Paris Jackon Locked Up In A Psyciatric Hospital: Randy Jackson

Paris Jackon Locked Up In A Psyciatric Hospital: Randy Jackson

It still amazes me that the Jackson family was once famous for their musical talent because over the last several years they have instead become synonymous with tabloid scandal. This time around it was Randy Jackson who decided to run his mouth about 16-year old Paris Jackson and his clueless commentary caused even Debbie Rowe to come out swinging! According to the Sept. 9th print edition of GLOBE magazine Randy recently spouted off to the press about how Paris is being held in a psychiatric hospital and how she’s not psychotic and doesn’t belong there.

According to Debbie after Paris’ suicide attempt earlier this summer once Paris was stable enough to be released from the hospital she was sent to a boarding school located in Utah. The family has kept the details hush hush to protect Paris’ privacy but supposedly it’s a place for troubled girls that provides them with an environment to work out some of their serious issues safely.

Paris has obviously been in a state of upheaval for the last few years and reportedly the final emotional straw came in June when she felt like her older brother Prince was drifting away from her. The two have been super tight since their fathers death but Prince was starting to develop interests that didn’t include Paris and it felt like another person was leaving her.

As for Randy, the family just wants him to shut up and Debbie claims that there is a reason why he has been kept in the dark. Do you believe that Paris is in a boarding school? Sounds more like reform school to me but certainly not a psych ward! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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