Homeland RECAP 12/15/13: Season 3 Finale “The Star”

Homeland RECAP 12/15/13: Season 3 Finale “The Star”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “The Star” Saul plans a rescue as Brody struggles to find redemption in the season 3 finale  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode Brody asked for asylum and they were wondering if he had turned again and whether Brody was an asset or whether he is a serious liability. Carrie was freaking out because she just did not want anyone to abandon Brody and you know she tried her best to make sure that does not happen. Senator Lockhart and Saul gave the order to get rid of Brody.

On tonight’s episode and the season 3 finale security forces are closing in on Carrie and Brody, and Brody struggles to find redemption.  Saul is going to attempt a rescue.  Rumors have been circulating that they are going to kill Brody off but I am not buying those rumors.  I cannot wait for tonight’s episode after a slow start Homeland has finally gotten back to the show I loved.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 finale — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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Brody drags Akbari’s body behind the desk. He takes a deep breath and pours a glass of water to wash the blood off his hands. Carrie walks through the kitchen entrance of the hotel and out the back door. She rushes along. Javadi rushes out the front door and to his car and drives away. They let him out the gate.

Brody searches Akbari’s desk and finds a gun. He shoves it in his waistband and composes himself. He comes out and see the secretary is gone. He closes the door behind him and walks out. Two guards escort him to the rope and then they let him go down the stairs. He walks at a casual pace like nothing is up. He is to the front door and out when someone says something.

He turns and there is someone speaking to him. They want his visitors badge back. The man unclips it and Brody is allowed to leave. Akbari’s secretary finds his body.

Brody’s car pulls up and he hops in. He pulls the gun out ready for trouble. They sow their papers and are allowed through the gate! Someone yells for them to stop but Brody puts a gun to his neck and tells him to drive. He does. They speed away.

Carrie calls Saul to tell him that Brody killed Akbari. He’s confused and she tells him again that he completed the mission. She says he called her from Akbari’s office. Saul asks if she believes him. She tells him that Brody is on the way to her and Saul says he could be leading IRGC to her. He reminds her if she’s taken that they will deny all knowledge of her. She tells him to confirm Akbari’s death and get the extraction plan geared up.

Saul tells Dar to get Javadi on the line. Carrie waits at a café. Brody kicks his driver out of the car and points the gun at him. He demands his phone and the man hands it over. He throws it down the hill and drives away leaving the driver stranded but alive.

Brody looks around for Carrie but doesn’t see her at the tables where they agreed to meet. He looks at his watch nervously. He walks away. He head down the street back to his car and gets in. He’s panicking. Carrie is there and knocks on the window. He tells her to move over so she can drive. She says they are going to swap to her car and then head to a safe house. She tells him to duck down and drives away.

Javadi confirms that Akbari is dead and that it’s not a trick. Javadi tells him he’s in charge of the manhunt for Brody and he wants him arrested and in front of a judge in the next 48 hours. He tells him that him being able to arrest Brody will cement his reputation and allow him to take Akbari’s place. Javadi asks if he’s with Carrie and promises to protect her. Saul says he’ll get back to him.

Dar thinks Saul should hand them over to Javadi. He tells him it’s Saul’s last day as director and he should take his foot off the gas. Saul says no and tells Dar to initiate the extraction plan. Carrie drives them out into a rural area. Brody gazes out the window with a 1000 yard stare. He tells her he was born in the desert – the Mojave – where his dad was stationed. Carrie says she can’t believe she didn’t know that. Brody says that he’s glad his dad isn’t alive because all this would have broke his heart.

They see a car approaching and Brody ducks down. It passes and she tells him it’s okay. He asks how much further and she says another 50 miles or so. They travel in silence. Finally she pulls into a remote area of buildings and into a garage. They get out and walk to the main house and Brody heads off to the bathroom. There doesn’t seem to be anyone there. Carrie pokes around the place. She checks the fridge and there’s nothing there. In the bathroom, Brody washes his hands and then stares at himself in the mirror.

In the ops center, they watch the news as they announce Akbari’s death. Dar asks if they are going to extract Brody and Carrie through Turkey or Afghanistan. It will take 210 minutes for the Chinooks and Black Hawks to get to them. They are nervous because they are making plans on the fly. Dar says he’ll let the director know and Dar confirms Saul is still the director for the next 11 hours and 10 minutes.

Carrie brings blanket to Brody and he thanks her. She tells him they may be there a couple of days and he says there are worse places. She asks what’s going on with him and he reminds her he took a man’s life today. She tells him Akbari was a bad man who sent children out to clear land mines.

Saul calls and tells Carrie to tell Brody well done and says he will get him out safely. He tells her the extraction team should be there by sunrise and that he’s headed to Germany and will meet them in Ramstein. She says she’ll see him there and they end the call.

Carrie comes back to Brody and asks if he can sleep. She tells him Saul is getting them out tonight. She tells him Saul said well done and Brody says he’s not sure what that means. She says it means a lot coming from Saul. He asks her what comes next when they get home and she says she doesn’t know. She asks what he wants and he says he doesn’t know because he never thought he would get his far.

Brody tells her about the doctor in Caracas who called him a cockroach that was unkillable and made life worse everywhere. Brody tells her you can’t redeem one murder with another. She reminds him he’s a marine and he says he’s not and hasn’t been for some time. Carrie tells him he ran a mission for his country. She asks why he agreed to do it and he says it’s becoming less f-in clear to him all the time.

[10:18:20 PM] Rachel Rowan: Carrie tells him she’s pregnant – four months pregnant – from when they were together at the lake. He tells her she should have said something and she says she doesn’t know what will happen back home later and says there will be a life and that she’s not sorry about it. She says she thinks she was put on earth for their paths to cross as crazy as it sounds. He asks if she’s through and she says yes and stops talking. He tells her it doesn’t sound crazy at all but like the only sane f-in thing in the whole world. Carrie says – well okay then.

Brody finally lays down to sleep while Carrie watches over him. She hears the sound of helicopters and wakes him. She says – they’re here. They head outside into the dark morning. She tells him to run as headlights turn on – it’s the Irani police. They haul him away as she calls his name. She asks the cops to call Javadi and the lead cop says Colonel Javadi is aware. They speed off and leave Carrie there alone. She calls Saul and tells him to explain what just happened. She says Javadi’s men took Brody.

Saul storms into the room where Dar is with Lockhart. He calls them pussies and asks who called Javadi and ordered the helicopters back. Lockhart says he called the president and Dar said he didn’t have a choice but to call Lockhart. Saul says Brody was an asset. Dar says that Brody arrested is better than him back in the US. They try to tell him that they were protecting his legacy and he tells him he doesn’t know what the f- they’re doing there anymore.

Carrie comes back to her hotel room and packs hurriedly. She walks out the door within minutes and is back in the lobby walking out. She is almost to the door when she is grabbed up by two men in suits who shove her in a car and drive away with her. They take her to Javadi. He asks where she was going and he says he’s guessing not to the airport. He asks if she’s going to Fara’s uncle. He tells her she misunderstands her. Javaid tells her that no one is just one thing. He tells her that Brody is in prison and says he was sentenced to death this morning by a military tribunal.

Carrie tells him he’s insane and he has to stop it. He tells her that he’s being executed at 4 am right before morning prayers. She tells him to stop it. Javadi tells her the plan was a success and she can’t burn it all down. She says not if he dies and Javaid disagrees and says – more so if he dies. He says that he knows what she went through – all the hardships – to lure him in. He say she asked himself why she would do it and he knows now it was always about Brody and that he’s the only thing she cares about.

Javadi says there can be no debate about what Brody did. He says that she wanted everyone to see Brody how she sees him and he says now they all do – Saul, Lockhart, even him. She begs him to take her to Brody and he says he can’t. He tells her that Brody is at peace in his cell. She begs for a two minute phone call.

Brody pours water over his head in his cell. He washes his body down as someone comes in and sets a cell phone down. He picks it up and says hello. It’s Carrie and she tells him she’s going to get Saul to fix it. Brody tells her no one can stop it now – not even Saul. He tells her not to waste her time with false hope. He says he wants it to be over and Carrie begs him not to say it. He tells her that he’s okay. He says he wants her to do something for him and she says anything. Brody tells her that he doesn’t want her to be there when he dies. He tells her not to put herself through it. She says she has to be and will be. They ask for the phone back and he tells her has to go – Carrie asks him to just stay there for a few more seconds. She’s crying hard now. Brody hand the phone back to the guard. Carrie gives up finally and hangs up.

Saul sits at his desk. His phone rings. It’s a very upset Carrie and he tells her he just heard. He tells her wishes there was something he could do. He tells her that he doesn’t work at the CIA anymore and the president was the one that made the call on it. She asks about Amnesty International and he says it’s too late for that. She says – oh God – and Saul says – I’m so sorry.

A crowd gathers for Brody’s public execution. Carrie comes there with Fara’s uncle. He tells Carrie they should go back but she refuses. Carrie works her way through the crowd to get closer.

Brody sits in his cell waiting. They come to get him and he goes quietly. Two guards escort him out. He is put into a police car and driven away. The police car pulls up and the crowd begins to yell. Many are holding signs and placards. They beat on the police car as it comes into the square. As Brody is brought out, the crowd goes wild, but are held back by the tall chain link fence.

Brody turns down the blindfold he is offered and they bring him to the noose. Akbari’s widow spits on him and puts the noose around his neck. The noose is tied to a crane. It cranks up and slowly lifts him up to prolong the death. Carrie watches, clutching the fence, in tears. Brody twitches and Carrie climbs the fence. She calls his name. He is gasping for his last breaths. He looks at her. A guard knocks her down from the fence with his baton. Brody twitches again and is dead. Carrie collapses into tears. She turns and walks away and the uncle follows.

Four months later…

Saul smiles at children as he walks home – he’s in a beachfront town. Mira is there and smiles when he comes in with fresh baked goods. She opens the newspaper and asks if he saw it. She asks what he thinks and he says they should buy this place and never leave. She reads about how Iran has opened their doors to inspections in exchange for sanctions lifted. She tells him he did it and it’s his crowning achievement. He says it cost him his career and she says it was a hell of a way to go out. He asks her to go to DC with him and says he has to be at the commemorative ceremony – he says they have 32 stars to put up (for agents they have lost).

Mira asks if he’ll see Carrie while he’s there and he says he’s called several times but can’t seem to get her.

At the CIA, Carrie walks in to see Lockhart. She’s heavily pregnant. He tells her to look well and asks her to sit. He asks if she’s taking maternity leave. She says a few hours. He tells her that Saul was right about Javadi and she says Saul is always right. Lockhart says he couldn’t keep him on and she says they can agree to disagree.

He offers to make her station chief in Istanbul to run Javadi. She asks if she can pick her own crew and he says she needs to keep the deputy there and she agrees. Carrie asks about the commemorative ceremony. She asks him to give Brody a star and says he meets all the critera. Lockhart says he wasn’t a CIA employee and his actions prior to Tehran cast a shadow. She reminds him Brody was tortured for eight years when he was a Marine. He says a final no and asks if it will be a problem for her. She says no sir and leaves.

There are construction crews there busy rebuilding the CIA headquarters. Carrie runs into Quinn and asks him for a cigarette. He says no and she promises not to light it. She just wants to hold it. She tells him that Lockhart just gave her a promotion to Istanbul. She says it’s bad and points to her swollen baby. Quinn asks what’s bad about it. She says she didn’t think it through. She says she wanted the baby because of Brody and he says that’s love. She says she can’t be a mother. Quinn says she can. Carrie says she’ll be a great station chief but can’t be a mother. Quinn says the baby is a gift and that he f-ed up with his kid and it would be a shame to see her do the same. He walks away.

Saul meets Dar for breakfast. Dar tells him everyone is calling the Iran coup “the maestro.” He says that Lockhart will be dining out on their success for the rest of their career. Saul asks if he’ll join him in the private sector and Dar says he’s a lifer. He asks Saul if he’s missing the agency and then says he’d come back if Lockhart asked. Saul says never and Dar says he would. They order their food.

Carrie sits contemplating her big belly and jumps as the baby kicks. Her sister and dad come into her place with a ton of baby gear to set up – it’s her sister’s old stuff from her daughter. Her dad asks if she has a rocker and he says he may make a rocking chair. Her sister asks about her ultrasound and Carrie says it was good – they said the baby is perfect. She’s having a girl.

Carrie sits back down and tells Maggie she won’t need the stuff because she’s moving to Istanbul. Her dad asks when and she says as soon as she gives birth she’s going. Carrie tells them she can’t keep her daughter. Her dad says not to say that. Carrie says she can’t and Maggie says she can. Carrie reminds them that she has issues. Her sister says the baby will ground her – she says she’ll be astonished by the love she will feel for her daughter.

Carrie says there’s no love there – just fear. Her dad says he won’t let her leave her daughter the way her mom left her – her Dad says he’ll take her daughter and Carrie asks if he really would. Carrie tells them she is scared and sad. She cries and says she’s so f-ing sad. Maggie holds her tight.

At the commemorative ceremony, Lockhart reads off the names of the agents that have been lost the past year. He says they are all a source of inspiration and courage that answered the call to duty faithfully. He says they are America’s heroes and should be remembered that way. He calls for a moment of silence. Carrie bows her head along with the others.

The book of those lost is placed back in its ceremonial shelf and the glass is closed. Lockhart invites everyone up to the reception. Carrie tells Quinn she wants to sit there awhile. Saul comes to find her and says – hey. He tells her Lockhart gives a good speech and she says – he’s a politician. He tells her he heard about Istanbul and says she deserves it. She tells Saul it’s wrong that he’s out. Dar comes to find Carrie and says Lockhart is asking for her because there is a situation.

Carrie wishes him luck and he tells her to take care. They hug and say good-bye. Carrie watches him walk away and out of the building. She heads upstairs. Later, Carrie stands in the darkened lobby and looks at the stars on the wall of the fallen. She pulls out a sharpie and adds one more… She walks out of the CIA.