Bruce Jenner Hates Kanye West, Tells Kim Kardashian he’s an Awful Person!

Bruce Jenner Hates Kanye West, Tells Kim Kardashian he's an Awful Person!

Our favorite creature of the year, the lovely and ignorant Bruce Jenner, recently huffed and puffed at Kim Kardashian about her relationship with Kanye West. According to the National Enquirer, Kim was told by Brucey that she was making a stupid mistake all over again by dating Kanye West.

Look, Kanye isn’t our favorite person on the planet, but this recent vilification of the horrible rapper is a bit too much. Come on Brucey, do you honestly think you have any say over Kim’s life? You’re a blissfully ignorant Kardashian Squarepants who needs to find a freaking pineapple under the sea and stay there.

A family friend says, “Bruce didn’t like Kanye from the start. He thinks he’s crass and disrespectful.” Wow, did Brucey only realize this now? Was he completely detached from his soap opera life when Kanye almost punched Taylor Swift in the mouth at that infamous MTV Awards ceremony? According to The Enquirer, when Kanye told Bruce that his “Perfect Bitch” song was about Kim, Brucey popped open his face from anger.

He told Kim she’d better take a serious look at all her failed relationships — and figure out why she keeps falling for the wrong type of guy,” reports the source. “Bruce said, ‘You’re never going to be in a successful relationship if you keep going out with men like Kanye!

Okie dokie, Brucey! Perhaps you should have attempted to stop Kim as she stormed out of your house? Oh, we’re sorry; we completely forgot that you have been living under a rock ever since your once-off record win at the Olympics, back when Eartha Kitt still vibrated on a treadmill.

Let us know in the comments below if you think Bruce is correct in telling his step-daughter off for dating Kanye West.

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  • Bruces’ assumption of Kayne West Is right on target. Kayne is a Terrible person for his Daughter.

  • yahlah

    Uh, did a 16 year old right this article?

  • Mattio Blue

    He is right Kim should have waited for sometime before dating to figure out what went wrong in her marriage. I believe after the backlash after filing for her divorce she wanted to be in the news all the time therefore she had to find a man who is ready and willing to be with her, therefore Kanye was available. I think Kanye loves Kim but Kim just likes him not loving him. I still ask why did Kim chose Humphries over Kanye? that is enough reason showing Kim is just with Kanye to be in the media because she loves attention and she needs a man with money as well. Kim is a fraud, Kanye is a stupid one, the way Kim handled her divorce was terrible and any man who would be out with her is just as bad as Kim, they have no emotions, they do not care who they hurt. Like Snoop Dogg said you cant wife a HO. As for Kanye he seems to be another attention whore.

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  • Coolbreeze

    Who would have here? She has been passed around so much everyone knows what she is. Any respectable person wouldn’t have her sitting across from there family at the Thanksgiving table. That is the price she has paid for fame sady. She is also looking kinda worn out in her pics as well.

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  • Pamela Bowers

    This was hilarious and skillfully written. Very very funny.

  • Jus’me

    Bruce is right even if he has made the same horrible mistake in marrying Kris. Kanye is an arrogant- narcissistic, self absorbed control freak He and Kim are made for one another, Two peas in a pod. I feel sorry for their child, who will grow up to be just like them