Justin Bieber Heads To Drug Rehab – Mom Pattie Mallette Demands It – Report

Justin Bieber Heads To Drug Rehab - Mom Pattie Mallette Demands It - Report

The National Enquirer once again entices the public to put their bias aside and put trust in their over the top headlines that some in the grocery aisle might roll their eyes at. The latest one is that Justin Bieber is headed to rehab and that his mother Pattie Mallette is worried he’ll be just another Hollywood tragedy. He’s already headed down the beaten path of other former teen idols who have aged out of relevance, but that’s where Momma Bieber wants the similarities to end.

The Enquirer’s source says that Justin cheated on ex- girlfriend, Selena Gomez, with a Memphis teenager with whom he smokes pot. If that weren’t enough to make a mother of a superstar break the strands of her expensive pearls, photos then leaked of Justin actually smoking weed. The PR damage control went into overdrive afterwards. First, a dead paparazzo was blamed for lying about Justin’s drug use and then rapper Lil Twist was blamed. His black friend was thrown under the bus because the world wasn’t allowed to believe that Justin’s boy next door image was just a ploy to sell records. Justin smoking weed of his own free will is one of those crazy stories you would read about the Enquirer, but one digresses. Before an old lady crossing the street can be the next villain leading an 18 year old grown man astray, Pattie is ready to save her son from himself.

 “Pattie recently demanded a secret meeting with Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, and his team of handlers and insisted they take action,” the source said.

The source also says that Patti has already lined up top of the line specialists to help her son detox asap. Of course, Justin’s reps have denied the claim as 100% false. They’re also the same group that tried to sell the masses a bill of goods about Justin being the second coming of a boy scout who is just always at the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s never his fault and the Enquirer is telling lies. Except the time they were right about John Edwards and his lovechild and many many other times that they were weeks, or even months, ahead of mainstream media reporting.

The supposedly broken clock of the gossip reporting industry has been calling time on celebrities with more accuracy and frequency than ever before.  Of course the publicists and representatives of stars almost always deny The Enquirer’s claims – that is what they are PAID to do – produce propaganda to make their flawed clients appear better than they really are.

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