Kanye West Prays Kim Kardashian’s Baby is a Boy – Terrified of What Kris Jenner Will Do With A Girl

Kanye West Prays Kim Kardashian’s Baby is a Boy – Terrified of What Kris Jenner Will Do With A Girl

I think Kanye West is the brain power in his relationship with Kim Kardashian. She has spent years doing exactly as her momager, Kris Jenner, says or just being so mesmerized by the glitz and glam that she forgets intelligence is actually sexier than pouring a pumped up ass into a Herve Leger dress. Kanye has been around the Kardashian clan long enough to know that this child that they’re expecting better be a boy and that’s exactly what he’s praying for.

Think about what happens to the girls in the Kardashian/Jenner family. Before they are teenagers they end up shoved into the spotlight and manipulated into contributing to the Kardashian brand one way or another.  Sure they have money and rarely hear the word no, but they also end up complete media whores before they are old enough to drive and Kris would have it no other way. If she wants her grandchild to be on camera or paraded in front of photographers, Kim is going to do it because she simply does as she’s told.

If it’s a boy he will end up with something closer to a normal life and Kanye knows it. According to a source,

“He’s got his heart set on having a son.  He’s always wanted a little boy. He wants to spoil him rotten but also teach him a lot. He wants his son to be great so hopefully he’ll be able to have a little guy.”

While Kanye West isn’t my favorite celeb either, I do believe he’ll be a better parent then Kim – can he be worse? Remember Kim’s kitten? I mean seriously with Kris as your motherly example all of these girls have been set up to fail as human beings! Are you hoping the baby is a boy as well? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Editor’s Note: Let me weigh in here – I don’t think for one second that Kanye West is a better person than Kim or her mother.  As an example of his character and judgment this self-inflated bag of ego called Kim his ‘perfect bitch’ and tweeted “I just fucked Kim so hard” for all the world to read.  So let’s keep in mind that while the Kardashian/Jenner axis of evil would certainly render a female child monstrous in no time, a male child has no chance either.  Maybe, if the kid is raised almost exclusively by nannies, (which is very possible!), he or she will have a prayer of being a sane and decent person. 

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