GLOBE: Bill Clinton Ordered To Take Paternity Test For Secret Son! (Photo)

GLOBE: Bill Clinton Ordered To Take Paternity Test For Secret Son! (Photo)

I think Hillary Clinton really does want to shake lose all of her potential scandals now just in case she does decide to make a full blown dash for the White House in a few years. First she has a tell-all book coming out that isn’t a delicate look at her life in politics. Instead she is answering the tough questions and willingly visiting some events in her life that were like death blows (Monica Lewinsky) at the time when they first occurred. It seems that Hillary also is expecting her husband, Bill Clinton, to be equally exposed , as she is now demanding to know the truth about a man that claims Bill is his father.

According to the June 3rd print edition of GLOBE, Bill is being forced to finally take a paternity test. The magazine has been reporting on this story for quite a while now, as regular readers will attest. Bill supposedly conceived a child more than 20 years ago with an escort back in Arkansas. The child is now a grown man with several children of his own. That’s a pretty big secret to keep and apparently it’s not the bombshell that Hillary wants being unearthed during her presidential race, she’s rather make Bill rip off the band aid now instead.

Camilla Parker-Bowles is a real piece of work isn’t she? She will stop at nothing to become the next queen and ironically enough, even though sitting atop the throne is her husband, Prince Charles’ birthright, she cares a million times more than he does. Camilla is also a notorious bully- just ask Kate Middleton– and as Charles hesitates about fulfilling his royal duties she has resorted to threats to get him to proceed. According to the June 3rd print edition of GLOBE, Camilla is threatening to tell the world Charles’ gay secrets! Whether or not he has any is absolutely irrelevant because Camilla would have no problem creating a past to horrify the royals!

Everyone has their secrets and this week the GLOBE has uncovered some of the painful stuff that Dr. Joyce Brothers took to the grave with her. GLOBE presents another jam packed issued that covers the breaking news, hot Hollywood gossip, political scandals and as always, the latest drama with the royal family. GLOBE fills a void that none of the other weeklies dare to fill.  GLOBE never flinches at bringing the hard to discover secrets of the big shots to light – no matter how sensitive the topic.  When I want the inside track on the stories that really matter I go to GLOBE.

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