hatred and a psycho. Of course you “don’t give a shit about Aniston” – they ALL say that – that is why you say she fails to be relevant without Aniston. YET, Aniston is the one who has built a career on coat-tailing and stalking the JPs and who has to continually talk about her marriage. Without her connection to the JPs, Aniston would just be an irrelevant and extinct footnote in American tv sitcom history, and you know it. Aniston cannot survive without leeching off and attaching herself to Brad and Angelina. She is a nobody without them, and you darn well know it!

    • The Nasty Bits says:

      And you are a last word freak too!!!
      Actually I am a DL fan. We use facts! Not fan fiction. And the fact that all the PSYCHO HATE rants about JA are allowed on JJ but the tiniest little dig a jolie is deleted is proof POSITIVE that Jolie ceases to exist without a JA Hate Group. You dont even have to know who JA is to see that.

      • Salem says:

        I knew that, since you all engage in lies and fiction, not fact. I have no idea what happens on JJ, I read it occasionally a few years back, have never posted there, and haven’t even looked at the website since. So I don’t know what is deleted or what isn’t. But, you, like so many Anistonloons I am told, seem to be all too familiar about what happens over there. Apparently there are so many REAL PSYCHO HATE rants that FLOOD the Angelina stories, from Anistonloon psychos. So clearly, you are lying.
        Btw, the fact that when reporters write articles about Angelina, they don’t mention her ex (BBT) like they mention Pitt/Jolie when writing Aniston articles is OVERWHELMING PROOF ITSELF that Angelina RESTS ON HER OWN, whereas any story Aniston has, it mentions her ex. Because without mentioning she was once married to Pitt, she would cease to exist, and lets be honest, YOU KNOW IT. Without the Psycho Angelina Hate Group, Aniston would have NO support. Heck, she can barely even make 1 million dollars for her movie Cake, that SHE headlined, all on her own! So her ‘supporters’ are only there to hate Angelina, not buy tickets to her movies. AND, the fact that Angelina’s OpEds on her operations get soooooooo much attention that tv Drs, Cancer heads etc talk about it, PROVES SHE DOESN’T NEED ANISTON TO MAKE A HEADLINE, and shows YOU ARE FULL OF FUQKING SHIT!!!

      • Salem says:

        Without Aniston Angelina ceases to exist? Oh REALLY? Angelina Jolie crowned world’s top feminist icon
        BY: WENN.COM MAR 27, 2015 | 8:10AM EDT

        Angelina Jolie has been named the world’s foremost feminist icon just days after she underwent potentially life-saving surgery to remove her ovaries. The Hollywood actress, who had a preventative operation last week (ends22Mar15) in a bid to eliminate a cancer risk, came out top of a new poll naming women’s rights champions. Jolie took pole position in the survey by fashion house Rose & Willard for her work with the United Nations (U.N.) and her campaigns to end sexual assaults on women in war zones.

        Want a spatula to scrape the egg off your face? ;) haha

  28. Salem says:

    Again, you Anistonloons seem to really believe that everyone is like you, that we all flood every single site with hate just like you. Again, I say to you, I honestly have never posted on that site. And that is the honest truth. Take it or leave it, I don’t care. Considering you Anistonloons cannot make ONE comment on that slimy sl.ut of a fraud aniston without dragging Angelina into it, you’re a joke even trying to deflect the truth. Without Angelina, Aniston is irrelevant, because EVERY…..SINGLE…..TIME Aniston is mentioned, who does the author mention in the same article? That’s right, that her ex is Brad Pitt. Clearly, this OVERWELMINGLY PROVES that Aniston cannot exist without coat-tailing the JPs. I rest my case.