Hostages RECAP 12/2/13: Season 1 Episode 11 “Off the Record”

Hostages RECAP 12/2/13: Season 1 Episode 11 “Off the Record”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “Off the Record.”  On tonight’s show Ellen finds someone who might be a viable bone marrow donor.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show after a member of the President’s staff was murdered, Ellen urged Duncan to back out of the assassination plot, while other members of the President’s staff take matters into their own hands. Meanwhile, after scouring Nina’s medical records, Ellen found someone who might be a viable bone marrow donor.

On next week’s show Duncan locks the Sanders family in a room for the day while he and his team head to New York City to eliminate the sniper team targeting President Kincaid. Meanwhile, Duncan’s mother-in-law tells Burton she wants to expose the President.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Duncan tells Sandrine, Kramer and Archer that another team is assembling in New York to take out the president. He tells them they need to stop them so they can complete the mission themselves and get paid. They agree.

Brian tells his kids that they don’t need to cooperate with the assassins and their dad says cooperation doesn’t mean collaboration. He tells Morgan and – that they are getting too involved like with – providing the alibi. Brian asks where it will end and Morgan says with her mom killing the president. Brian says they don’t need to lose their way.

Archer comes down and tells the family it’s time to move out.

Sandrine meets with Logan and she clarifies that all she has to do is provide information. He says that’s the deal and he tells her that after it’s done he’ll give her Canadian passports for her and her son and he hands her an envelope of money. He tells her to hang onto the cash as a gesture of good faith. He says the people he’s working for just want to know what’s going on with Duncan. Logan tells her it’s better than the alternative. She tells him nothing and heads out.

Archer gathers the family and tells them he’s nailed the windows shut and that they’re locking them in. He says they can’t leave the room. They give them a basket of food and bolt the bedroom door shut with a deadbolt.

Duncan shows Archer the map and says he sent Sandrine ahead to look for the sniper. Duncan says the president will be in an unmarked SUV. Archer suggests calling in a bomb threat but Duncan says that will alert Kincaid’s team that there is a threat and they could change the surgery schedule as well. He says they need to shut down the shooting without Kincaid’s team ever knowing there was a threat.

Burton calls to confirm his flight arrangements to Madrid – two tickets for him and his granddaughter Sawyer. There’s a knock at his door. It’s Kate – Nina’s birth mother. He asks why she’s there and says she should not be there. Kate tells him that Ellen came to see her and she demands to know why he didn’t tell her that Nina is sick. She says she has a right to know her daughter is sick. She tells him she’s ready to tell her story and expose Kincaid as a rapist.

Logan tells Blair the New York team is ready to take out the President. He says that Sandrine is working with him and Blair says as soon as the kill in New York happens, they need to take out Duncan’s team starting with Duncan. Logan asks what about the Sanders and he says to make it a murder suicide with Brian killing his family die to financial problems before taking his own life.

Duncan and Archer study the layout around the cathedral in New York. Archer says he would look for elevation and Duncan said they would also need an easy escape route. Duncan says they need more information and Archer says they don’t have time to do the recon on three buildings. Duncan says they need the blueprints.

Kate tells Burton that she’s ready to speak out and says she already told her husband everything. Burton tells her that Kincaid is dangerous and is much more powerful than he was when he hurt her. She says she’s a lot tougher now. Burton says that it could affect Nina and she says she’s dying anyway.

Duncan comes back into the bedroom and tells Brian he needs schematics for three buildings in New York. Ellen asks why they need it and Duncan says it’s important to all of them. Brian says he can’t help him and Duncan asks if it’s can’t or won’t and Brian says both. Ellen gives Duncan a look. Duncan tells Brian he still hasn’t learned anything and yanks Ellen out of the room. The kids and Brian panic. Duncan locks them in the bedroom again and brings Ellen downstairs to the kitchen.

He asks what she wanted to tell him and Ellen says she can get him the schematics. She asks if it’s about the President and he says he needs to save his life and the specs will help. Duncan tells her he needs them soon. He gives her the key to let her family out and says if he fails to save the President’s life in New York that she needs to get her family out of town fast. Duncan says he wishes she never had to be involved – he says he knows she won’t believe him but it’s true.

Ellen meets Brian’s mistress Samantha in the park and she says she thought they were in Montreal. Ellen tells her that Brian is in financial trouble and that he borrowed some money from the wrong people and then couldn’t pay them back. Ellen says they threatened to hurt her and the kids and Samantha asks why he wouldn’t tell her and Ellen says he probably didn’t want to put her at risk. Ellen tells her the people are really dangerous and will hurt the kids. She asks Samantha for her access code so she can look up the schematics on three buildings for a potential business deal.

Burton shows Kate photos of Nina growing up. He shows her Nina’s sixth birthday where she shoved a cupcake in a boy’s face when he tried to steal it. Kate tells Burton he did a good job raising her and he says that Nina is a fighter and the doctor’s said she should have been dead a year ago. He says he still hasn’t given up on Nina. Kate says what Kincaid did to her has come rushing back and she’s angry all over again. Burton tells her that Nina has had a good life and so has Kate and that she doesn’t need to stir up ghosts. Kate refuses and says she wants to show her daughter that she’s a fighter too.

In New York, Kramer and Sandrine get ready to do some research. Sandrine gets a text from Logan and lies to Kramer and says it was a message about her son. He asks if it was from her son’s father and she says they don’t talk anymore.

The rest of the Sanders are worried about Ellen and they wonder where they took Ellen and what’s happening to her. Morgan tells her dad he should have just given them the plans he wanted. Brian says she’s giving up too easy and that they shot him, took his family captive and took over their home but he’s still not defeated. He tells her it’s all psychological and that as long as they stay united, they’ll be stronger than Duncan and his crew.

Kramer tells Sandrine that when it’s all over that he doesn’t want to say good-bye to her. Sandrine says she feels the same way and they kiss. She tells him if something happens today that she’s sorry they didn’t get to spend more time together. She’s got tears running down her face and seems sincere.

Ted asks the President why he’s keeping his visit to St Theodore’s a secret – he says the voters would eat it up. Kincaid says he’s a sinner and if he has any hope for redemption that he can’t turn the visit into a photo op.

Vanessa asks Blair for reassurance that nothing can be traced back to them. Blair says he’s got NSA “surveillance” ready to leak that the assassination was from a Middle Eastern terrorist cell. Vanessa says her sister need never know the truth and says she’s never been interested in it anyway.

Blair tells her that as soon as the hit is confirmed, they’ll move to take out Duncan’s team and the Sanders as well. She says she’s on the way to talk to the VP about future running mates and she assures Blair he’ll be at the top of the list. She heads out while Blair puts a trace on the phone Logan is using to communicate with Sandrine so he can keep a close eye on what’s going on.

Ellen waits for Samantha and she shows up with everything she asked for. She asks if there is anything else she can do. Samantha tells Ellen she admires her for the way she’s standing by Brian. She says the only reason she got involved with Brian was because he told her their marriage was a lie but that’s obviously not the truth since Ellen is standing by him while he’s in trouble. She tells Ellen she’s sorry. Ellen thanks her and tells her she doesn’t blame her.

Blair is told that he can’t track Duncan’s phone and can’t get hold of Sandrine’s burner either. He says they need to find them and tells the people working for him to run facial recognition software to track them down. They have only 72 minutes before Kincaid gets there and Duncan says he’s hoping Ellen will call any minute. Archer says he’s putting too much faith in her but then she calls.

She doesn’t know what she’s looking for and Duncan talks her through it. He tells her to look for a certain coating on windows. She reads off the specs for one building’s windows and that allows Duncan to eliminate it. He asks for the Ormond’s construction angle and she flips through and finds it. The angle for that building is wrong and would make the shot too hard. That leaves them with just one hotel. Duncan tells her to go home and watch the news and she says she knows what to do and wishes him luck.

Vanessa comes to see the VP and he says that she was the best staffer that ever worked for him. He asks her for her valuable advice on the upcoming election and she asks if he’s already decided to run. He says it’s too early to think about it and she says it’s never too early. He suggests a Senator as a running mate and she says that Congress’ approval rating is very low and says he doesn’t need someone with a voting record. She says he needs someone from the coast since he’s from Texas. He says he knows who she’s describing and she says she’s not describing anyone. He thinks she’s suggesting herself!

Duncan and Archer are searching for the shooter. They are looking for someone with sunglasses on that would be protecting their eyes before the shot. The guy on the elevator with them happens to be in shades. They let him get off and then follow him. He heads into a room and Duncan calls Sandrine with the room number and says he thinks they found the shooter. He says they’ll meet her in the car.

Burton asks Kate if she’s sure and she says she is. He tells her that he’ll get his video camera so they can make it official. He tells her an anecdote about when Nina had an accident as a kid and needed stitches. He says the thought of something happening to her terrified him and he always wanted to keep her safe. He says in that moment he knew that he would do anything to keep her safe. He looks at the gun at the bottom of his camera bag. He begs her to let Nina die without knowing the ugly truth. He offers to let her meet her daughter. Kate agrees and says she’ll wait. She says since she’s kept the secret for 35 years she can keep it a little longer. He covers the gun back up and says she has no idea how relieved he is.

Sandrine tells Duncan and Archer that the room was paid for in cash by someone with no record attached to their name. Duncan and Archer head back into the hotel after he tells Sandrine to keep the car running.

Kincaid hops in his SUV and heads to the church.

The guys pick the electronic lock with a descrambler and taser the guy. He was the spotter. They kill him and call Sandrine and tell her the sniper will be shooting from the street. She spots the sniper passing by in utility uniforms but then loses them. Duncan checks the papers in the room and figures out the plans.

Logan is in the car with Kincaid and he comments that the agent seems nervous. Blair gets word that Duncan is in New York near the planned shooting site and realizes they are trying to foil the plan.

Archer spots the convoy with the telescope as Duncan rifles the papers. He calls Sandrine and tells her there is roadwork and where the utility van likely is. She takes off at a run as does Kramer. Archer tracks the presidential convoy. The utility truck with the assassins is nearby. They call the spotter for confirmation but can’t get him. They decide they will proceed as planned and the shooter places the rifle. The shooter gets a call from Blair that tells him they’ve been compromised but to carry on.

Sandrine spots the van and then thinks about Logan’s offer of Canadian passports. Kramer runs up on her and she turns to look at him. Duncan is talking in her ear asking where she is and telling her to take the shot.

Logan tells Kincaid he’s clear to enter the church. Logan trips on the way in exposing the president to a clear shot line. Sandrine opens the back of the truck and shoots the two assassins. Kramer says they have to get out of there and knocks the driver out of the seat. He tells Duncan the targets are down and he says they’ll meet at the rally point. Sandrine finally gets in the van too. Outside Logan watches the utility van drive away and is perplexed.

Burton is hustling Sawyer out the door when Duncan calls him. He says he took care of it and Burton lies and says he never lost faith and says he knew he could pull it off. Burton tells Sawyer they’re not going out of town because Leslie has the flu. He promises her ice cream to make it up to her.

Duncan comes back in the house and Ellen hands him the key to the bedroom. She asks if it works and he confirms that he saved the President. Duncan unlocks the room and lets the rest of the Sanders out. Brian stares at him aggressively and then walks off. They rush downstairs and are relieved to see Ellen in one piece. The kids hug her and Brian asks where she was and doesn’t offer a hug. He sees the schematics and asks if she helped them. She says she did and says that Samantha says hi. Morgan asks what they’re talking about and Ellen says never mind.

Ellen finds Duncan alone and says she can’t believe he did it. He tells her that she came through for him today and that he couldn’t have done it without her. Ellen tells him that she wants him to know that she’s ready. Duncan clarifies – to kill the President – and she nods her head yes. Duncan puts his hand on her arm and says thank you. He hugs her tight and thanks her again. She sighs. That was more than Brian did for her earlier. Duncan pulls back and kisses her. They look at each other and seem confused. Ellen walks out of the room slowly.

Duncan gets out of his car and is grabbed up, zip tied and tossed into a van. His captors peel away with him trussed up in the back!