PETA Gifts Kate Middleton And Prince William With Faux Sheepskin For Royal Baby

PETA Gifts Kate Middleton And Prince William With Faux Sheepskin For Royal Baby

We are days away from Kate Middleton giving birth to her baby with Prince William, otherwise known as ‘The Heir’ or in short, ‘Royal Baby’. The gifts are starting to pour in from across the world, ranging from foreign dignitaries to random well wishers from England.

So far, one of the best and most interesting gifts has got to be from PETA. Knowing that it’s tradition to give sheepskin blankets to newborns, they decided to change it up a little bit and send a faux sheepskin blanket instead – keeping sheep safe and keeping a baby warm at the same time.

A rep for PETA stated, “Babies love animals, and a baby blanket that no animal was harmed to make is a wonderfully positive way to start what we hope will be a lifetime of compassion for the little one. We hope PETA U.K.’s gift to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will inspire other parents to buy cruelty-free gifts and clothing for their children.”

In addition to the blanket, the gift also includes a hamper with vegan caviar and cruelty-free faux foie gras for Kate and William.

Now, the only question is – how do I get on PETA’s mailing list for gifts? Just kidding, except not really. I would love a faux-sheepskin blanket.

What do you guys think about PETA gifting Kate and William with a faux sheepskin blanket for their baby? Do you think that seeing Will and Kate with this gift will encourage others to also buy only faux-sheepskin blankets? PETA certainly hopes so. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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