O.J. Simpson Turns Gay In Prison, Proud To Be Homosexual

O.J. Simpson Turns Gay In Prison, Proud To Be Homosexual

Here’s another thing to add to the list of celeb secrets we may never be sure of. O.J. Simpson has been gaining more notoriety over the years, as whispers of his illustrious life circulate. Many believe he could be the real father of Khloe Kardashian, the product of Kris Jenner’ affair with an unknown man (though we have our ideas!). O.J. is currently serving time for armed robbery, and won’t be up for parole until 2017, which gives him plenty of time for personal reflection.

A friend dished on Simpson’s self exploration, and confirmed that he’s decided to live openly as a gay man! Bored in prison, O.J. “likes to show off his body to the hardened felons when they exercise in the prison yard. He doesn’t even talk about women, just guys,” the source told National Enquirer, print edition February 18, 2013. “He’s like a God to the other inmates. He prances around flexing his muscles, wearing only a pair of gym shorts. He spends hours in the gym trying to look good.”

Getting buff is like, the standard prison experience in most TV shows and movies—all the boredom and pent up energy has to be channeled somewhere! But O.J. isn’t buffing up for himself, he wants to impress his friends. “He used to be Mr. Macho—a diehard ladies’ man. He preferred the really fine sexy blondes, but being around only men has changed him.” A second friend defended O.J., noting that he’s “doing the best he can living in the prison world surrounded by men.” While the friend admits he doesn’t know if he’s officially out, he notes that “he has to be the center of attention wherever he is, and in prison he still plays that game.”

Yet another insider said that it isn’t just the attention he’s after—Simpson has lost all attraction for women, and now fantasizes about men. After the Super Bowl, he gushed to a friend, “Anquan [Boldin] is my man! What a great looking guy!” The friend is positive that “he wasn’t admiring Boldin just for his football skills.”

Ok readers, dissection time. It seems totally normal to want to show off, and while in prison, O.J. has nothing to brag about, except himself. So the workout-obsession seems plausible. And people like sex. So it isn’t totally out of the question that O.J. would temporarily quit women to get some while imprisoned. But does that make him gay? Didn’t Tony Soprano say about certain prison “activities”:you get a pass for that.’ Has he made a personal discovery that he is a gay man, or is this just a few circumstantial things adding up to something that looks gay from the outside? If/when he makes parole, will O.J. go back to women? Let us know what you think!

O.J. Simpson Turns Gay In Prison, Proud To Be Homosexual

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5 responses to “O.J. Simpson Turns Gay In Prison, Proud To Be Homosexual”

  1. leliorisen says:

    Oh please. This is like being in ‘Oz.,’ and I do not mean the Emerald City. The last thing gay people want is for this person to be on the same side of our genetic equation. Straights can have him.

  2. Twana Tells says:

    Lawd have mercy this is hilarious ….

  3. Right on leliorisen. I am not gay but the straights don’t want him either. LMAO

  4. whocares says:

    He is tired of beating his meat so he is trying something new…

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