Big Brother 16 Winner Spoilers: Predicting Who Wins BB16 After Week 5

Big Brother 16 Winner Spoilers: Predicting Who Wins BB16 After Week 5

Week 5 is the point where things really start to generally take shape in the Big Brother 16 house. The weak alliances (Bomb Squad) fall apart and the alliances based on time in the house seem to take shape and gel. The Detonators certainly would qualify as such an alliance were it not for the the unpredictable Zach. Whatever the case, the smoke is beginning to lift and it is clear who is in control. Here are my top five picks for winning it all on Big Brother 16 after 15 episodes of fun:

Derrick – Derrick has totally taken over this season as the one in charge but he has also done a very good job of keeping that power fairly low key. Derrick does a fantastic job of using reverse psychology on the various houseguests to get them to do what he wants. A perfect example is his masterful ability to get Caleb to do anything. Then again, it is Caleb. Either way, Derrick is my clear choice after week 15 to win it all.

Frankie – Frankie is a masterful, colorful puppeteer but he is also spread way too thin. Frankie is a talker and that will be his undoing. He has amazingly been able to stay friends with pretty much everyone but still be able to align with everyone. That will eventually catch up to him and ruin his chances to win. Nobody can keep that facade forever.

Cody – Cody could be a huge wildcard and easily shoot up this list but his drama with Caleb is going to get in the way I am afraid. Caleb is a very determined guy and Cody showed he would be unable to pull the trigger given the ammunition. I truly think Caleb will get him long before Cody will.

Christine – Christine is another wild card but she is a bit more stable and conniving. Her relationship with Nicole could change the game if she chooses to do so. Having them hanging on (them being Nicole and Hayden) could end up being a huge power move for Christine. Why not take Hayden, Nicole, Jacosta, Donny and even Victoria and change the game? She could do this in some form down the road. Until then, she will be an underdog at best.

Donny – Donny is the ultimate wildcard. He has somehow managed to get through all these weeks with every single person seemingly liking him. That is a huge accomplishment but it has not exactly made him a power in the game due to a lack of real alliances. Donny is simply too kind and innocent to make it I worry, but you never know. He may have a couple of moves in him yet and pull it out.

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