Jennifer Lopez Reveals She’ll Probably Marry Casper Smart (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez Reveals She'll Probably Marry Casper Smart (VIDEO) 0515

The title of this post was supposed to read Jennifer Lopez Reveals She’s Still A Dumb Ass After All These Years but I wasn’t sure all of you would get it. I knew most of you would but still… just a tad ambiguous.

But damn it! Will she ever learn? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Lopez said she’ll probably get married again. We can all guess to who, right? I still think Casper Smart’s already put a ring on it. If not, you know they’ve talked about it. She added, “It’s a sweet relationship. It’s kind. It’s healthy.

I’m sure it’s healthy. He buys. You pay. He makes you feel young. You make him feel rich and important. It’s a win/win.

I’m being so nasty this morning but I can’t help it! He does nothing for me and I can’t IMAGINE what he does for her. So maybe I should just stop bitching. I can’t stop this train so I just need to get on board. How will this end up? He’ll want his own babies, right? She’s in her mid-40s but not everyone can be Halle Berry. What happens if that fails? Does he even care at this point? He can pull an Ashton Kutcher and divorce her because she can’t give him a family then he gets out with his prenup money nice and clean and she’s alone again. Am I heartless? NO! I’m just saying I doubt this dude has it in for the long haul. He’s too young. There’s no way he knows what he wants in life. But perhaps I’m underestimating Jennifer. Perhaps she already knows this. Perhaps she doesn’t care. But JLO doesn’t strike me as another Madonna. I’m not sure if JLO can separate her head from her heart.  Her sense of self is wrapped up in who she’s with at the time. Madonna’s most definitely isn’t.

What do you think? Will Jennifer Lopez marry Casper Smart?


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2 responses to “Jennifer Lopez Reveals She’ll Probably Marry Casper Smart (VIDEO)”

  1. Mary Akin-Ajayi says:

    I thinbk you need to get a life. Who d hell do you think you are and how do you get off calling people names. Jlo has made it clear she never regretted any of her past marriages. atleast wen she is older she’ll have good memories to think back on. You on the other hand would just be a bitter person till u die. Its simply nunyan if she wants to marry again. Go get a life and stop living off another’s.

  2. Allie says:

    Everything in my gut tells me this would be a big mistake. Something about this guy is off.