Sean Lowe and Lindsay Yenter Plan to Cheat on Catherine Giudici Before Wedding!

Sean Lowe and Lindsay Yenter Plan to Cheat on Catherine Giudici Before Wedding!

Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidice are, for better or for worse, engaged to be married. Broadcast on national television, shown to millions of swooning girls everywhere that they too could become reality TV brides if they tried hard enough. Just kidding. Regardless, Lowe and Guidice are about to begin in a journey that will end in a wedding that ties them together to be husband and wife forever. However, it’s always been clear that choosing between Lindsay Yenter and Catherine was an incredibly hard choice for Sean. Either that, or Sean should get into acting because he was pretty convincing when he broke down breaking up with Lindsay.

Usually, when a bachelor picks a bride, that’s that. Well, when it’s not broadcasted on national television to earn the highest ratings possible, I mean. Either way, we’ve already discussed how Sean was forced to pick Catherine, and his first choice was really Lindsay. It seemed like that from the show, and it was clear that she was the one who he had the most connection with. Because, really, why would you sob uncontrollably when breaking up with someone that you didn’t love?

In the end, he had to go with Catherine, and everything was happily ever after, sunshine and daisies, ladadada. Except not. Again, a lot of this is calculated so take it for what you will, but there are reports filtering in that Sean is planning on meeting up with Lindsay again before the wedding. Not for some sort of  I’m sorry I dumped you good-bye dinner. No, he’s going to meet her so they can hook up in peace, away from the prying cameras and the controlling producers.

Don’t think that will happen? Well, you only need to keep your eyes tuned to the news to find out if we’re right, because it’ll make headline news when Sean’s ‘encounter’ with Lindsay explodes across the headlines. And no, they wouldn’t leak their own affair to the press, of course not. Come on now, people, it’s not like they’re selling their life to be on a show [that was sarcasm, for those who didn’t pick up on it]. Regardless, their transgressions are likely to be splashed across headline news.

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