Nick Cannon on Mariah Carey’s American Idol Feud: “My Wife Could Easily Knock Out Nicki Minaj”

Nick Cannon on Mariah Carey's American Idol Feud: "My Wife Could Easily Knock Out Nicki Minaj"

Nick Cannon has come to his wife Mariah Carey‘s defense during a recent interview with The Breakfast Club on POWER105. The TV-mogul was questioned by DJ Envy what he thought about the whole Nicki/Mariah situation after their heated argument during their taping for American Idol in October. Barbara Walters was very vocal about the situation, saying that when she phoned up Carey to get some kind of explanation so she could gain some ratings for The View reassure fans everything was fine – but it was far from it!

Nicki threatened to shoot Mariah which got the chunky diva so scared that she needed to hire a couple of extra bodyguards for the sake of her kids. First of all, Barbara needs to shut her mouth and mind her own business because she’s old, and secondly, Mariah could have easily handled Ms. Barbie doll face — it’s not like Mariah is a skinny woman.. she’s quite chunky and her facial expressions on ‘Idol (judging by what we have seen) show a frustrated woman who’s ready to turn the talent show into a wrestling match.

Nick – who comes across as a dude that gets beat up by his wife when he misbehaves – confirmed what we have already known for a very, very long time – if his woman wants to cause some serious damage, she would do it but taking into consideration that she has a family who are watching her on television and that she’s being watched by the entire country, it wouldn’t be the best move for her career. Cannon also reveals that Mariah is a big woman, and of course, he would know because he gets to see her naked all the time, right?

“I weren’t there, but if you want my honest opinion, based of ability and size.. Mariah she ain’t no little chick… she’s all muscular like 5’9.. I’d give it to Mariah.” Asked by Charlamagne if his wife really beefed up security at the time, he added: “She did hire more security, Mariah didn’t hear Nicki say that but when you have a team telling you ‘Yo, she bugging out – she’s out of control’, our kids were in the building so whatever happens, we at least got enough people around to prevent anything from going down.”

When questioned if he ever felt Mariah was in danger, Nick replied: “Nah man, my wife is the strongest woman I have ever met. She just tried to maintain classy and not having to go there and if anybody knows Mariah, she can go there if she wants to but she’s like ‘I’m trying to represent America’ … if I was managing Nicki Minaj, I would think that wasn’t a good look for her.”

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