Bad Girls Club Recap 6/10/14: Season 12 Episode 5 “Seeing Redd”

Bad Girls Club Recap 6/10/14: Season 12 Episode 5 "Seeing Redd"

Bad Girls Club (BGC) returns this evening for another episode called “Seeing Redd”.  On tonight’s episode the ladies head to Lake Geneva, Wis., to take a break from all the house drama. But tensions soon explode, resulting in a battle royal.

On last week’s episode new girl Aysia managed to immediately make enemies upon arrival, but a romantic spark with one of the girls could be her saving grace. Meanwhile, Jada and Redd’s failed love connection pushed Jada to a dark place.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the ladies decide to have themselves a getaway from all the drama in the house, which leads them to Lake Geneva. These ladies can never run away from drama, because it follows them and begins a battle royal between them all.

This season includes some features that are new to the series. Expect the ladies to confront some personal issues very publicly as each girl’s family pays a visit. For non-traditional décor, the hallways of the mansion are lined with pics of the ladies with their families and friends. The mansion provides the perfect backdrop for the ladies to try to work on their personal issues, manager their anger, and tame their wild ways.


Tonight’s episode begins with Jada talking about how Lo thinks she put the “X” on her poster’s face. She also thinks it was pathetic for Aysia to get up and leave during the meeting. Blu calls her mom and tells her about what is going on. She tells her mom that she thinks Redd is an actress and she is not going to fall in to her negativity. Blu then goes to cuddle with Aysia. Shortly after, the girls get a package telling them they will be going to Lake Geneva. The girls are very excited to get out of the house for a while.

The girls jump in the cars and the separation is on again. When the girls arrive at their place, the girls start running to grab their sleeping areas. Jada, Alex, and Aysia arrive first and grab their beds. When the rest of the girls get there, they end up fighting over who will sleep where.

Britt says Aysia should have to go to the couch since she is a replacement. Lo, Redd, and Britt are getting upset with Blu about sticking up for Aysia all the time. The girls then head out and have a great time on Sea-dos.

The ladies are getting ready to go out for the night as they are invited to The Baker House. They have a themed-dinner party and all sit around the dinner. The girls start up almost immediately as they start calling Jada “Angela” which is her given name. She doesn’t go by that name because she had some terrible experiences when she was young and stopped going by that name. They head back to their place.

Everyone is getting tired of Redd and her mouth as she is obviously trying to start something. Jada was still upset from the comments at the dinner party when Redd was taunting her about her name, so she decides to call her on it. The ladies are trying to keep each side in their corners to avoid a big fight. The two end up fighting. Even Lo and Britt are getting tired of Redd now. The ladies also think the fight wasn’t too fair considering the difference in size and weight. They all go to bed for the night.

The next morning Blu sees Redd outside alone and thinks she’s trying to draw attention to herself. Blu goes to tell the other girls so they can see what she is doing. The girls have to pull it together as they are going to OWL today…the Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership program. The girls are connecting, being nice to one another, and all participating in the team-oriented activities. Redd doesn’t want to participate in anything using her weight as an excuse.

The ladies are really starting to see Redd in a different light. The girls continue to support one another. Redd finally tries one activity but quickly stops and distances herself once again, telling Lo that she doesn’t want to do any “team” activities with the girls she doesn’t like. When they get back, Redd is talk-talking again and describing how she’s ready to fight Jada again when they are back in Chicago. No one, not even her former clique, are biting and so she is basically talking to herself.

Later that night, the ladies pay a visit to the Sugar Shack where make strippers get completely naked. The ladies all have a great time together despite the problems from the past…all except for Redd who is sitting with a frown on away from everyone else. When they get back to their place in Wisconsin, Blu talks to Britt and Lo about Redd. They are all seeing who Redd truly is and no one likes it. Britt and Lo agree to pull back from her as well.

The next morning, the ladies head back to Chicago and are happy to be back. Britt asks Aysia to come outside and talk to her. Aysia tried to talk to her before but she turned her away. Now Britt feels a little bad but mainly wants to make clear that she is not a bully. Aysia then goes to clear the air with Lo and Lo admits she still doesn’t really like her but she respects that she came to her.

Later, Aysia confirms that Redd is on the phone when someone asks if the phone is being used. But because she replied that “someone is on the phone,” Redd gets upset because she didn’t use her name. She picks another fight and everyone is getting really tired of her petty attempts to fight for attention.

Redd threatens that she wants to fight Aysia later and Aysia tells her just to do it now. Redd says she would fight Aysia but her stomach hurts too bad. Britt wonders, “which one?” Aysia is happy that she stood up to Redd. The Fab Four are now calling themselves the Triple Threats.

Next week, the girls have a photo shoot, meet with the counselor again, and Britt and Jada end up having words again. Meet you right back here next week!