Kate Gosselin Struggles With Haters But Continues To Be A Famewhore

Kate Gosselin Struggles With Haters But Continues To Be A Famewhore

Poor Kate Gosselin. No, I really mean it. As I keep saying, being a reality star is hard work. Well, not hard ‘work’, per say, but more like soul-sucking work. Even though she chose to go and become a star on reality television, and drag her poor children into it as well, she probably didn’t know the hell pit that awaited her in a couple of years. According to Gosselin, she doesn’t mind because she has learned to ignore the ‘haters’. Sure you have, just like you’ve learned how to get over being not famous and not rich anymore.

There have been recent reports about Gosselin being broker than broke, and not being able to afford rent or other basic utilities. Of course, we all know that her husband Jon Gosselin left her for a younger model, and that she gained a lot of hate in the aftermath of her reality show, so it’s hard not to feel sorry for her sometimes. However, that feeling quickly vanished after seeing her traumatize her children in order to maintain her celebrity status.

Gosselin recently re-tweeted a message stating, “I don’t have time to hate the people who hate me. I’m too busy loving the ones who love me,” with a quick caption saying, “YAY!!!! THIS DESCRIBES ME!!”

Kate Gosselin Struggles With Haters But Continues To Be A Famewhore

Kate likes to insist that the reason she gets so much hate is because she’s outspoken and loud. Uh, no dear, it’s because you’re an attention seeking reality twat who’s using her children for a few bucks. She engendered a bit of pity when Jon left her, but she pissed away any good will she had left by tweeting inane messages non-stop and refusing to fade out of the spotlight. Well, the public did the fading for her, and now she’s desperately trying to cling to the past.

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  • Finally, a blogger who GETS IT! Thanks for saying what 99.9% of the country FEELS..Wonder if Ms Katie thought she was going to get the View spot??? Dahling, if anything at all tells you nobody wants you, THAT should…You have begged for that job for years…and they just passed you right on by…guess you were too “outspoken” for it, huh??Has nothing to do with the fact you can’t make a coherent sentence or talk about anything on the planet but YOURSELF ??? Face it…You have had every opportunity thrown at you to “make it” and you just don’t have what it takes…go back to your mediocre nursing job if you are even capable of doing that…

    • Terri Brunson

      Debbie…I feel ya girl…lol. I thought the same thing about that blogger. That lying for the sake of lying Kate Gosselin does…Hollywood saw it, no one there wants anything to do with Kate. As for the vacant seat on the view, Kate can’t get through a sentence without saying Ummm…I can’t um…do…um..this…um….um or talking about anything but herself and continuously bashing Jon under her breath with a few ums behind it. You’re right no one wants this has been with her vile, diabolical, narcissistic attitude child, animal, and verbal abuser compulsive liar. As for her nursing job and going back to mediocre…who would want Kate Gosselin even draw blood from them, her diabolical look would do that on its own…I believe people will run away from her…but she do need a real job and quit trying to be an A Lister she’s not

      • disqus_ddHNXMFEzg

        its people like you who are such a shame.you guys dont get the fact that when she started and continued the show just so she can give all those oopurtunities to her kids would you be abel to take your kids to all those places where she could just cause of the show and then what about the college fund at
        least now she would be abel to send her kids to college and they have this oppurtuny just cause of the show any mother would take any opputunity to make her kids future better and thats what she did and if it was up to people like you would rather abort those kids she was brave enough to give them birth with out even caring about the fact for provoding them and she dint had them by choice it was given to her. you look your self first what would you do in her casee and isnt it nice that she get to stay home see her kids growing rather then leving her kids every morning just cause she has too many mouths to feed you guys are just plane ugly cant see the happines of other people and her kids have so many good things nice house food on tabel good cloths they are not sad or bad kids they r happy and being loved tlc had made their ives not break it

  • Johnnyonthespot

    Leave Kate alone! Seriously, she’s just trying to make money with what she’s got. Haters going to hate. I hope those hackers that work for her hack y’all accounts. Most guys my age would have a picture of Farah Fawcett in her red bikini on their walls…not me! Give me one of the lovely Kate all day long….or at least for three minutes.

  • fscked

    I didn’t feel sorry for her when Jon left her. She’s a rabid harpy shrew and I can’t believe any man would be able to put up with her for as long as he did. Granted, he’s no prize himself but still. The only people who deserve pity in this situation are their children. They deserve better parents than those two self-obsessed idiots.