Kate Middleton Baby Expected This Weekend, Family Member Reports

Kate Middleton Baby Expected This Weekend, Family Member Reports 0705

This date has sort of just snuck up on me. Kate Middleton’s baby is due any day now. If it’s due date is truly mid-July than it’s considered full-term and any day between now and them would be considered perfectly fine. Any day after would be perfectly fine too although I doubt Kate’s in favor of that! But we’re getting restless and we want that baby NOW! Luckily for us, I don’t think we’re going to have to wait all that long.

According to a family member, Kate’s expected to go into labor this weekend and the bookies are agreeing. Kate’s 72-year-old psychic second cousin from Australia, Lillian Lowers, is telling everyone Prince William and Kate’s baby girl will be born in the next few days. It will come between two in the afternoon and just before midnight and will weigh in at five pounds. I didn’t need a psychic to tell me Kate wasn’t birthing no eight pounder. The Middletons are just full of interesting characters, aren’t they? I’m sure Queen Elizabeth is stoked William married into a carnival family that houses strippers and psychics.

Anyway, Lowers is probably bat shit crazy but she makes for good entertainment. What’s interesting is the bookies are readying for a weekend birth. The odds have been slashed 10/1 for a July, 6,7 and 8 royal baby. Kate Middleton better get on it! And the news that it’s a girl keeps generating steam. I still don’t believe it! However, Princess Alexandra and Princess Charlotte are still the heavy favorites. I think Charlotte is a long shot. Monaco already has one of those and the Brit monarchy tries to differentiate itself from that one as much as possible! My guesses are still Victoria and Elizabeth – boring – but after North West I could use a little boring!


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